Merry Christmas !! Santa is bringing some delegations

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Merry Christmas!


Well, 2020 is almost over, so I figured I can try and spread some cheer to start the new year. As we go into 2021, I figured that some people could use some motivation to get things going, so I am going to be giving out 2500 HP in delegation to people here on the blockchain.

I will be giving out 5 delegations of 500 HP to help people support their friends here. There are a few rules to getting this delegation.

  1. Share this post, the more people that know about this chance, the merrier.
  2. Comment on this post with how you would use the delegation and what type of content you produce here.
  3. Once this post pays out, I will choose who is going to get the delegation.

I will be choosing people that are active here on Hive so that the HP will go to good use. I have not decided how long the delegation will be active and it all depends on how it is being used.

I would prefer if the delegation goes to a newer account that could use the help, but I also understand that some of the people here that have been around for a while could also use a bit extra to support the content creators that they like.

Thank you all for taking the time to check this post out. I am looking forward to hearing from you all. Merry Christmas and happy holidays!


nice one. hope you find some people that will put it in a good use.

This is such a wonderful thing to do, and whoever gets the deligation are Lucky 😊 agree on new People, they can sure need help that can motivate them to keep up The good work.

I hope you are doing well and Have a very Merry christmas my friend 🎄🎅☃️🦌❤️

Good initiative, greetings, I would use this support to benefit people from which I follow its content because I think it is quite original, about whether I am active because I always am, due to the coronavirus and my postpartum leave I am only at home attending to my daughter, and falling more in love with HIVE every day.

On the other hand my content on the platform is varied since recently, and knowing more about the platform I have had ideas to make initiatives and encourage my colleagues in the beehive to improve and continue publishing originality mainly.

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Merry Christmas browski! Hope y'all had a great holiday! Great initiative for some seasonal cheer!

What a wonderful initiative. My main goal is to grow the platform. I would use the delegation to upvote great content and ensure good returns. As my account grows I delegate to communities that are still growing and help user engagement.

I post various things, as I am involved in fitness I have been enjoying the @actfit community. I also have a thing for birds and nature and have been posting in @amazingnature and @featheredfriends. I'm an avid traveller and have been contributing to @haveyoubeenhere and helping build the Australian @pinmapple locations.

Time for a reblog!

Awesome. Thanks for the response.

Merry Christmas .Thank you for this opportunity. I am always working on new designs. I help with new contain creator by-votes. If I get the delegation then I can help them more.

Well I would probably be a bad candidate for the delegation, simply because I don't really need it, Most of my votes got to streamers on @vimm and most of my HP is delegated their to help the platform.

But I'll answer the question anyways, The main kind of content I make is Gaming stream posts when I stream daily on @vimm.

Awesome man. I am big into gaming here.

Hey @derangedvisions,
Sorry to jump in a bit off-topic.
I'm are very grateful that you currently support the HiveBuzz proposal, but it will expire in a few days.
Do you mind to cast your vote for the proposal renewal we made for 2021 so we can continue with our work?
Thank you. Wish you a happy Xmas 🎅

I would really like to win this delegation to be able to encourage those who like to write about Cinema. Over the course of three years on the blockchain, I have run some contests and always keep an eye on what users are writing about movies.

Such a nice delegation would help me (even more) to encourage these users (especially beginners).

Hello @derangedvisions thank you very much for providing this opportunity, my work has been focused on getting people intro the hive so they have the same opportunity I have had and fall in love with the Blockchain.

In September of this year I participated in the joinhive contest of @hivepeople being in second place by entering 12 people being in second place in the competition that month, then in November I entered 2 more.

Unfortunately people did not continue to publish, even though I have tried to motivate and encourage them they here, I would like to continue in this project since for 3 months I organized educational material such as audios, guides, videos and various examples so that they could learn on their own how to manage their account.

From opening the account to promoting the posts. Right now I don't have any interested parties but if I find them I would like to make them delegations to promote their accounts.

However, I have my eye on something more stable and with a more altruistic value, the papillon Foundation that is in charge of collecting HBD through the promotion of a weekly raffle in the blockchain where 50% is destined to charities, they even have designated a badge of @hivebuzz for the collaboration.

So I would like to be an active sponsor of this foundation, participating in the raffle, promoting it and if possible delegating a certain amount of hive power to that project and any other that I find with the same feature of helping others.

Thank you and sorry if I take too much time in this comment. Happy New Year 2021 and much success in your projects. 🤗😉

so I am going to be giving out 2500 HP in delegation to people here on the blockchain.

amazing, you have this selflessness about you. I thought that might be the case as about you..