Hello Steem!!

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I am new here, hope this is the right community to post to as I wasn't sure. If not I apologize!

Wanted to do a short introduction, I am a cryptocurrency enthusiast and have been for a while now. Been meaning to delve deeper into the lower coinmarketcap ranks but there's just so much out there it is really overwhelming! By chance I happened to read a tweet from Justin Sun about their recent acquisition and figured I'd check it out so here I am now and I have to say I am VERY SURPRISED by this platform. It seems way ahead of the others in terms of usage, activity and even the technical aspect of it seems very advanced even though I am not a developer. Color me impressed!

Other than cryptocurrencies I like to read books, browse Reddit and quite possible now also read and upvote on Steemit!

Really enjoying the first experience and looking forward to learn more about this blockchain and the community. :-)

Any suggestions what dapps I should look at first?

Hope to see you around!

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Hello Darth! I want to wish you a Happy Christmas and lovely times with those dear to you. I thank you for all the support in here for me and everybody else. I send you good wishes and may you have a great year ahead!

Hi, just found your post while browsing! :)

Glad to connect.

I am VERY SURPRISED by this platform


Yes. And it is so much fun too!

Feels like home... as it is comforting to share, engage, and do anything without any centralized party... and a great community! :)

Ahh, I missed this one as was checking on your blog to see if you'd written a post.

This is new to us also, but if you post into a community (OCD is a good start!) then the post doesn't appear in your 'own' feed, where I was looking.

You can 'Resteem' it to there though with

In hindsight, I could have checked your 'Posts' - still learning the new interfaces changes!

As far as your question on dapps, there's a decent starting point here and not just for Steem.


I play steemmonsters, occasionally post to actifit, but am really hoping that SMT light a fuse of new apps and ideas. They will hopefully be coming in a few months time.

Welcome :)

Welcome, hope you will have a great time and experience here on steemit. Steampeak is worth checking out 👍

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Any suggestions what dapps I should look at first?

If you’re a gamer, you’ll want to check out Splinterlands (formerly SteemMonsters). Steemit.com is actually a dapp, but many here prefer the SteamPeak front end. eSteem is a dapp for mobile devices, Actifit for fitness, and there are several hundred altogether. Maybe a dozen or so major dapps with a bunch more for niches.

By the way, you don’t need to do all of your upvotes at 100%. You’ve got a slider bar where you can specify 17% or whatever. Your voting strength will dissipate if you do too many 100% upvotes. But your voting power regenerates by 20% per day.

Thank you for the advice, will take a look! :-)

Yes, will be trying to adjust my upvoting once I find more time to STEEM! Have been following the block explorer steemd as well, very interesting stuff, currently making my way through the Blue Paper!

You can also take a look at steemworld.org. It's a all-in-one tool practically.

Hello @darthknight. So great to have you here. Glad to see you're also making use of the beta site. Cheers to that!!!!

Oh, there is a beta site? I'm just using Steemit! :-)

Welcome to Steem @darthknight, its great to have you on board. You're certainly at the right place starting off with the OCD community. You'll find a whole bunch of interesting people here who are determined to grow Steem and make it as enjoyable as possible for people especially for new joiners.

We have a Discord channel where a lot of the chit chat happens and its helps to find your way around Steem.


Thank you for the welcome and invite but I don't use Discord, maybe in the future. :-)

image.png th largest SP holding account on chain, yikes!

I really hope the powers that be can sort this mess out but it's great to see someone showing faith and taking a sizeable punt!

Hello Darthknight
The irony of time, I am posting this comment from HIVE. Glad to have you here and honestly glad that you have come by on Steem Blockchain and witnessing how magistic this place is and as of now you making nice effect on HIVE (All this happened in such a short period of time lol).

All this drama did catch the attention of so many crypto enthusiasts indeed.
While just wanted to share some info which might help you in maintaining your stats in Hive

Welcome man, awesome timing on your steem investment. Now you also see how the community can come together when they need to. Congratulations on making the right move. If I had the means I’d keep buying up as much steem as I can to power up.


