OCD Special Contest #1: Highlighting Hive SEO

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Authored by @ybanezkim26

It's time for another contest! But let's take a break from the communities in the incubation program.

OCD has been at the forefront of supporting different niche communities in Hive. Under the Community Incubation Program, OCD has been helping community leaders and moderators grow their genre-specific communities through focused curation. As observed in the latest update, communities under the program have grown both in number of subscriptions and in engagements within their members. By highlighting great posts by users in a particular community, they are encouraged to level up their game or maintain the quality of their posts.

To further help communities, OCD is now conducting weekly contests! The aim is to increase subscriptions and engagements by highlighting a particular community for a week. All other communities within the incubation program will carry on with the usual curation activities. With the help of community leaders and moderators, we at OCD will incentivize more those posts within that highlighted community for a week.

In collaboration with @pitboy, we decided to highlight Hive SEO for this week.

Community of the Week

Hive SEO Community

About the Community

About: A community for all SEO Lovers in Hive Blog
Description: Our target is to build an SEO community whose target will be to rank Hive Blog at the top of every search engine.
Rules: (1) SEO-related posts only. Any type of post is allowed if related to SEO. (2) Post must be in English. English + your native language in the same post is also allowed. (3) No plagiarism. Original contents only.

Contest Rules

1. Subscribe to Hive SEO Community.
2. Post in Hive SEO Community. Write a blog focusing on the keywords - "earn cryptocurrency without investment".
3. Your target is to rank your blog post on Google's first page within just seven days. If everyone fails to rank, we will select the winners according to post quality and SEO.
4. It's not mandatory (But recommended!) to write about Hive in your post. You can write about anything as long as it's related to the topic - "earn cryptocurrency without investment".
5. Our target is to onboard new people to Hive from organic Google search. So try to write an SEO-optimized post and do some SEO to rank your post.
6. Reply the link of your entry(s) in this contest post for easier curation.
7. Engage within the community. This will also be given consideration during the evaluation of your post(s).
8. At the end of the week, OCD will highlight top five (5) posts within the week. These posts are the ones that truly shine within the community.
9. While not mandatory, retweeting this contest post will be very much appreciated.

Contest Rewards

All the rewards (100%) of this post will be used in the prize pool which means the winners will receive:

1st Place: 35% of the rewards of this post
2nd Place: 25% of the rewards of this post
3rd Place: 20% of the rewards of this post
4th Place: 10% of the rewards of this post
5th Place: 10% of the rewards of this post

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Hello Good People,

We are looking forward to your entries to the Hive SEO community. Just write a post on the topic "Earn Cryptocurrency without Investment" and input your SEO skills.

The following posts may give you a basic idea if you're a newbie:

Also, the SEOcheck bot by @AMR can tell you how well you did SEO in your post. But if you're already an expert, you know well what to do! 😉

Good luck! 😊

Screenshot (49).png

Looks like I've been doing something right 😅


Oh bro, I can't stop laughing. It's really funny. 😂😂

Will make a detailed post today in the evening about the SEO bot @pitboy.

Hello I want to participate in the contest even .. the words are coming in my mind what I must include in the article. But I have a question in
"5. Our target is to onboard new people to Hive from organic Google search. So try to write an SEO-optimized post and do some SEO to rank your post."
you say to rank the post, I can be ranked in any page of Google or I must be at the first page? And from which location it will be checked (worldwide? probably from the different countries the results will be different. Do we have to use a proxy server to check from specific location or..?
Thank you in advance for the answers and have a nice and successful day!

I can be ranked on any page of Google, or I must be at the first page?

If you can rank on the first page within 7 days, that'll be great. But any page of Google is fine. We will choose winners according to a position like - your post is on the 5th page, another participant's post on the 7th page. Then you'll be the winner.

If nobody can make it to Google's search page, we will select the winner according to post quality.
[Tips: Create backlinks from Sites like Quora/Medium to index/rank your content fast!]

And from which location it will be checked

I use Google USA, but it doesn't matter as almost every location shows almost the same result. And we will be using SERP tools as well to check the ranking. So, don't worry about that. :)

Hello, I have an issue and I can't be in the discord server at least for the next 13 days (duplicated account and the phone won't be released from the wrong account. I hope that it won't be a problem still to participate.

Wow, I read this post in a rush because I was dying to see what kind of rules can be made up for an SEO contest😂
I was wondering, would people be required to write about importance of SEO? Whether we'd rather be into SEO or be a CEO?🤣🤣
You grab? I was thinking of theoretical stuff like that, but these rules exceeded my expectations, great stuff. One would have to make this quite SEO related post and do actual SEO too in order to rank. Great stuff, y'all 👍

Alright let's get to it

@projectmamabg This is a great opportunity to show your SEO knowledge 😊. @ocd is one of the most supportive curation programs, making different contest for different advancing communities.

I'm very excited, I will try this one. I have to ask them some stuff before I start to write because there is something tricky in the rules ;)

Very Exciting contest, I must participate Here.

Gracias princesa, se ve buenísimo

This is a great way to inform the world about Hive, a wonderful idea!

Interesante, algun momento habra uno para la categoria de musica remix. Esperare ese momento!

Omg, I love participating on the Highlighting contests because I get to know amazing communities, but this time looks like out of my field... but, I'll do my research and see what I can do because it sounds like something I should be worrying about and that may help with my daily activity here.

Not many entries till now. Just write it down and post it. ;)
Good luck!

What an awesome contest idea!


This one will definitely require some work, and I'm here for it! Hope the rest of you guys are ready! 😁

Waiting for your entry. 😁

Here’s a start:

🤓 SEO’s more about high pr backlinks than content

Start by allowing us to embed posts on other websites ie:

embed @3speak videos on any website like YT videos

embed hive.blog posts on our websites w/cards like Twitter posts (with easy to use templates)

And not neglecting simple link rating services built on Hive like @dlike

I may join the contest and elaborate but would likely null my rewards.

Cheers and good luck to the participants!

Please join. It would be great if we get an entry from you.

Excellent!!!!! I'm in.. and letting my community know.

That's so kind of you. 😊

Here we are:


Now it's time to put in some work to get it ranked 😁

Very informative post. Could you please share how to get your post ranked?
Thanks in advance

Thank you, #OCD for organizing this special contest. I didn't have any idea about SEO but now I can say I know a little bit about it. Here is my entry to this contest

Here is My entry on this contest. 😊

Hive Post

This is my Entry

Hi! Your link is not working!

I don't know why it doesn't want to accept the link. I add it again and again and still the same. Here I post a link with the article - LINK

Greetings! Here is my entry, I made it from my experience as an older man in this brand new world of cryptocurrencies:



Here is my entry post for this contest

Can I make a post detailing my previous SEO works about the same topic and the one that I recently posted into a single post as I don't want to make a new post of the same content but also wants to participate in this event? BTW both my SEO works rank 1 on the search engine.

This is my entry to the contest, I hope you like it and I hope you find it useful to win some cryptocurrencies


I think I'm interested in this contest. I will participate and tell everyone how we can earn crypto without investment.