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I am sharing this post as who has just started Hive like you!
While reading in Hive today, I saw "a new (artistic) competition" shared by @zuerich and I felt that i need to join this competition, its necessary and fun. So here i am ! :)


Image created by me using Canva

First of all, i want to tell you about 3 important points for Hive;

  • There are people of different ideas, ages and characters in Hive and they interact with each other. Here we all build and develop the Hive community. We are not excluding anyone here and we are building Hive together. We, beginners, are also a part of it. As a community, we can direct the course of Hive, unlike Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  • On Hive, creators are rewarded through cryptocurrencies based on the value they bring to the platform. This approach ensures that the platform is not controlled by a single entity, promoting transparency, fairness and inclusivity.Hive's decentralization is a huge step for our freedom of expression and censorship,it doesn't charge us any fee for this, on the contrary, HIVE tries to include us to the ecosystem as we use hive.

  • As a decentralized social media platform, Hive can be a project that will start a revolution in the world.The quality of content produced on social media platforms is increases the participation and trust of users.The Hive reward system is also encourages creators to produce quality content.the responsibility to improve content quality should not solely fall on the shoulders of the creators,Hive must continue to evolve as always.

Code of Conduct written by Zuerich is the behavior that should be in the Hive

After we read the "Code Of Conduct" We understood how Zurich described his manner of behavior, how he thought it should be and he is looking for an illustration or smartart about it. I prepared a smart art from Ai for him.
Let's look at how i describe Zuerich's post to Ai and what comes out.



1- We value each other and treat each other in a respectful and appreciative manner.


2- We stay calm and polite, always.


3- We use Hive to build connections and a thriving community.


4- We embrace diversity, concerning ethnicity, age, religion, sex, sexual orientation, nationality, disabilities, political views, etc.


5- We are curious and open to civil discourse, thus using our differences to get to new insights and making our differences become our strength.


6- We read others' statements carefully, don't engage in trolling, strawman arguments, other pseudo arguments, and we differ between fact and opinion.


7- We don't plagiarize, but publish original content, with reference to sources.


8- We defend the principle of media freedom and the freedom of expression.


9- We take responsibility for our own actions, exercise due diligence when using our private keys and when posting content.


10- We help each other grow and connect within the complex ecosystem of Hive.

*Thanks for reading
and thanks to @zuerich for giving such a chance to beginners

We stay calm and polite, always. (2).png
Image created by me using Canva


Thanks so much friend for Sharing with us

Thank you for stopping by, it's very important to me that you enjoy reading :)

Your art design is simply amazing. You did well.

Oh, thank you so much!! you are so kind :)

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Dear @atobaba,
thank you very much for your reaction and great work!
I find the first image great 👍
To the 10 "rules": the first 8 are very good, and I don't understand the 9th (but perhaps it's cryptic as are private keys).
For the 10th code I'd choose the 8th image (which looks like a growing tree to me).
Would it be possible to make an image of the 10 rules - on the left your small icons and on the right the text of the rules?

Thanks again and, for sure, you'll get a delegation,
have a great day,

Hello! @zuerich,
Thank you so much for your support! and yes the 9th cryptic key :)
Hive is a tree and we symbolize the branches of the tree because we have developed as a community, I combined the photo you chose below as the 10th photo, I could have made 10 photos, but I chose to put the tree at the bottom because its branches represent the remaining other 9 rules and expand and grow as those rules are followed. I edited and reposted it, thank you again.
Have a nice day!

Fantastic! Thanks a lot 🙏🏻