Star Wars Episode I, The Phantom Menace, Because it's the first one chronologically, and if you want to understand everything you should really start with that movie, plus the special effects took a huge fucking leap.

...this is the worst. Jar Jar binks is the most irritating character in cinema history.

Jar Jar is mesa favorite character.

None in the sequel trilogy for sure. Probably between Revenge of the Sith, The Empire Strikes Back, or Rogue One.

Try asking this question again in a couple of years, and I bet everyone's answer will be the newly announced Star Wars movie directed by Taika Waititi. That man is a genius, and its the last hope Star War has for the big screen. The Mandalorian is pretty good too, but it's not a movie, so it doesn't count.

Does it count if I say the The Mandalorian? Not a film but a series that has recently just come out. I liked that there was a whole season to watch and not just stop watching after 2-3hours like you would a movie.

Solo: A Star Wars Story. No many like it but it's amazing.

It has its appeal, but the main point against it is that it cheapens Han's Hero's Journey on the Original Trilogy by making him go from Scoundrel to Rebellion Simpatizer to Rebel General and solo makes him go from Scoundrel to Simpatizer. At the same time, all of that happens too between episodes 4 and 5.

Some people will hate me for this, but I love Rogue One. I'm not even sure why, I think because it's just one self-contained story. What also gets me every time is the scene near to the end where Vader enters the ship. The darkness, then his breath, his lightsaber ... Just epic. I could rewatch the whole movie just for this scene.

Probably the first one

Had a crush on Padme when I was a kid, love the naboo space fighter, dauth maul is sick, lightsaber battles were awesome, jar jar sucks tho

You know - out there there's a serious crowd that likes episode 1 unironically and most of those people watched it as kids between 6-12 yards old when it released and without having previous experience with Star Wars. If you watched it outside of that age range + knew about the other movies, you will find that a lot of people disliked it.

Darth Maul is cool though.

Just saying,

Jar Jar is dumb

Light Saber fights are sick

I LOVE the Naboo Starfighter

Young Padme is hot

Yeah, Padme was hot. I felt like a perv though because Natalie Portman is like 6 years younger than me, and I remember her acting as a little girl. Lol. The vision gets stuck in my head

I think it goes rogue one -> 8th (unpopular opinion) -> 3rd

A very very very good question I would have to say episode seven the Jedi returns but I also really like episode three where Aniken becomes Darth Vader.

All in all the entire story is a great one but they do kind of be getting worse and worse all the time.

Feel like an old person saying that but it is true.

Oh the good old days.

Any of them with Jar Jar Binks. He is the best Star Wars character ever.


Yeah the Ewoks were the best before.. but then Jar Jar came along..

Jar jar was the worst...


One of my least favorite characters. I think that’s popular opinion lol.

I do not decide if the first one because it is where they discover the little anakin or episode v for "I am your father" and which do you prefer?

I have to go with episode 4. I was 7 when that one came out. Going to see that movie in the theater was the biggest thing that had ever happened to me up to that point. But then, there's 5 & 6, shit, so hard to decide.

The Last Jedi
I prefer to watch Daisy Ridley's acts. She acted awesomely inside of the movie.

The Last Jedi for sure ✌️

The last one. :D

Not my type...😟...I prefer some real action then too much of sci-fi

I've never seen any stars wars films so I've no opinion yet. On the to do list though!

Return of the Jedi.

the last jedi

Episode 1: Phantom menace.. Why? Pod racing. Edit: also jaja binks.

A new hope or return of the Jedi.. the new ones suck.

heretic !

Episode V is my favorite. It has a great soundtrack!

The first Star Wars. It was the only one worth standing in line for.

My favorite Star wars movie is the first one, those times it was mind blowing and I was fiveteen. :-P

Star Wars episode 1 is my favorite!😊

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Star Wars Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

For the iconic "No, I am your father" line.

The Phantom Menace, but also The Clone Wars series are cool.

Out of the entire franchise I would say the parody movie Space Balls.

Dunno if that counts but for me it is the best of them all just because it makes fun of Star Wars!

May The Farce Be With You!

The Empire Strikes Back

If I had to pick one, it would be Rogue One. Bad ass Vader. Shows extent of the sacrifices made by the rebels. I love it when the Death Star fires at low power. It's cool they got James Earl Jones to act Vader's part once again. The battle over the data center planet is great. When the rebel ship rams into one of the Imperial star destroyers what follows looks fantastic. The havoc it wreaks aboard the Imperial ship and how it destroys the station that maintains the force field.

The second best is The Empire Strikes Back. The dialogue is much better than anything written by George Lucas. Too bad Lucas didn't outsource the screenwriting to Lawrence Kasdan in The Revenge of the Sith.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. I like how it fills the gaps to the main story arc. Also, it shows just enough Force to keep you on your toes but doesn't go overboard. Acting is superb and mature. I find it a bit more gritty than the other sequels. I'm glad they decided to experiment here. It turned out better than expected, I'm sure many would agree.

Man.. I just can't decide between ewoks and Jar Jar. Sorry. Can't do it!

Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back - obviously

Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back, because of the Yoda training. I love dark atmospheric scenes in movies.
"Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try."
Also Porgs were hilarious in Rise of Skywalker

Mandalorian is not a movie, but definitely the favorite :D

The Phantom Menace has a special place for me because this was the first Star Wars movie I saw on the big screen. I saw the old movies only on TV, and the strongest point of the Star Wars universe is, well - the universe. Space, spaceships, planets and creatures. For me at least, I'm not much into that good - evil -father - son - brother - sister - tragic, overblown family stuff. So watching that exuberant movie in the movie theater, with all that cool, new effects was an experience. All that may now look a bit cartoonish but back then it looked great to me. I like the other two movies of that trilogy as well, I don't remember much of the drama and the talking, but the action, planets and aliens remained with me - and that's all I ask from a Star Wars movie. I like also The New Hope and Empire Strikes Back ... the new movies ... nope. I can swallow a lot when the movie is visually spectacular ... but this is a bit too much for me. I was entertained in a few points, but there was so much distracting, irritating stuff, unbelievably stupid and pretentious.

I will love to be part of this

Hate to be boring but Empires Strikes Back

My choice too....