You got my attention for the big votes all over trending. I saw there's at least one more comment here talking about it, and maybe you already lowered them from 100%, but at least some of the rewards you hand out to single posts are still pretty big.

If time is the issue, I fully understand, I actually created @curangel to help me distribute my own votes better. Maybe this would be an option for you too? It accepts delegations and returns most of the curation rewards in liquid HIVE every day. If you prefer to keep full control over your stake it's also possible to follow using https://hive.vote
There are other curation groups too, so there's alternatives. This is not a plug to make you delegate, as I said in the beginning I only ask to help spreading the reward pool better.

Keep enjoying Hive, and see you around!

Hi, I don't know if you'll pick this up, but you may have made a typo on your 'withdraw vesting route from Steem'?

Just been going through curious about changing, as I've just done.


Welcome to steem. Glad you are impressed with the platform. You will enjoy your while here.

Hi @darthknight,
You definitely joined at an interesting time in STEEM history, lol! I wanted to say hi and thank you very much for your recent support on my posts. It really means a lot. Anyway, hope you've been enjoying using STEEM so far and we'll see how the upcoming #HIVE fork turns out, haha!


I'm very excited for Hive!

Me too. After three years of being around watching not a lot get done and waiting on @steemit to do something productive, it's exciting to have a new place where dPOS can be experimented on for what works best!

Welcome to steem :)
Your big votes started appearing on posts which made me curious to look into your account.
Hope you like it here!

Welcome on Steem :)

Our community are happy to have you! We need positive power like you to suppport others.

Big thanks for your support to all of us. :)

Thanks, I will do my best to help!

Good to hear this @darthknight.

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for you

Hey @darthknight, here is a little bit of BEER from @eii for you. Enjoy it!

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Hello @darthknight how are you. If you have please visit my blog

Hi! @darthknight Welcome to Steem Blockchain. Hope you will like it here. As in the real world, people in here too made of many kinds. When you have a chance, please check out steem blockchain latest game based on STEEM-ENGINE NFT token. https://steemcity.io/info

May you have a pleasant stay and experience in Steem Blockchain..😊

Welcome aboard the Steem ship. If you have any questions about some of the workings here, feel free to ask. There can often be some noise, politics, and people fishing for upvotes, but there's a lot of good beyond that when you find the right people.

Congratulations @darthknight!
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Welcome to Steem! :)

Congratulations @darthknight!
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Hello you!
We've been waiting for you to come.

Welcome, i hope you like the Steem blockchain.Here are many things to discover.

Front Ends like Tribes and Steempeak for example.
Steem Engine
and many many more.

I wish you a nice time here.

Hahaha. Smile. Welcome I just saw your post few minutes ago while trying to look for some newbies introduceyourself Post. This is the right time for you to join and also the absolute best Community and platform to join. Please don't hesitate to join those Communities blinking in blue top that says. Community is live, you are free to join as many as possible to improve your engagement on Steem. Welcome Onboard once again.

Greetings from Nigeria ♨️💘 💯.

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We have different Steem interface to browse with.

  • beta.steemit.com
  • Steempeak.com
  • Steempress.org
  • busy.org
  • Partiko
  • steemit.com
  • esteemapp and more. You can choose from any or better still use them all 😉😉😊.

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Steempress.io :)

Hello 👋

@darthknight, Welcome to the Steem Blockchain and hope that you will going to travel wonderful and successful Journey with Steem Blockchain.

In my opinion there are so many aspects on this Blockchain which keeps us busy in more and more Engagement, i am sure that slowly and gradually you will explore some of the effective Dapps and Projects which are definitely making the Productive Buzz out there.

Good wishes from my side and stay blessed.

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Welcome to steem blockchain check following my favorite dapps If you like @esteemapp @actifit if you love steem blockchain and you want to promote steem #promo-steem to others use promo-steem as tag thanks for joining this incredible community

I hope you'll have a good journey and experience here in steemit and steem blockchain. Great start for vesting..👍


Have you looked around so far? If not I can gladly help you. There are a ton of things you can do around here.

