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Hey everyone!

In this post I'm going to talk a little bit about our curation, what we do, what the future holds and how you can help if you wish. OCD is one of the oldest curation projects and now also one of the most used communities, aside from that we're also looking forward to welcome newcomers that post in our community where we check each post to consider for curation and hopefully soon start our own approaching and onboarding of content creators.

We'd like to be a full-stack project in the near future with account creation, guidance of newcomers, kickstart into their Hive Journey and at the same time continued curation for retention and distribution of Hive. We're also looking forward to SMT's and the possibilities they'll give us in regards to token creation to assist engagement within our community and outside of it on the whole blockchain through the ENGAGE token which was being distributed actively before the hardfork but is now awaiting for steem-engine to also exist on hive or for SMT's to be added which is the next phase for distribution and at the same time curation of comments.

Our community

Our community is a pretty general original content community and while we understand it goes a bit against the idea of communities being specific to certain genres I believe they can be both a community for projects and the other. With cross-posting we see it becoming more used in the future once users understand how to use it well and those who do are encouraged to continue using it well through curation. We are currently also using part of our voting power to assist more niche communities on a daily basis and are looking forward to also advertise other niche and popular communities to content creators posting through us so they check them out as well and consider posting there. Anyhow I think it's too early to speculate too much about how all that will evolve but it needs to be said that we're not looking to hog content creators because of our curation to starve niche communities and will try our best to assist them more and more in the near future.

We check each and every post posted onto our community but curation is of course not guaranteed. Users posting content that goes against our rules are often warned and there have not been many cases of continues abuse that had to lead to downvotes and muting so there's not much to discuss there. We also encourage content creators posting onto Hive to also share their work on Twitter for more eyes and at the same time as marketing for our wonderful platform we have here and seeing front-ends such as Peakd already offer guest accounts and looking to improve on their functionalities even more is ensuring that our efforts are not going to waste when bringing in new users. The way we encourage sharing is by incentivizing those who do it with higher votes than if they wouldn't share their posts - note that this doesn't mean we vote on anything as long as they share the content but rather higher votes on content we would have curated anyway!


We understand that many stakeholders and at the same time content creators on Hive may not have the time to be as active in curating and engaging on the platform as they are focused on their own work. Hence we have an account called @ocdb which offers delegators their curation rewards relative to their delegation to be paid out daily in liquid Hive. We take a 10% cut for our curation efforts and 5% are used in diverse ways; before the hardfork those payouts were being used to purchase ENGAGE token so the engaging users receiving them would be able to get some Steem out of it so the value wouldn't just be coming from pure speculation on what we would do with the token in the future when SMT's arrive. We're planning on getting back to that as mentioned above when ENGAGE is available for us again.

How can one delegate

If you used PeakD then you can easily delegate from the wallet options there, all you have to do is delegate to @ocdb and after 1 payout your username will appear on our website where you will be able to track your daily returns (apologize for the wrong coin name on the site for now :P) but you can also use hivesigner to delegate by copying this link and editing the "1000" to the amount you'd want to delegate:
If you're feeling generous and aren't looking for daily returns you can instead delegate to @ocd.

Other curation projects that also return a curation cut we can recommend checking out: @curangel.

Other curation projects you can support with delegation that we can recommend: @c-squared and @curie.

(just edit out the "ocdb" part in the link above to the account you wish to delegate to instead)


If you are someone who enjoys curating and would like to make our work a bit easier and at the same time earn some higher curation rewards we welcome you to check out our community! We use the @ocdb account to vote in late on posts and if you've shown to be a quality curator who always curates great content you'll also make our life a bit easier in turn so we don't need to read through the whole post knowing that it has been curated by someone we trust. In return by us voting late it means you'll also earn higher curation rewards and if you manage to find great posts from newcomers who don't already have a lot of autovotes on them the rewards can be worth quite a bit!

