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RE: What is the Artemis program?/¿Qué es el programa Artemisa?

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I hope you can explain why you are blacklisted by Hivewatcher. But we're tying to give you a chance. So,
That would be better if you posted it on Stemsocial.As we're trying to help grow a diverse set of niche communities so readers can get a better community trending page as mentioned in The OCD community.For a list of the communities we're curating right now please check OCD Communities Incubation Program - Update #6. You are welcome to cross-post your posts from that community onto OCD with the feature to get more visibility and engagement from the OCD subscribers.


Hi @macchiata:

The reason for being blacklisted seems to be because I used to post two different posts, one in English and the same one in Spanish, or at least this is what I have deduced because I tried to have an explanation without any chance.
Since this day I write both in English and Spanish in the same post but it seems that nobody cares.

Thank you for your recommendation, I will take it into account.

Thank you for answering why. Also please take into consideration and take it as a warning because there are some new rules in OCD community. If you want to still reach out to OCD subscriber, please use the crosspost options via Have a great week!