Constellated mediocrity

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C o n s t e l l a t e d
— mediocrity —

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Constellated mediocrity

Within the chaos
and constellated mediocrity
I glimpse impatterned
a simpler, sorrowed, soulful poignancy
of frames on fire:
liquid tongues of magma cascade down,
all to carry higher
shim'ring mind of reticent renown.

Within the rubbish:
the sludgy dregs of animalia,
ecstatic min'rals
chase along transition-lines — states change.

With glee, things decay;
with time and lush creative force applied
old logs splinter, gray
in every permutation, fractalize
along the sloping way
of constellated mediocrity
I glance incolored
a simpler, strobing, sailful vibrancy.

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Images and writing by Daniel Pendergraft
created for HIVE on June 5, 2020


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Hello. I hope this post finds all of you well. I blogged recently a little on how the summer is often a strange or uncomfortable time of year for me personally. I plan to respond to life-in-summer a bit differently this year than I have in the past. Even though I feel somewhat creatively lethargic at the moment, I will continue to discipline myself in continual practice and take a longer-term view.

Momentary victories are nice; they are life-affirming and feel good effortlessly. However, their glamour dulls just as easily. Only a broader focus on the lifelong journey of learning and growth has the power to provide lasting fulfillment and provides the fuel to carry one through the doldrums. This may require a rejection of the glorification of instant gratification so prevalent in modern culture.

Another thing I have to remind myself to do consciously is engage more and reach out more to community. I'm often most comfortable cocooned up in my own little bubble — but after a while, this ends up taking a toll. It's all about finding that balance of getting plenty of contemplative and peaceful solitude — along with energizing and often somewhat chaotic socializing.

I appreciate you taking the time to visit my blog and read these meager lines. How are you doing these days? Let's keep the conversation going — whether the words are constellations of mediocrity, or not.




I like what was created out "frames on fire". This is true to the nature of earth, although creating an island takes much longer than a photo edit we can see here a universal changing process. Suffering and heat melt out impurities and rain and wind soften the rock so that over the years a new life may appear.

I like to try new things when I have time, but this summer will be busy as Korean students attend classes over the summer. If I have any free time I'd like to focus on the Word. This is the one thing I'm passionate about and everything else happens to be a spin off.

Enjoy your weekend and get out early before the bugs wake up.

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