Hope to see you around

Welcome :)

For now, the coolest thing in Steem is the "Community" there so much good vibe about it at the moment, feel free to browse through various communities. I have setup mine that is called Photocircle / https://steemit.com/trending/hive-183855

It's a community focused in Photography & curation.

For an investor like yourself, I would suggest SteemLeo, one of the most elaborate tribe built in Steem-Engine

The other Steemians already made a comment about their suggestion that tally with mine.

By the way SteemPeak is the most advance front-end that you may use to experience the Steem blockchain. It has been innovating it's UI & functionality more than any other Steem-based frontend in this network.

Lastly, let me welcome you to the amazing Steem blockchain! I've been here for more than 2 years and I'm still loving it (maybe more) more than any other crypto out there. Cheers!

Glad @tarazkp sent me here to say hello, welcome onboard!

Steem is indeed a unique beast, full of passionate content creators and crypto enthusiasts, there's a big ecosystem of Dapps around here, like @abh12345 said, check them out on stateofthedapps.com, it all depends on what you're looking for, but I can assure you, there are a lot of options from which you can choose.

Have fun and as we say here...Steem on! :)

Welcome to the STEEM blockchain, darthknight! I hope you have a wonderful time here. Thank you for buying hundreds of thousands of STEEM even though you were only new here. Upvoted!

Welcome to steem @darthknight ! Glad to see you here, I would be curious to hear what made you pull the trigger after hearing about steem and become one of us :)

In terms of dapps, we have quite a few, I run steempress with @fredrikaa, it's a wordpress plugin and comment section to basically allow any wordpress blogger to leverage all the advantages of steem.

Nowadays most of the community is spread around a few discord groups, feel free to add me at Howo#5362, I'll introduce you to them.

Be sure to use steempeak.com instead of steemit.com ;)
See you soon! !tip 3 steem

🎁 Hi @darthknight! You have received 3.0 STEEM tip from @cardboard!

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Lol, great cross-post to pick by the bot :D

Welcome to steem 👋

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Welcome to Steemit @darthknight. You will definitely enjoy it here

I'm glad you joined the future.

Welcome and have fun.

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Save all keys and passwords first.

Hey there, welcome on board, good to see you!

I hope to see you around some more. Just have some fun and pos about what you're interested in, passionate about and post with personality. The rest will take care of itself.

Cool name too!

Hello, I am not a project to cure nor do I pretend to be, it would be a dream to enter steem with your steempower.

Just like you I'm not a developer and I was surprised since I started in this community two years ago.

You will probably be offered to use your voting power to delegate or follow some project I do curate.

Have fun watching content, the positive thing is that new people are entering the ecosystem and that gives value to steem.


Hi @darthknight I was also very surprised by the community, like you I recently went into Steemit I am still learning several things.

Among them the use of the apps, for me the interfaces of the page of steemit needs to be updated to be a little more friendly, so I use busy to read and receive the notifications but direct public by steemit.

There are other apps that I have published as @travefeed that is very friendly, but it has some bugs.

Some of these apps charge a commission for publishing in them, I leave you this publication of @bluemist, for me it was useful.


This is my small contribution to you at the beginning of this journey.


Thanks for the mention, appreciate it.

Thanks to you for sharing your knowledge of the community, I have found very useful information in your blog that has helped me to understand the blochain a little more. 📖🔖😊

Wow, @darthknight you are in beast mode powering up. Welcome to the community, and thanks for helping to vote our witnesses back in.

Congratulations @darthknight!
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welcome to steemit, I've just seen your post 15 days already missed this. here many people around the world who use steemit, including me one of the people of Indonesia who use this blockchain media. I hope you enjoy it here

Welcome to the holy grail 🙌
I’m here if you ever need a tip or something. More than happy to aid a new user.

Welcome to Steem! Just saw your post now. Hope you found some suitable communities that you are interested in. I also love books and have considered starting a book community here when I have a bit more time. Anyways, welcome again.

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