The Magic Formula To Solve The Low Engagement Rate On Hive

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One of the problems on hive is that there are more content creators than consumers.

People are more interested in sharing their content than reading others. And it doesn't has to be this way.

Although, there has been respectable efforts to curb this problem, it still exists.

Yesterday, I was getting back on my enagagement game. I was a little busy in the last week, trying to figure out what Dcity and Splinterlands is all about.

In doing so, I realized that my daily engagement dropped from 30-40 comments a day to 0. I felt bad. So I spent the whole day reading hundreds of posts and commenting on the ones I liked the most.

While engaging, I realised that people don't engage much because they feel that posting their own content will fetch them more rewards than spending time on reading others. Can't argue with that, it's true and quite a reasonable argument. Nothing makes more sense than money.

So, I was thinking about it. Why would I want to read others content instead of writing my own?

The answer was simple. Read only what you enjoy!

Like gaming, travelling, cooking, or something else you are fond of. It will definitely benefit you in many ways.
For example:

  1. It will connect you with more people.
  2. You will enjoy consuming content you are interested in.
  3. You will engage with more people. Increasing the opportunity to get more rewards on your posts.

I am quite fond of travelling and cooking blogs and vlogs. So, I mostly consume that kind of content. As hive is quite a new platform and I have not been much active here except the last month, I don't have any favourite content creators. So I browse randomly, looking for good content in different communities.

One of the hidden benefits of engaging more on hive that I realized yesterday was— I get dozens of ideas to write a post about.

This is one of the personal problem faced by many content creators on hive. What to write about?

Well, when you engage, you can get more ideas about writing stuff than thinking on your own.

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We are surrounded by content. In fact, content is overflooding around us. We don't have enough time to consume even a little percentage of the content produced daily.

After reading hundreds of posts yesterday(some were 1000 words, some were a couple of lines, some were only a pic or a video, and some were old content from a profile I really liked), I got dozens of ideas to write about.

For example, I was reading a post— an aspiring photographer was dreaming about buying a camera from his hive earnings. Good content, right? I too want to buy an i-pad from my hive earnings. I guess it will take me more than an year, considering I don't make more than a dollar on most of my posts. So, one of my next content could be— What do I want to buy from my hive earnings. And how do I plan to use it?

Similarly, in one of the posts, I was talking about why hive prices aren't increasing or steem prices aren't dropping. I mean that's what everyone thought about.

Reading hundreds of posts— gives you new perspective and dozens of ideas to write about. Benefits are many. Increased engagement, consuming some good content and finding ideas to write about.

And on a positive note— remember that you don't need 100 ideas to change your life, just one!


The engagement from curators from different platform as the post is published on multiple platform will surely offer more comments.
I shared your views on creativity boosted after reading favourite contents.

Thanks a lot for sharing my views.

hehe this goes in phases by me. Sometimes its only replying everywhere and some days it is only creating. I dont really know when is when bht engagement is more forfilling i must say haha

Saame :) Also sometimes there isn't anything I feel like reading while other times there are coincidentally a bunch of posts that catch my attention. There still isn't enough variety in content, but it's hard to diversify without more content consumers.

yeah true! You need both of them for it to work out!

Definitely, I get to see dozens of different content in a day through it.😄

Well, when you engage, you can get more ideas about writing stuff than thinking on your own.

I totally agree. Happened to me countless of times already. But sometimes I'm guilty of thinking about my own content than reading others. I'm now on my 30-Day Blogging Challenge so I have difficulty in reading more content, but on a normal week, I'll post about 3~4 times so most of the time are spent on reading content.

It's understandable though because newbies tend to focus on earning more by posting their own content than reaching out, reading people's posts, and leaving thoughtful comments. We should warn those we onboard that Hive is not just a place to create content, but to consume content as well.

Yepp, we should always start with consuming content. Then creating content. Thanks for the tip. Appreciate a lot😊

You're welcome! It's just a small token. To be honest, your content deserves more attention.

Haha, thanks....I just enjoy writing here. Don't care much about what I deserve or not. If you will go through my profile, you can see I mostly share personal development and personal stuff.

Don't know if anyone is really interested in reading something like that. It just helps me analysing myself in a better way. So I do it.

Thanks again!

I love to read contents here on Hive, but since a couple of months I'm too busy and so I just upvote what I read and I like and just few times I wrote a comment. I hope to have enough time after July, because I love to interact with other users here ^_^

Ahh, everyone gets busy every now and then. What's important is to keep coming back to engage more. To keep this platform alive and growing.

This is true. Though I just got back to using this platform, what I tried checking out were the things I was interested in.

That's great...were you gone for a long time?

Being Engaged has helped my account grow more than anything else!

I have noticed that. You have engaged a lot. I am still realising the power of engagement on this platform.

You are doing great here! I remember when I first started here I didn't even respond to the comments people made on my posts. It took me a while to figure out how to play the game here! Keep doing what you are doing and you will be successful here!

You are most welcome!

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