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RE: Hive Content Creators — Introducing A New Series

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Hello @Sidwrites,

Excellent idea and very timely not only for those who are just starting out, but also for those of us who have been walking these roads for a while.
I hope it is very successful, from my perspective it meets a community need.

From now on, I'll be watching ...


Thank you @Janaveda.

I hope it is very successful, from my perspective it meets a community need.

True. Goal is always to share from my heart and then we will see who picks it up. :)

At least I know you are watching. Wish to start with the basics. Anything particular you wish to know? Do let me know. Wish to try my best to answer.

Hello @sidwrites,

One of my first stumbles when I entered #Steemit was the use of tags, and as we know, this affects the exposure of the content that you want to bring to the audience. Now, we are in #Hive, a while ago I read an excellent post from @innerhive from three months ago that talks about it.

You know, Sid, some Dapps allow more than five tags, as far as I know, after here, they do not influence the positioning of the post for display. However, I think that talking about use beyond the five tags for visualization may be important inclusive to establish engagement.

Thank you...

Hi @janaveda - that's excellent. In fact, I did publish a guide on tags that was well received and credited both InnerHive + HiveWatchers for their contribution as well.

I even added ways to find and discover tags. This is something I should republish in a new way soon. Thank you for the idea!

Excellent my friend! I'm going to check your post about the tags. I will be very aware of this series that you announced.

I congratulate you on the energy you are trying to give the community ...