Foo Fighter

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Did You know that Dave Grohl is a part-time actor?
And now Foo Fighters made a full feature horror movie called Studio 666.
Taylor Hawkins (RIP) managed to take a part in it.
I'm about to watch it right now.
No expectations whasoever.







This is my first time of getting to know him.
Well, I hope you enjoy the movie.

You didn't know this little band called Nirvana? :)

Not really, but I do know now😊

They've been one of my favorites since the 90s. Haven't watched the movie yet, but tis the season.

Wonderful sketch 👍

What a great drawing of Dave Grohl, an amazing artist, and sad to lose Taylor Hawkins, one of the best drummers.

Extraordinary face of Dave Grohl, if I remember him he is a musician artist. Certain? Excellent drawing. I congratulate you.

This is an awesome sketch !! I like the outcome and it’s nice to get to know about the movie , I will try and give it a watch too