Ending words

We've been getting pretty slammed lately with quality posts and the amount of users that quickly migrated over and many who've quit posting on the previous chain altogether has gotten difficult to keep our voting power somewhat high while going through all posts! This is of course wonderful news and we're happy to see it but at the same time it sucks not being able to reward extraordinary posts more so they would get some trending time. Aside from our own community we also actively curate the HiveDevs and HiveGaming community but have to admit that the past few days we haven't been able to as our voting power is getting rekted. Then there are also more niche communities we curate through our Daily Compilation posts which are usually pinned to the community and refreshed every day where our team of curators goes and finds the best posts from those communities or posts outside of any community that have been missed or are underrewarded - although it is nice to see that after the EIP that has become a lot more difficult to find!

Main reason we also wanted to get this post out is because or info channels in our Discord server are outdated so now we can leave this link on there so people wondering what's up can check it out from there - but we'll also leave this pinned for quite some time. Feel free to join it and ask if there is anything on your mind or if you just wanna chit chat. :)


Great overview! Please feel welcome to reach out to me whenever you need training materials created. Just have to make sure I understand it well enough myself to be able to elucidate it stepy-by-step to others.

Your effort and contribution on hive is so amazing and hearty @OCD. Tho i am a newbie here, but i so much love what i am seeing here. Keep it up.

I have a HUGE Appreciation for OCD, thank you much for giving me an opportunity to find an audience for my work, I hope people continue yo enjoy it.

And if by some chance you see my posts, feel free to leave a comment! I would love to onow what the folks here think of it (then again, if people are voting it up, then that may mean they like it too.)

Any case, big thanks to everyone who votes me and reads me. If there are witnesses amongst those who can use my vote, let me know so i can get that done. If theres any other way i can contribute, please tell me!

We do read your posts when we curate but there's so much to curate lately it's hard to find the time to also leave s comment. I hope we get more consumers and engagement coming soon!

Hey! Not a problem, I'm sure it is one hell of a job! Thanks again!

Off topic but do you know how to successfully upload photos? It doesn't work for me and when I look at other posts it's the same

Your project is an asset to both chains and your intent to expand is not only admirable, but shows your good character.

I hope you, the Natural Medicine and Homesteading Communities can work together to bring the quality and a relevent variety of content to the forefront.

Hive-on my friend.😀

Hit me up on Discord so we can talk more about supporting those communities as well in the daily nomination posts!

Yeah I used to think “hey OCD isn’t a community, there is no niche”. But then I realized the importance of such a space. It is way to easy for good content to get lost in the digital sea. Keep on doing the do.

As I’m getting the support of @ocd and @ocdb since quite a while (on steemit since 3 years) I will be delegating some hive to @ocdb as well. Always good stuff on your community. Thanks!

I do love ENGAGE tokens and appreciate that you are giving them out to engaging users! Check out the niche communities #featheredfriends and #ShadowHunters. Both communities would love to have some OCD support.

Thanks for let us known more about this project and thanks for all your support. Keep the hard work!

Hi Acidyo,

Fantastic updates.

Been posting on OCD since I joined Hive.

Question: As a publisher, I am curious to know how does one eliminate / limit the auto-upvotes on the post?

As a publisher, I am curious to know how does one eliminate / limit the auto-upvotes on the post?

I'm afraid that's not really possible, maybe if you know where they're coming from (say hive.voter) one could ask the dev nicely but there's many who have their own personal bots, etc.

I see. I do enjoy their support. Just that:

if you manage to find great posts from newcomers who don't already have a lot of autovotes on them the rewards can be worth quite a bit!

This states that curators should support non-autoupvoted posts, right? As they get better rewards.

Exploring Hive.vote.

Just delegated 300HP. Keep up the great work guys!

Ever since Hive came out I have been posting exclusively to OCD and have been blessed by your curation on many occasions.

The thing is I was starting to worry if it is okay to post only in OCD as you are a general OC channel.

It is alright as long as my content is original right @acidyo ?

I'm just trying to expand my opportunities as a content creator.

What you do is amazing and it is an honor to support, although not much power but hope this helps.

Thank you for the kind words! That and the delegation are appreciated and will continue to be put to good use. :)

Herrzlich Wilkomen

100 HP to ocdb! ;)
Hive On!

Thank you very much for the effort you've put into this @acidyo and @ocd. I've so much to learn and I'm glad that there is a community that will help guide newbies like me.

