Semi realistic pencil drawing of "Cornealus" from splinterlands

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Good day everyone! I just want to share to you this semi realistic pencil version of splinterlands card "CORNEALUS" that I've just finished today. This legendary monster from neutral splinter is a very strong and useful card because of his powerful range attack and defensive ability, this cornealus is one of the cards I use the most especially in the high mana cap battles.

Drawing materials

  • graphite pencil
  • pencil eraser
  • sketchpad

Process photos








after I think more than an hour of drawing, Finally! I manage to complete this graphite pencil version of this strange looking splinterlands monster made of eyeball that came from nowhere.

20200821_222128 (1).jpg
here's the final result of my drawing, hope you like it...

image.png here's the original cornealus image plus its stats you can also click here to see my drawing's reference plus this monster lore.

That's all and thank you for dropping by. hope you enjoyed my drawing

till my next posts....



i knew that looked very familiar. its been a while since i have played the game. your eye drawing looks very realistic. amazingly done...

I played this game everyday at least to complete my daily quest haha, by the way thank you for dropping ^^

Amazingly well drawn Cornealus. The inside of the eye looks even more like a human eye, with more details than the original. Plenty of SPT is coming your way.

Thank you!, yeah I noticed that this looks like a real human eyeball than the actual Cornealus haha..

Thanks for sharing! - @yonilkar

This is not a Cornealus, this is a real human eye.

Thank you! , yes this more looks like a human eyeball than cornealus lol, but wait from which creature cornealus came from? The @splinterlore said no one knows where it came from Lol

It's too cool, you're so talent

Thank you! ^^

What a perfectly terrifying disembodied but anatomically well-made eyeball!

And thank you for your lyrical compliment, I'm glad that my drawing caught your attention ^^

Masyado mo nang ginagalingan! Lupet!

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