Did you know you can now also earn Hive from your Proof of Sharing?

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Not gonna lie, it has not been easy going through the increasing poshtoken comments of people sharing Hive links on twitter to manually reward them with a vote, but I think it's going to be worth the effort and I hope more people will look into rewarding them, at least those sharing their posts.


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For anyone not aware of POSH (@poshtoken) and who hasn't linked their web2 and web3 account on hiveposh.com yet,

here's a TL;DR:

When you share a Hive front-end link on Twitter and include the #hive tag in the tweet, @poshtoken will leave a comment under the post you shared.

If you are registered on hiveposh.com it will send you the rewards that comment earns after 7 days, and on top of that also POSH tokens on hive-engine.com depending on how well your tweet does.

That's basically it, we're trying to keep it as simple as possible for the enduser but I have to admit it gets quite complex in the backend as we're improving and evolving the service over time.

Here are some things you shouldn't do or attempt to:

  • Don't selfvote the poshtoken comments when it was you who shared the post, these comments will usually tag you in them so others will know who the rewards go to and are meant for authors to reward you for having shared their post on your twitter, not your own posts, for those you'll just have to be content with the POSH rewards. If you do self-vote them it will send the Hive rewards to @hive.fund instead.

  • Don't attempt to abuse likes and retweets on your account to cheat your way into more POSH tokens. I realize there's black markets where one can easily buy likes or send to group of friends to blindly like them cause "you'll get some money for it" but this defeats the purpose of POSH and genuine connections and activity to fairly reward everyone participating in it. When we notice this kind of activity we will ban you from ever earning POSH or Hive rewards from the service.

Now here are some visual examples of how it works

I shared my post from yesterday on Twitter and tagged #hive:


@poshtoken edited in the tweet in the comment as there were a couple others who had shared it as well, it edits them into the same comment to prevent spamming a post with too many comments:


Now since I voted the comment up yesterday before my own share, at payout it will take the rewards I would've earned (depending on how many likes and retweets I got compared to the other shares in the comment) and send them to @hive.fund because it counts as a self-vote. The others will still receive some Hive rewards as long as they don't upvote the comment themselves. This also means that anyone sharing it now will get some rewards if their tweet gets some likes which would encourage authors to upvote the comments in an effort to get more people to share their posts on Twitter for a piece of the pie while they can rest assured that abusers or spammers won't receive much if any because their tweets won't perform well and if they start cheating their way to fake likes from fake users they will get banned.

Now here's how it works when the comment payouts go through, it's using @reward.app to liquidate the 100% power up comments which will return it all in liquid Hive and then it sends the Hive to the sharer as long as they have linked their Twitter and Hive account on hiveposh.com:


In this example you can also see that the sharer had also self-voted the comment, so that part of the Hive rewards was sent to the DHF while my upvote was sent to the sharer.

I have recently started voting up the poshtoken comments (Hive link shares) more consistently so will be monitoring its activity and avoid rewarding some that seem to constantly spam shares while having brand new twitter accounts or some that constantly self-vote their own shares. Eventually this will have to be automated in a smart way as the more tweets that go through daily the more time it's going to take to properly reward people with Hive rewards manually.

Anyway, that's what I wanted to discuss today, happy POSH'ing!

Aside from rewarding the poshtoken comments from registered users with upvotes, you can also delegate to @poshtoken to earn some POSH daily while knowing that the rewards it earns will only be used to further develop the service or buy back posh tokens to make it more fruitful for people to participate or maybe even join Hive to do so. Same thing goes for the daily stat post rewards!

Sending post rewards to @poshtoken



The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people( @hafiz34, @incublus, @officialrosh1, @vagabond42069, @tommyl33 ) sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at https://hiveposh.com.