Hey @schneidy I have delegated 50 HIVE POWER to you so you should be able to comment/post more now. It takes a little bit of resources to get going here and I do recommend that if you have a couple dollars, buy some HIVE and get going. I suggest adding some kind of profile picture too :)

Hi tarazkp, thank you very much for the extra Hive Power, this helps a lot. I'm currently trying to update my profile but the Update button keeps on spinning (I've already followed the steps on the FAQ page). I'll try to upload again later.

it could be that you need to log in with an active key - you can also use https://peakd.com/@schneidy and try from there. I also recommend getting keychain (by yabapmatt - matt rosen) https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/hive-keychain/jcacnejopjdphbnjgfaaobbfafkihpep so you can have your important keys available without risking others.

Thank you very much for the suggestion, you are amazing @tarazkp! It worked perfectly when I used Peakd :)

You are welcome

Thank you for everything you do OCD!! :-)


You have just been bro-fisted by the guys in the man cave and now have 1 more BRO. Enjoy!**

For more info, please give us a look in here: https://discord.gg/qd8J2x3

Keep up the good work @acidyo and @ocd team.


Keep up the good fight champs!

@acidyo I really appreciate the work that OCD does. It occurs to me that there might be some merit in collaborating with @steempress. I am tagging @Fredrikaa and @howo as I know they have plans for the plug in and are very involved development on the chain. Curation, I think, is on the list, but probably not towards the top.

We are actually already collaborating to a degree, steempress trails votes from OCD on steempress content :)

Hi @acidyo,
We're having a small problem with onboarding of italian users in HIVE.
The decline in steem/hive prices, the transition to HIVE and the support loss... There are only a few of us, you know? Twenty or thirty at the most.
Are you planning to support small linguistic communities to help them develop?
There were lots of us, a few thousand until a couple years ago and it's sad to see a few dozen active users now.

So what is the current criteria of picking up posts for curation ? Is it just random or you look after the #oc or #posh tags ?

ENGAGE looking cheap :)

When it's moved over i think i'll delegate some HIVE to misterengagement and post about the token again.

Keep doing the great work and having ocd on the space is really good. Encouraging content creator to create quality content

This community is doing a lot of great things so it is no wonder why its voting power is getting rekted. (Funny, I had to look for the meaning of that!) 🌞

Keep it up!

And how do curators work? Any terms and conditions to be one?

thank you for everything you do!! is very much appreciated!!!

I have delegated, although a little but later I will delegate with a bigger size!
Can I make content about this?

great work, you're one of the proyects who makes real social impact troght your actions in a descentralized way!

Excellent overview... explains a lot ... thanks!

I love here since join hive, nice to hear about the community response. I am from Indonesia and would like to bring hive got big community here, Greeting.

Hello, interesting information, I was reading and much free time to understand what is this ecosystem, and I find it comforting that there are projects like @ocd, I think I understand the system of healing, I've seen many users who do a great job and are not very well appreciated, I would like to participate in this project of healing, I am Venezuelan and social communicator, could make a project to publicize hiveive people with qualities to create content. I hope to count on your support and you can count on mine. I will focus my energies on presenting you with a friendly project @acidyo

I would love to offer myself as a curator. Do please advise on the process for the same :)

Hello @Acidyo,

If you are someone who enjoys curating and would like to make our work a bit easier and at the same time earn some higher curation rewards we welcome you to check out our community!

I'm interested in curating for OCD to make your work easier.

Thank you for this explanation of stuff. I am still quite lost around here!

Keep up the good work! Will keep increasing my delegations as my account grows

Nice explanation! Very clear to me... I love your project works to help the community! Like me, we are promoting the hive.blog using other platform like wattsup and FaceBook. They know me as one of the moderator in one group of the Filipino community.

Are you accepting anyone for the role of new curators ?

Manually curating post is hard to do, there are so many post everyday, great work OCD Team, those quality post hope all will be rewarded.

When you say "PeakD" isn´t SteemPekD?
Or is just PekD?

i want to join as qurator. is that possible?