30 days Writing challenge Day 2: write a poem about nature.

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Hello darlings,
This is day 2. This is supposed to be a poem about nature. Well....

The sun summons beauty

The trees prick the canopy of clouds,
Searching, it seem for the birds
That left with the harmattan wind.
The roots sit knobbly on the humus,
Studying the ants about their conquests.
We are royalty surfing the breath
Of family & friends, lovers too.
The cricket chirp, the frogs
Hop into the cold brittle night,
The song filled with love escapes
The beak of nocturnal haunts.
The sky is round in the eye
Of the spy glass & the sun
Summons every beautiful palette.
Even the darkness of night
Is corrupted by the jeers
Of fireflies & moths battling
Candlelight & so, we, fragile
Emissaries of gods, survive
Within the embrace of mother,
Grow profound with truth
& attempt a world full with hope.


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©Osahon, 2020.


Lovely challenge. I'll post mine later today

I would love to see the link to it. Welcome to the party.