Fighting edema symptoms and planning to win

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My edema symptoms are still with me and I am trying to heal. These are some of today's details of what is happening and what I am doing about it. This would have been posted yesterday, but working on this mobile phone helped me lose my post when it was almost done and so I went to sleep instead.

I hope to get my non-working computer fixed asap. This will be my first goal when I can walk out of here again.


  • both legs still leaking like crazy
  • lots of pain
  • very weak from so much resting
  • arthritis symptoms off the charts
  • fluid leaking from eyes now too
  • running out of gauze and meds
  • left arm and trunk swollen with fluid
  • I put a big gash in my left arm going out to the bathroom. This is leaking fluid, not blood
  • exhausted
  • not urinating as much as I think I should be

what I am doing about it

  • taking the diuretic every 18 hours
  • resting and sleeping a lot
  • staying off my feet
  • not sitting much at my desk
  • manifesting better times
  • acv and adrenal cocktail
  • trying to lay on my right side. This is not easy for me
  • keeping a good attitude

I feel like I am better than when I got back from Bangkok. Only time will tell.

Thanks to all of you for all your help and support. You mean the world to me.

My photo is from the airplane to Bangkok when I got some coconut water to drink. I wish I I had some now.


Doesn't sound you having a good time at the moment. Sorry to hear all this not going very well. Hope it shows some progress though?

Did you got this coconut water from the plane? What airliner?

I am holding space for you that you will feel better soon.

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you will be ok ,and i pray for you always

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