On about interpreting dreams. What is happening in our minds when resting and sleeping, and why is it what it is, and how could the dreams be explained?

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Our dreams are our imaginations when we are resting and sleeping. And the dreams have often meant something, for example through all times since the Creation in the Bible. And the dreams have been interpreted, like for instance that there will be 7 good years for the vegetables, the fruit and the animals, and after that there will be 7 bad years. We just get the messages from God or anyone talking to us about what we have dreamt about, and what all these things mean.

No dreams have no meanings, and therefore we should treat them seriously. And researchers in psychology and in theraphy have tried to do investigations about the dreams, but not all dreams are told, and not all dreams are available for anyone at any place and time. The dreams are the product of your own thoughts, feelings and experiences, and they can be created by the subconscious aspects of life, and they are giving you a message during the night. And some dreams are strong, and some dreams are weak. And you often forget what the dream really was about, and what it had to do with you, and why you got your mind set as you got, even you are a master mind!

The dreams can be the way to an unfinished situation, repressed or forgotten. Recurring dreams can mean that you are dwelling with a subject which you must examine more thoroughly in the depth. Especially nightmares are dreams which affect us emotionally! And these nightmares can arise because you have experienced something strong and something unpleasant with your human nature with your human mind. Nightmares can also imprint us in long time after we had the dreams. If you have read about wars in the books, and/or you have perceived wars on TV, on radio, or in the newspapers, you can dream about it, and that dream can be visible for everyone being around you. This is an important indicator on that “here there can be something that needs to be processed even more and be followed up in thoroughly ways”, since many human lives are not random, but they are real! Dreams can be real with really perceived individuals from distinct environments, and they can be difficult to interpret as parables in the Bible. Many people with many experiences in their lives, tell the news and the research environments that dreams are often guides in your life. So follow them, and try to find what they can mean, and you do not have to be an expert within the psychoanalysis to understand what happened when you slept! The important questions we can ask ourselves are: What is this dream reminding you of? Which associations do you get in relation to the dream you had! Associations are things we can fill our heads with, and which we are thinking about, and doing something actions with, if the dream has had importance for us.

Some people say that the dreams is God’s voice to the humans on the earth. That is a bold claim. If we should let ourselves to be ruled by dreams, then much strange behavior can happen in our lives. But we should not limit God and the ways God operate in the nature, the earth and the universe, because God is meeting us through dreams, visions, thoughts, fantasy, other humans and all conceivable ways of meeting you when you are resting and sleeping. God has always several ways to say something to us. Sometimes, God can use dreams to remind us about something, or to put efforts in important things in our lives. There are many examples in the Bible that tell us that God is speaking to us through dreams. And it is positive to have the Bible, since many religious persons in earlier times did not own a Bible, and hence they could not get all the experiences about dreams that we meet in that book. And for Christianity, the Bible is the most important book of all the books that are possible, but it is good to be updated with much literature in life in addition to the Bible. God is using dreams to reach the humans through a special channel, and a dream is just one of many ways that God can meet humans, and the dream should also be analyzed in relation to what you have read and seen recently!

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