Hive Content Creators — Introducing A New Series

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Dear Hivers,

For content creators, I will be starting a new series.


The series will contain strategies, ideas, and techniques to continue your journey as a content creator. I have personally spent thousands of dollars on courses — and thousands of hours — to learn this.

All of them will be available for free.

This series is also designed to be timeless — so any new and old Hivers can go through them even after weeks and months. The reason I am doing this is simple:

  • I would love to see more content creators on Hive
  • It is a good skill to pick up (if you are interested)
  • I would love to share as much as I can


There is a reason why I am starting this series. I figured there are a couple of problems that needs to be solved.

Problem #1: No organized content

If you are starting out as a content creator, you won’t find any resources on Hive. There is also a lack of organized content. My attempt is to create a dedicated resource for potential content creators.

Problem #2: Lack of new audience

One of the best way to add an army of new audiences — to bring thousands of people onto the platform — is by designing kickass content. While most people will tell you why content is important — no one actually shows you how. This series will show you how.

Problem #3: Lack of fundamentals

This one is tricky. You won't find content that is suited for everyone. On Hive, I have noticed some of my foreign friends (non-native English Hivers) are interested in content creation. My idea is to start with the fundamentals. Hence I am creating this series.


To recap, the solution to the problems are as follows:

Solution #1: Organized content.

This content creation series will be organised, so you can go through it anytime you want. You can pick what you like and scan through them. They will be bundled with exercises as well. We will be starting with the basics and then progressively slide into advanced topics.

I will also use the hashtag #Hivecreators.

Solution #2: Creating kickass content

You will see how to create kickass content which includes:

  • Finding good ideas that works
  • Building clear headlines
  • Designing a compelling stories
  • Seamlessly connecting two ideas
  • Capturing attention
  • Moving your readers
  • And much more…

The best part? As you master content creation, you can also use them in your everyday conversations to influence people.

Solution #3: Making it fun

You will enjoy working hard because creating content is not just about writing but also understanding the context. It will require your effort and hard work. All in all, the journey will be exciting. And with the exercises, it will be fun!


In this series: There will be lots of psychological tidbits infused with practical exercises that you can use on Hive — and even outside. Besides this, please do note:

We will take one step at a time.

So this won't be another weekly series. It will be, in fact, contextual as I will be looking out for "real" problems faced by Hivers on this platform.

This is one of the lesson I picked up from my mentor. He would offer solution only when there's a problem. No wonder he retired early and walked away as a multi-millionaire. Now he teaches spirituality with no strings attached:

To summarise:

  • The Hive content creators is a series designed for anyone interested in creating good content. It will be easy and quick to consume. Should take 10 minutes of your time.

  • The aim is to make good content creators great. To share the fundamentals and discuss each part of content (headlines / sentences) in detail.

  • This is also an experiment to see how many people are interested.

I do believe this will be useful in the long run. As always, the goal is to add value so that one can walk away with knowledge. And then use this knowledge not just on Hive but also in life.

So let's grow together!


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Great initiative.

It seems the font colour you selected for the headings is not quite visible when using night mode on dapplr

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Thank you!

Glad you shared this. I use transparent images, so black on black won't be visible.

Please check now.

(Added white background)

yes, it's visible.

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Thank you! Tricky as Esteem has a grey background, so the image was PNG (transparent background). Will stick to white one for now. :)

Hello @Sidwrites,

Excellent idea and very timely not only for those who are just starting out, but also for those of us who have been walking these roads for a while.
I hope it is very successful, from my perspective it meets a community need.

From now on, I'll be watching ...

Thank you @Janaveda.

I hope it is very successful, from my perspective it meets a community need.

True. Goal is always to share from my heart and then we will see who picks it up. :)

At least I know you are watching. Wish to start with the basics. Anything particular you wish to know? Do let me know. Wish to try my best to answer.

Hello @sidwrites,

One of my first stumbles when I entered #Steemit was the use of tags, and as we know, this affects the exposure of the content that you want to bring to the audience. Now, we are in #Hive, a while ago I read an excellent post from @innerhive from three months ago that talks about it.

You know, Sid, some Dapps allow more than five tags, as far as I know, after here, they do not influence the positioning of the post for display. However, I think that talking about use beyond the five tags for visualization may be important inclusive to establish engagement.

Thank you...

Hi @janaveda - that's excellent. In fact, I did publish a guide on tags that was well received and credited both InnerHive + HiveWatchers for their contribution as well.

I even added ways to find and discover tags. This is something I should republish in a new way soon. Thank you for the idea!

Excellent my friend! I'm going to check your post about the tags. I will be very aware of this series that you announced.

I congratulate you on the energy you are trying to give the community ...

Gracias lo espero con ansias 💪🖒

Thank you! Truly appreciate your support.

Great Initiative! Can't wait to read your coming posts.

Thank you! Doing my best to add value. :)

Appreciate your ongoing support.

This is a great idea specially for those who are just starting to be a content creator. Looking forward for your future posts

Love your bio. Really hope and wish I can add immense value. Thanks! Followed you. Let's stay in touch.

Great idea Sid!

Thank you, Mary. Your support fuels me.

I am interested and excited with this, I'm sure a lot of hivers will be interested too.

Thank you in advance, this is a big help for us.

Interested 🙋🏻‍♀️ Looking forward to the series!

Thanks for sharing this, mate. I've learned a lot from reading your posts already, and I'm glad to be learning more, while seeing content creators new and old learn new things as well. It's always been helpful, and I can't wait to see what's next!

Cheers, and have a great day!

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Hi, I'm interested.