RedFish painting tutorial [ENG-FR]

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Hello creative Lovelies !Hello les amis creatifs !
today I show you the detail of the creation in image of this charming scene, combining painting, cutting, texts, and scriblings ... A painting made two years ago that I have just officially declared perfect for today 😊aujourd'hui je vous montre le détail de la création en image de ce charmant tableau, alliant peinture, découpage, textes, et écritures...Une peinture réalisée il y a deux ans que je viens de déclarer officiellement parfaite pour aujourd'hui 😊


Be careful my friends, it will go quickly, these are images that move ...😁Attention mes mignons, ça va aller vite, ce sont des images qui bougent ...😁
on the other hand it's in a loop, so you can stay ahead until the headachepar contre c'est en boucle, donc vous pouvez rester devant jusqu'au mal de tête


tuto red fish.gif

Here are some fixed close-ups that don't hurt your eyes much.Voici quelques plans rapprochés fixes qui font moins mal aux yeux..
(I don't know about you but I can't stare at a Gif for more than a few seconds ... it has a stromboscopic effect on my brain)(je ne sais pas vous mais moi je ne peux pas fixer un Gif plus de quelques secondes...ça a un effet stromboscopique sur mon cerveau )



Les petits poissons dans l'eau nagent aussi bien que les grosLes petits poissons dans l'eau nagent aussi bien que les gros
These words I have written here are those of a nursery rhyme that says "* Small fish in water swim as well as large ones "ce sont les mots d'une comptine que vous connaissez sans doute si vous avez des enfants ..😊


At this point, it is completely normal that you want to take your swimsuit and go swimming. 😉A ce stade, il est tout à fait normal que vous ayiez envie de prendre votre maillot de bain et d'aller nager .. 😉


I wish you a beautiful afternoon and a wonderful week my little fish!Je vous souhaite une belle après-midi et une magnifique semaine mes petits poissons !



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"Small fish in water swim as well as large one"

How sweet is this little guy!??? I love the happy, bold color and the bubble polka dots! He could very well be included in a Dr. Suess book! That is exactly what your art reminds me of, and probably why I love it so much.

Dr. Suess was always a very well-loved cartoonist at my house and so are you.

Thank you for sharing another one of your wonderful creations!

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I love Dr Seuss also ! I love the melody of his sentences 😍
Thank you snail.png for this flattering comparison my Denise ! 😁😘

Manually curated by blacklux 💡Ice cream slayer 🍦 from the Qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Haha Ice cream slayer on summer but cookies killer in winter ! crocodile.pngvery much @blacklux and @qurator ! 😊

A woman have to set her priorities straight! Hot summers are made to hunt down ice creams and cold winters to hunt down cookies with hot coffee! 😀

You are so right my gourmet friend ! 😁

I am always surprised at the many ways you create such cute artwork. Your mind must always be creating.

Haha ! you are so right my dear, I think I don't know how to be "something" else than a being that creates....but in fact, aren't we all creators of our lives..? 😉 so we create incessantely, often by default btw... 😊

You are absolutely correct, we are constantly creating.

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Awesome ! That sounds like quite a lot 😁

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Wonderful daughter loves red fishes because of there is a child song about a redfish and a Fisher :) she also loves the song...

Have a nice day...

Thank you whale.png<--- This Big fish that is not a fish but a mammal of the order cetaceans thanks you for your comment 😊

wooow. a very cute fish. red fish :) kids love it. I liked so much too.

Oh, that is delightful! I do not know of that rhyme, but I love it! It goes well with your art, and also goes well for the redfish here in the hive!

exactly ! this is nice french nursery rhyme that has all its sense here ... 😉
How are you doing my dear @melinda010100 ? We are too busy to talk these days, aren't we ..? 😁

I'm doing OK! And yes. Curation is keeping me so busy I barely have time to make a post or comment. I love getting bigger votes for others, though!
I hope all is going well for you, too. ❤️
I love how well the Alphabethunt is doing!

Same here, everything ok, busy busy, and will also be less there if I find a job, which I begin to feel the necessity if I want to go on having a roof, i'm running out of the money I'm living on since the restaurant closed..two years ago now 😉 What am I saying ? I don't want a job, I just want money ! 😄 and patrons, so that the artist can do what she does the best 😁

I sincerely believe you must look into creating your own job. I'm not sure how this applies but when I saw this article I thought of you.

×if that link doesn't work look up if-you-can-draw-it-you-can-wear-it-clothing-startup

Ya, I know what you mean Mel, I know I have gold in my hand but my problem is I'm not a business girl, I do not have this skill that is to build a business, this is huge to be creating, this eats all my time but with passion, and I feel distressed when thinking to everything I SHOULD DO if I wanted to make that for a living, this would just destroy my desire of creating...I think this is the reason why either artists have agents, or they have someone to partner with who has the business skill and would be complementary with someone who has the creative skill...

Thanks for the link, Mel, that's very interesting of course...

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You are truly blessed with this artwork. Your paintings are amazing. Keep on with the good work.

TY éléphant.png for your kind appreciation @emmanuelacheamp 😉

Beautiful creation, I really liked I have to admit that I love your creations more and more ...

And the color tones are very fascinating

Beautiful! I love the effect with the letters, they give the sensation of an old illustration describing and informing about the fish. I have never tried making a collage like that but I'd love to! :) I also like the style of the fish, very playful. I bet you had lots of fun making it. You should hang in on your wall 😊 Keep on creating! You are very good at what you do.

Btw, I also loved your stylish juggs!

Also forgot to mention, that the phrase also has a lot of meaning. Children are as wise as old people. We can learn from anyone and everyone. Sometimes we are the teachers, sometimes the students! 😉

Totally agree with that ;-) thankyousnail.pngfor your interesting and wise comments @doodle.danga 😉