Experience on water fasting?

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I'm trying to complete a three day water-fasting. I do intermittent fasting from time to time (16 hours), so I'm confident that I can complete the three days.


Current status

I felt a little bit tired today after cycling around 15kms though. Other than that, so far it's a very interesting experience. I don't feel hungry. I can still handle my routine like having a walk, cycling around, coding, etc.

Three days version is a beginner version, there are 10 days/21 days variants. Did you ever try water fasting? What was your experience?


My normal eating schedule is 16:8 (intermittent fasting), but I do a 3 or 4-day water fast ever month, plus a 7 day fast every 3-4 months. I'm at a stage right now where I am basically addicted to fasting - I love the feeling of being light as a feather, unencumbered, and it definitely gives me a boost in the creativity/productivity department.

Plus, I haven't been sick since the first 7-day fast I did.

Impressive! when did you complete your first 7-day fast?

My first one was in January 2017. I slid back into some bad dietary habits later that year, but I've been following my current regimen for about two and a half years now. And the last time I was sick and had a cold was December 2016 (I used to get sick at least twice per year) - I attribute that mostly to fasting.

I think that water fasting is not for me. Whenever I only drink water, I get hungry faster than if I just neither ate nor drink. Also, I believe that there are other ways to achieve a healthy body (and mind) without sacrificing a lot of comfort.

I don’t ever try water fasting but as a believer of Islam, I fast for 30 days in Ramadan with the religious guidline.
But your idea is absolutely great I will try it 😍

Interesting to see water-fasting here. :)

I come from Jainism. A practice where we apply certain things in life to achive non-violence, detachment, and a spiritual life.

One of the them I saw my grandmother doing was fasting.

It includes three things:

  • Do not eat
  • Do not drink
  • Do not talk

Glad to see you are doing this for 3 days, though we generally do it for half a day. Plus, back in those days, we were never eating after the sunset. (6 PM)

And that was considered fasting. An everyday affair for my grandmother.

It is done to purify not just body but also soul. Lots of stuff on the web around this. Will link to one: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fasting_in_Jainism

wow, .. three days, ... last year I was doing OMAD which was hard enough really.

I naturally do IF most days, don't eat breakfast but eat that food ontop of what I have for lunch! It's great, the concentration you get is mindblowing.

I blacked out for a bit on day 3, but just because I jumped up too quickly after just having woken up. As an "ex-anorexic" (there's really no such a thing, you just learn to manage it) I have to be extra careful though not to cross some familiar lines. One thing it has taught me though is not to buy into the socially conditioned overeating programming that's sooo prevalent.

Hugs and Coffee,

My friends have reaped the benefits of water fasting, but I didn't risk doing it since I have no weight to lose. Intermittent fasting, on the other hand, more or less fits in with my eating routine. I eat dinner at eight at the very latest and have breakfast at noon.
Oh, and if you are experiencing a bad taste in your mouth, I heard that you should try cucumber (don't eat it, but put a piece of cucumber on your tongue)

I have a very bad taste in my mouth, indeed. Will try cucumber, thanks! :)

I've done intermittent fasting before and did 1-day water fasting, but not three days. I've had no problem doing the 1-day, but haven't tried 3-days. Perhaps these quarantine days would be a good time to try.

What app are you using to keep track of your fasting? Is it "Ketosis Plus"?

For a medical reason on a natural healer's advice a month was passed without taking any water, even for the brushing of teeth. One way to get the water is with a steady diet of rice. The body seems to handle the consumption of water differently that way and the medical issue was resolved. This is not meant as medical advice just sharing a personal experience.