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RE: 30 Day blog Challenge- Day 1- Why that Username? SCUBAHEAD

in OCDlast year

Wasn’t the biggest Motörhead fan, but who doesn’t love the “ace of spades”?
Is that really sir Paul? Scuba royalty!


Yes it really is. I did discover scuba for him must be 15 years ago. Well he was 63 then. I was always super pleased about it cos before that the only kind of famous person I'd taken diving was James Dyson the vacuum dude. Beatle is a way better story

Slash and David Hassltehoff, that's about it for me lol.

Met slash before monsters of rock at Donnington. He and Duff came into the nightclub i worked at the night before. Theres a scene in the Paradise city video where he walks into the toilets and 2 of my mates (Liam and mark) are in the video as Liam was having a piss. Would love to meet the Hoff!

I have a Robert Plant story that I’ll share someday.

Lol met him at Birmingham airport. he was off to denmark I was headed to Florida. He signed my old passport. Super nice guy. Would love to hear yours