Newbie on hive, my introduction

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Hello everyone!!!
Finally I'm here to start a new journey on hive. I joined hive almost three Days ago but i took three Days to understand the terms and conditions of hive before writing my first article. Because as a newbie it's my first task to understand it's process as for me it's quite difficult too because i joined hive on my own behalf. I tried to join hive about 6 months ago but than i skipped to join this due to some reasons.
How i discover hive???
I heard about it from noisecash and readcash many months ago. People used it for blogging and we are free to write anything here. I see when my friends share the link of their article of hive.
A screenshot from my noiseapp profile

A screenshot from my readcash profile

Why i face difficulty to join hive???
Actually there's no special person who told me about this platform, i find it through my own ways. Almost two ago i tried to create an account here on ecency but i can't because they said to low ip address than they said you've already an account on hive. And i almost don't know whether I've an account on ecency or not. Than one of my friend @tahastories1 told me a different way to join hive and with his help i created an account on hive through
But there are many peoples who guided me about using hive, actually many people knew me already and they helped me too i especially wanna say thanks to @aroojkhalid , @idksamad78699 , @fantagira , @coolmidwestguy and juditika. You can see i disturb a lot of people since many day's but don't worry i suppose them just like friends.
Who I am???
I'm a Pakistani girl who always busy in explore the different things. I completed my graduation in Zoology which is a branch of biology but can't did my MPhil because of some personal issues. Now it's almost many year's that I'm no more student and I'm a house wife and almost stayed at home for whole day and never gets boring from it because I've many things to do.

What type of person I'm??
I'm 80% introvert and only 20% extrovert. I don't feel comfortable in parties or get together but I feel comfortable with my homies. You can say I'm little shye in real life and can't frank to anyone. But my confidence level is very high and it's weird thing because mostly people think introvert person don't have confidence. But the only thing is that i love to live alone.
How friendly I'm???
My Friend circle is very short neither i like to have much friends . In my real life i have only one friend since 9 year's. I've a short circle but I'm loyal to my friends. In real life my friend circle is just like a dot. But in social media I've a little more friends here from readcash and noisecash. And I'm very thankful that i met with them in virtual world because they always here when i need them.
My hobbies
When i was Teenage i had interest in gardening but now i don't planting because I don't know how to sow a seed or look after it. In my free time i only read books and I'm a reader since childhood. I love to read history and science. Everytime i have a book on my bed which i read at night before going to bed.

Favorite movies
I love to watch science fiction documentaries sometimes i want to see some romentic movie or mostly i like to watch comedy because in our sad life we need to laugh sometimes. Mostly i watch comedy movies when I'm sad but as usual i see science fiction. Now a days I start to watch Netflix series or season.
But i prefer to read a book than watch a movie because reading book is just like a food to me. Even my family said to me sometimes that why you read so much books.
I love to have a cat as a pet. I have a pet cat too since many year's actually it's a stray cat come into my house and i Keep it her as a pet. I gave her a name daisy and i love to spend my time with her too.

I love to travel too. Almost after every six months i travel to somewhere to explore the beauty of world. Out mother earth is much more beautiful and we should explore it's beauty as much as we can.

Ending thought
I think it's enough to know about me or some of you may know me already too. As much as I'll write here you'll know more about me. I've a good time in readcash and noisecash and now i hope so that I'll have some quality time too with hive or ecency. And thanks to my @mypathtofire who helped me too about solving my some confusion.

I hope so Admins @lovesniper , @fionasfavourites will never mind that i submitted my first article in ocd community than introduction yourself community.

Note: All the picture are my own pictures

Thank you for your time


Hey Lesly! It’s great to see that you managed to write your intro post. It’s looking great and surprisingly I learned that you are a girl 😳 I always thought you were a boy, because your name here is give to men rather than women. How funny! 😂

Like you I am also mainly introverted, but probably more like 70/30 split, as I do have a big mouth and I can be quite frank with people most of the time. My colleagues laugh that I say out loud what others are thinking.

It’s great having you here. Make sure to build a wide circle of friends here, by commenting and interacting with many different posts of your interest, as this will help you in the long term. Plus there are many interesting, friendly and chatty people around, so I’m sure you’ll thrive here.

Fun fact - I also joined hive almost 2 years ago, by creating account on Ecency, but I never posted anything for 1.5 years. Just wanted to keep my username reserved I guess 😉 Then 1.5 years ago I created @fantagira7 account to play Splinterlands. I remember being frustrated that someone already took my username, only to find out a year later that it was me !LOLZ 😂 I didn’t understand that Splinterlands and Ecency were all just a different doors to Hive ecosystem. It is huge and worth exploring for sure 💙

What do cheaters do after they die?
They lie still

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Your fun fact makes me laugh 😂 that you think there's another who is using your username 😂 really hive is a big ocean 🌊 and I'm ready to dive into this ocean but what if Waves throw me to other side of ocean 😳😳🤣

When i try to make an account there's a problem of ip address and i don't know how i create my account and i was thinking account isn't created. Than again i try to make an account they're say username already used 😳 i was bit confused too because 90 is my figure and everyone know about it especially those who knows me well, that's why i use my username as les90

In different ways we both frustrated by the same thing 😂🤣

Welcome to hive! I am sure you will have a nice time here 😊🙏
I ll send you a few more links tomorrow
Let me know if you have any questions!!