I am happy to see Hive and posh thriving. This is a very informative post for people wondering how to earn posh. I'll share this on twitter too, maybe it will enlighten someone. Also, I've never delegated tokens, I'm going to try it for the first time now. If I succeed, please let me know in the comments.
An update, I didn't find how to delegate poshtokens. I can just send them.

 last month (edited) 

You can't delegate or stake posh, we found that feature to be a bit useless when there's no curation with it, aka proof of brain. We will however introduce our own staking rewards with the POSH pets nft when that launches which will exist from bought back tokens from hive the account earns. Thus you can only delegate hive power in exchange for POSH.

I think I misunderstood. You asked me to delegate hp, not posh. I will delegate next month after I make a good power up. For now, even if I delegate all my hp, it won't change anything 😄.

How many times can I share someone else's post and earn rewards? I ask because there may be people on Twitter with a lot of followers who don't want to create content on Hive, but want to earn some rewards for consuming their content and sharing on Twitter.

the same post or unique posts? there's no limit but obviously if you spam you're just going to push followers away

For example; let's say someone with a lot of followers on twitter shares one post a day from other users, but never posts on Hive; is it valid?

Yes that is what we want, traffic to our front-ends.

Though if he doesn't have a Hive account connected to hiveposh.com with his twitter the tokens will just get burned instead even if he uses the #hive tag so the bot picks it up.

This post has clarified a lot of things for me, it is very smart to send the rewards of those who vote themselves to @hive.fund. Another thing I figured out is if they are manually giving positive votes. Good to know. Very good your post, I don't think with this there are any doubts.

This is really good initiative. Many will be interested in sharing other's posts on Twitter and engagement will increase.

Happy POSHing......! 🤣

This is the first time I have understood the mechanism of Posh token clearly.
I think it is like a milestone covered in the progressive journey of Posh token.
I am not yet registered on hive.posh. I will do it soon.

Thanks for the information and initiatives

Now that I have a clearer picture of how #posh works, I would have to register and join in Twitter sharing!

It's a helpful update.👌

I joined hiveposh around a week ago, and ibh it took a time to find any info and understand how it works. But your post is perfect. I think it should be pinned somewhere, so people who are not aware of POSH token can learn it.
Anyways, thanks for the info!

our newly designen website is soon finishen which will have a nice landning page explaining the basics of posh!

These is such an insightful write-up about posh and the benefit that comes from sharing our content on twitter.

Seems it's high time I passively do that Henforth.

Thanks for sharing this Masterpiece with us.

This is a great way to promote Hive, plus I'm getting some followers on twitter.

Awesome, this will help with adoption. Hive needs a lot of press to spread the word.

That is the idea and plan. Will try to find the time to post about how I see it working in the future and the effects it could have on adoption and visibility. :)

Let me fire up my Twitter account again. My last one got suspended. lol

Nice, the unlink feature should work on hiveposh.com if you wanna get your new one in!

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It would help more if I had a larger Twitter following. It's growing... slowly.

Yeah while some call it circlejerking I've found that having a lot of hivers follow you gives you a bit more weight behind your tweets to possibly sway others to try hive out.

It feels really nice sharing lovely contents on twitter and thanks @acidyo for this.

Earning both $HIVE and $POSH.




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What is @poshtoken doing with the 50 % curation reward from the comment?

Not sure what you mean? they don't control half of the rewards as those go to the voters.

The @poshtoken account earns a reward when it is posting a comment. Is this reward distributed to people posting on tweeter? is there a percentage for @poshtoken?

No fee no, all the rewards go to the sharers.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece with us

Twitter, here we come

If we talk about a method to spread HIVE, this is really one of the most interesting initiatives. Thanks for the invention of the POSH token

Thanks for organizing the proof of share project, am not aware that self vote is not allow thanks for writing this and for upvoting posh comments on my post

Wao thanks so much for this update.
I tried registering and linking my twitter to it but couldn't achieve it.
Maybe I missed the steps I wish to get a good guidelines on how to do that.
Thanks again

I disengaged until I polish some stuff otherwise I really enjoyed poshtoken.

I just know that re-tweet ourself will send the reward to hive.fund thanks for information as always.

Wow I enjoy reading it, because it is so details and self explain for easy understand. I will try this out