You & me under the same cloud

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When you take long walks in the nature, far away from the noisy city, do you look up in the sky? Do you wonder... Where is that cloud going? I've been having this habit since I was little: to look at the sky. Usually when I feel contemplative or I just notice the stars, the clouds... I stop and just sit still and watch. People who have met me and noticed this habit probably thought I'm weird or just a nerdy dreamer. But this is one thing I would never change about me: my constant curiosity.


You see, this whole Universe is so big. Infinite. We don't have a clue about what else is there. Although I am here and you are there.... Have you ever thought that we might have looked at the same cloud today? Maybe the air I was breathing had tiny particles from you which traveled across the globe. Maybe the same currents of air gently carried the fluffy white cotton like cloud I was admiring today from your sky to my sky. To our sky.

We think that we're so different, so far apart, so special.... We go and pay expensive vacations just to post a cloud with "I've been on holiday" tag. We think that our world expands when we acquire material goods, buy more stuff and hoard it in our concrete walls. In fact, it's getting smaller. The ego rises and gives the false illusion of living the good life our society taught us to pursue. How many times busy people stop and look at the sky? How often do we stop and be in awe at the beauty above us? Have you ever watched a star shine and just wonder... Just wonder... What is there? Could there be life so far away? What am I doing here?


In my walks in nature I see too many people staring at their phones, rushing to make the next best Instastory, missing the whole vibe of being there in the moment. Sad. Why not enjoy nature? Why consider silence weird? Why not inhale so much air that your lungs hurt just because you want to taste nature? The simpler the life, the better. The less focus on technology, the better.

Take a walk and trully connect to nature. Be in the moment. Appreciate the presence of your loved one. In silence. Sitting silently with your lover is one of the most powerful forms of intimacy. Appreciate their smile, their hands holding you, their touch. Look at the clouds. Somewhere in this world millions of dreamers already watched them....Join them. In the silence of our being here, we are all under the same cloud.

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Have a marvelous day and toodle loo!

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Awesome - yes, I sky watch and cloud watch. I am sooo mindful of nature. My biggest teacher, and biggest calmative!!!

Hey! I feel just like you feel. It does have incredible calming properties. Thank you for reading😊

Some very true words here Mary and I live in the sky every day 🙂

Hey! Thank you! The beauty of nature will never cease to amaze me. I find my greatest comfort when I'm away from the crowded city. Sky watching.

Have a lovely Sunday!

Hi Lady Mary,

It is indeed the best place to be on this earth according to me.
I would love to go up high up there on the mountain there where the Eagles are nesting.
But the place is very high up and impossible to get up there.

Uh wow I just imagined it in my mind. It would be so gorgeous! I am pretty sure that at very high altitudes we would need oxygen. But almost all the times when I looked at documentaries with the Himalayans, the view from the high top mountains would be great!

Indeed, the view from up there must be fantastic, all farms and a few towns on the other side of the mountain.
On this side only our town, some farms and of course the ocean.
The mountains are not as high as the Himalayas, so oxygen won't be a problem.
Just to get up there will be very difficult.

Yup, I agree. I think it is worth it

Thank you again dear! You did once again inspire me and got me feeling alive again. <3 <3 <3


Hey! Oh this is a great quote! Thank you for reading, I'm glad that it inspired you😊

I think it takes a lot of mental capacity to contemplate the vastness of the universe and face our own relative meaningless to the bigger world out there!

It’s too painful to realize we mean so little in the grand scheme of things and because perception is reality we’ve created little self important mini realities to live in! We never look up from the world we created, a matrix of our own doing

Looking up is in itself an act of defiance in the current state we find ourselves in

This is a beautiful comment. Indeed it takes a lot of courage to get out of our default state. It is so easy to find escape in dealing with drama, with what to buy next, with who to hook up, what pictures to post on social media. It is so easy to follow the beaten path and never wonder what is outside. Never trying to create a different road. To explore. To question it all.

I often find myself wondering.... Time is so unpredictable. I find it funny when people plan for decades ahead, when they don't even know if they'll wake up breathing tomorrow. I connect this "fast food" type of reality with the fear of our own mortality. We use distractions, alcohol, smoking, partying, spending, overeating etc. just to deflect our attention from what really matters: our relationship with ourselves and our role in the Universe. Our spiritual journey.

I just won't and can't accept the average mentality of the majority: we are here to procreate, make babies, get a job, a house and pay our bills. We are here to make money and to buy stuff. We are here just to be. It is just not an acceptable way of living for me. I believe we need a higher purpose, something beyond ourselves. We should be more in tune with what is around us and stop seeing our Planet as a golden mine to exploit, use and abuse. I wonder how often people took a leaf in their hand and admired the beauty of it. A simple leaf.

Love it, it’s definately a “fast food” life if not a simulation of life and everyone has accepted it as fact when it’s not! We’ve lost touch with anything that is life and forsaken it for this consumer driven existence! I often say we are not even citizens we are consumers just here as collateral damage in a rigged game!

I think most people won’t break away in fact they’ll fight to protect it as you’d say they plan for decades!

If I look at how small people have made their worlds so they have “control” it actuallt shows how they’ve given up control for the sake of real control

Perception is reality and we all have the ability to shape our world but we choose not to because taking personal responsibility

Being just a consumer of goods, information, entertainment leaves the mind hungry. People should consume more "mental food". If that happens, then the need of control will dissipate and the focus will go inward

Indeed but the problem is choice, you can’t force someone to think and see the world like that! They have to choose and humans will always choose the path or least resistance!

The choice will always belong to the other

Choice means taking personal responsibility and that's something people fear

Responsibility is necessary

"Someday I'll wish upon a star
And wake up where the clouds are far behind me
Where troubles melt like lemon drops
Away above the chimney tops
That's where you'll find me"

Over the Rainbow ~ Music: Harold Arlen - Lyrics: Yip Harburg

Awwwww..... This is so nice😍😍

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