Hi!!! I'm happy to see you here, okay I'll be waiting for your link's. I'll message you on if I've any question
Thank you 🥰

This is a post of mine that addresses some information for new users:
I would suggest and this for starters :)
There is so much going on in the platform that it's impossible to cover it all!
Have a great day!

Thank you for your help I'll check these link's 🥰

Loading... Ecency Discord invite

Thank you for your help 🥰

Welcome here Lesly. I hope things get more comfortable for you on this new journey. Have fun, write, and read.

Thank you Bob!!! I hope so too that things will be easier for me with the time 🥰

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So finally you are here, welcome here ✨, good to read about your deep introduction because i don't know too much about you 🤭, especially that you are zoologist 🔥.You have the beautiful collections of books enjoy reading them+ your cat is so cute & looking like the angry guy🐈 and best of luck for your hive journey ⭐.

I wrote my introduction post too once on readcash but i think at that time we're not familiar to each other. Yes I'm zoologist hehehe, Naahh my cat isn't much aggressive actually i capture this picture when it was trying to sleep 🤣
And once again Thank you for your guidance 😍😘

Welcome to Hive!
I look forward to many, interesting posts from you!

Thank you
Yes I'll try to publish some interesting content 😃

Welcome to hive! Glad you made it here and Happy to Help!

Have fun exploring, engaging and pretty sure you'll make new friends and will !LUV this Place! Best wishes for ya.

feel free to ask me any questions. Would happily Explain it!


Thank you for your guidance from the first step till now
I hope so too that I'll make some new friends here too 😃


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Welcome, Lesly! I'm glad I could help you a little.😍

I'm glad that I've some friends like you who helped me when i needed 😍❣️

Welcome to Hive and I hope you have a great start!

Thank you 🥰

Hola👋 Bienvenida a esta excelente plataforma, espero que te diviertas mucho y aprender cada vez más ☺️

Welcome to the Hive community @les90!
We sincerely hope you find everything you are looking for and have found a new home here.

Seven suggestions to consider:

  1. Guard your passwords carefully, and only publish with the posting key,
  2. Use your active key only for wallet transactions, Keychain, Peaklock, and Hivesigner,
  3. The master password and the owner key are only used to reset compromised passwords,
  4. DO NOT lose your password or keys; copy and store offline,
  5. Do not publish other people's work, be it photos or written, without credit, and be sure to source all of your work, even if it is your own.
  6. An introduceyourself tag is used only once , and
  7. DO NOT OPEN any links in memos or comments that you do not know who they belong to. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is, so the old saying goes. There is nothing free here.

I found you because @brittandjosie and @jamerussell from @heyhaveyamet presented and promoted your publication to get more exposure and help you grow faster.

If you find yourself overwhelmed and need some guidance, or if you have any questions, there are informed Hiveans available who can help you; you can click to go to The Terminal in Discord here:

Have fun and happy Hiving!

Thank you for your guidance and some suggestions, I'll obviously follow these rules. It's my pleasure that you guided me 🥰

Welcome to Hive Lesly.See you around

Thank you

Exelente amigo sigue así

Welcome to Hive! It's nice to see you in the Ecency Discord! Please ask there if have questions.

Thank you 🥰 I'll surely ask because still i learn to use hive

Welcome to Hive

Thank you

Welcome to Hive

You're very much welcome on hive. The thing with determined people is that they always find their way around things.

A big shout out to all the people that guided you through your hive journey✨

Yes a big thanks to those who guided me to solve my confusion about hive

Welcome ✨

It's awesome that you made your introduction post :) Welcome to Hive and enjoy exploring ❤️ And here's to a wonderful journey!🥂🍻

Thank you my friend ❣️

Welcome to Hive! It's a pleasure to meet you. We have some interests in common, like biology and books (I am reading Kahneman's one right now!!).

Hey!!! Nice to see you here. I'm happy to see that someone is here too who read books 😍

I love it! Check out this community, you will like it:


Okay I'll check it

Welcome @les90 , little by little and enjoy every step you take in Hive, I'm sure you'll have a great time sharing with so many creative people.

Thank you
Yes i hope so too that we'll have a good time together here 🤠

Welcome to Hive, have a great time here!

Thank you
Nice to meet you here in virtual world 😊

I'm a reader since childhood. I love to read history and science.

it seems, we are in the same boat especially if I add to 'science' a pinch of 'fiction' 🙏

here is some Hive !PIZZA for you.

It's really nice to see you a person who have same mindset like me 💫

Welcome to Hive Lesly, nice to see you here.

Learn, grow and make strong connections!

!gif friendship

Thank you for a warm welcome 🥰