Hello everyone on HIVEBLOG!

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Hello everyone on HIVEBLOG!

I will be glad to share my work with you!

There are a lot of creative personalities, so I think that we will make friends and exchange experiences.

I want to send my pictures, my photos to NIVA, sometimes I cook, sometimes I take pictures. But most of all you can see my pictures and my selfies on my blog.

I draw pictures, I create many myself, especially if it concerns marine subjects.

Sometimes I write pictures from a photo, then I will inform you by inserting the source, if these photos are from the Internet. I also draw portraits of people.

Each artist has his favorite material. And I am no exception. I like to paint with watercolors, I also paint with acrylics.

I like watercolor because it’s airy and easy to work with. You do not need a lot of water, a lot of palette and so on. All you need is a paint jar of water, a napkin and a brush, and of course a sheet of watercolor paper, and it will be generally atmospheric if you make yourself a cup of coffee or tea.

Acrylic requires more creative mess at home. When I paint with acrylic, I have the whole table covered with paints, jars of water, rags, a lot of brushes, an easel in the middle of the room is a canvas, my hands are always in paint. In general, to paint with acrylic and still remain clean is impossible. Other artists may have it differently. The main thing is that at the end of the work I clean everything to a shine, I do not like to leave a mess, even if it is creative.

Now I go out a little because of quarantine. But sometimes it turns out to go where there are no people. Therefore, you can see not only homemade pajama selfies, but sometimes me in nature.

Self-isolation gives us the opportunity to self-develop, read books, learn something new. For example, I draw, almost every day. I love to develop creatively.

I didn’t start drawing for a long time, although I always dreamed. If you look at my work that I painted about 2 years ago, you will see the result of my studies. I'm self-taught. I myself study the technique of drawing. I’m learning from my own practice, I’m looking for some points on the Internet, watching videos on YouTube channel, and also reading books about creativity. But a lot of experience gives me work on my mistakes. I have something to strive for and where to develop, so I do not stand still. I am happy when I see progress, when I compare my works now and those that I painted a year ago. I see the difference, I see that I worked on the errors, that I fixed them. This obvious result gives an impetus not to stop, to move on. My dream is to draw better and better. I want to write more and more pictures so that they scatter around the world. Know. that at the second end of the world at someone’s house your picture hangs - it’s a delight, it’s an increase in self-esteem. This can not but rejoice. I'm happy. And I hope that you will help me move further along the creative path. I will be glad to see your comments, I am good at criticism. Criticizing my work, you help me study. Criticism is like a teacher. I study myself, so I have no teacher except your criticism. Every person has a different taste, someone likes to red and white, someone likes blue on a yellow background. This is not criticism worth listening to, it is simply an expression of your taste. The main criticism that you should pay attention to is that I am doing something wrong, I am not holding my brush, I am not doing shadows or highlights, I am not doing the right paint masks or something like that. Each time I paint a picture, I learn something new and useful. Something from you, for example from my followers on Instagram. I often expose the process and they already write to me what I'm doing wrong and what I'm doing well. This helps me paint the picture correctly and the result is getting better and better.

It is very interesting for me to see your work, it is interesting to know your culture, how you live, what you eat, what you are fond of. There is no way to travel in real life, it’s good that you can look at the photo and see what happens thousands of kilometers from you. I like that each country has its own nature, it is so different. I am very interested in Africa, Poland, America, China, Germany, India, Canada, Israel and other countries. It is so exciting. One feeling when you just look at photos from Google, they seem so odd, boring, and a completely different feeling when you see real photos that you add from everyday life!

I wish you all success!

I will be glad to see you!


Welcome on HIVE BLO'G'CHAIN!
Greetings :)
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Welcome dear. Have we crossed parts before? You look familiar to me.
Anyways, good to see you here.

Hello! Of course, I always comment on your cool art that you draw with a pen) This is on Steemit)

Oh, I thought as much! but I was confused a bit cause you are using a different username. I think It would havebeen nice if you are using the same or related username. Any reason for the change?🤔

My name is the same! My name is written everywhere
my name is Dasha (Dashulya) my name is indicated everywhere and on Instagram

I am actually referring to your username.

I so wanted)
My name is Dasha)
I want to be called by name. When called by last name is not very nice)

Either way, it is still your name. Sometimes I get called with my surname, Marcus. It's pretty good.

There are a lot of art communities and like-minded people here . You'll find your way @dashulyahive. @TheTerminal hosts a monthly Redfish Rally, a great way for new users to get started on this blockchain.

I look forward to seeing more of your content.

Hello! Many thanks! I will share it with pleasure)

Welcome on board. You look pretty BTW 😘

Welcome to Hive.blog

You should also monetize your TikTok painting videos ....

hi) thank you
I have few videos) but there are a couple on TickTok

why were you blocked?