The big game: On using the algorithms that produce information to us as a society!

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We are using new and challenging information in the societies, and we are organizing the societies in new ways. But is the quality better than before, or do we just produce more and more demanding problems? One problem always means other problems.

We are talking about artificial intelligence and artificial unintelligence in the country where we are from time to time. We are better than any organizations sitting both outside and inside it, and we love being inside and creating the environment, the country and the world in ways that are liked and appreciated. And no organization can ever define our lives, but we need to be reflected and updated on our own, and the responsibility today is yours and mine.

We do not necessary get a better world, if we are using a digital solution on the products we are using, but we get a safer way, but the problem is that people can fear the computer technology, and in reality we are free everyone of us, but we need a focus and somebody to talk with to express our opinions and thoughts and feelings. So, what about the beginning societies where we can do fishing, hunting and farming just as we like. But maybe new ways of organizing have both positive and negative sides, and perhaps the world was better in the schools with books, since it is easy, and since it is the best way to get the information you need. And reading all the books that are available at the planet, will take millions of years have some calculated. So, we must not learn nothing or all things at some time, but we need to focus to learn something properly, and later on we must master it in the organizations where we are working. And any solution can be better if the conceivable alternatives are better.

But are we really monitored nowadays where we are from time to time? It is not strange that people tell that the world was full of demons, and there is always somebody watching us, and we need to act correctly, and to do our moves in respectable and accepted ways, and do we really get a better society with algorithms for what we should do and about what we are doing? Yes and no. We get a structure and a focus on what we should do. But we cannot always use all of our potentials, and all the brain waves that we have in our heads. So, the digital revolution is claimed to be superior some places, but these guys have not thought in all the ways that are plausible and real in using the computers. But we can collect the information, and we have traces about what has happened, and we can do such things forever. But there could be frustrations or satisfaction behind the use of the computer technology and there can be millions of opinions about what is going on.

So, let people determine what they want with a society, and there should be input to the determining actors, and the competence should determine what we have learned in the societies, and what we should do to get better and stronger and functional solutions, and people can know much and there should be education and research background in the long run to get the appropriate soluions and means of organizing the life as we want it. And if we have better alternatives than we know today, we should claim it to the responsible persons, and the grass is not necessarily greener on the other side.

So, physical and mental solutions are often the best ways that people want to solve problems and issues about what to do. And the changes should be made better, if we want to change something. For instance, new technology should improve the systems and the systems in the systems, and making us to live and to work in better ways, and in more properly ways.

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