2 Month Experiment: Why Hive Should Harness The Power Of Twitter

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Dear Hivers,

As we complete July, I thought I will share my Twitter stats here. If you remember, this is an experiment with an abandoned Twitter account. Today, I completed 61 days on Twitter.

On this account, I have been talking only about Hive. And I am convinced Twitter is a perfect tool to onboard and discover new audience.

This post shows the combined result of the last two months.



I started this experiment with an anonymous account with zero friends — zero connections. I did not know anyone. I did collect a few influencers and followed crypto traders in the past.

Stats from the past:


This was a random account I was using to trade crypto. Then I added a display pic and updated bio and began to tweet.

And now 60 days later, the stats look like this:



As you can see, there is activity every single day.

A total of 122,000+ impressions... all in 61 days.

There were also a total of 330 tweets. Few of them worked really well. And others were buried. All in all, it was a fun experiment I wish to continue.

Impressions in June were higher than July. This is also because I didn't tweet a lot of "Tweetstorms" as I was caught up with other work.

Once again, the goal is simple:

It is not that my stats are important. The idea is to show the power of social media. Twitter already has a built-in audience and we can collectively focus on Twitter to harness its power — and then channelize this power to grow Hive.

I also wish to repeat few key areas worth discussing:


I did it last month and saw fantastic results. Basically, you create a series of tweets (tweetstorms). I see #HiveChat (which is a weekly event) is creating such threads. Good to see this.

We can definitely use more of them.

Here are some Twitter thread links from June: The first Twitter thread I did was on Medium versus Hive. Link here. It received 4000+ impressions and 292 engagements.


Few more Twitter threads that were successful:

  • Time to talk about Hive thread: link
  • Hive versus Publish0x thread: Link
  • SEO thread: Link


Because I organically built Twitter followers from 0 to 10,000 for an exchange, I knew images work better. This month I added a couple of purely GIF + image-based tweets. [Example 1] [Example 2]


For those who wish to try it out, don't forget infographics. They have worked really well and Twitter loves image-tweets:


Because I was researching DeFi, I discovered Sam from the FTX exchange. Turns out, we follow each other (since I used to be a trader). I thought why not ask him to list Hive on his exchange? Wrote a simple tweet with a GIF.


I am not sure how the end results will look like. But I learned an important lesson: to leverage existing contacts.

Overall, the last 60 days have been fantastic on Twitter. Starting August, I wish to spend more time and follow more influencers.


Twitter is a great place to discover new audience and easily connect with our Hive community.

Few key takeaways:

#1: Humanize content. It always works. Make your tweet simple and fun.

#2: Hive Twitter community is incredibly active. We have initiatives like #HiveChat and #Hive5 that are keeping everyone engaged. Definitely participate.

#3: I specially like the batman Hive user (see the video). No one in the crypto community does this. It is fun and everyone loves it.

#4: Tweets with images or GIFs work better than tweets without.

#5: We also have a new dedicated account @hive-data that reveals Twitter data. Once again, the community is growing.

#6: I love using emojis on Twitter. They add a touch of casualness.

#7: Like tweets — so others get notified. Whenever I am on Twitter, I scroll and like #Hive $Hive hashtag tweets.

#8: Leverage contacts. As long as you are comfortable, use existing contacts to connect and request.

#9: For emojis, I have been using Emoji Keyboard extension.

#10: The Posh (Proof-of-Sharing) is now live. Though I am yet to register, every Twitter user should check it. (The registration bot should start working soon)

All in all, the idea is to have fun while tweeting. I visit Twitter twice a day — late at night and then early in the morning. I notice the community is buzzing with activities.

This Twitter experiment has led to several dozens of connections, new friends and followers that I am grateful for. As always, to promote Hive outside of Hive is the goal.

Been a fantastic 60 days so far.

And so if you using Twitter? Definitely try out some of these things and do share your thoughts. Also wish to thank every Hive-Twitter user out there. You guys are going a great job.

Let's stay together... 🔥


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Twitter is really a good promotion tool for hive.
I actually feel there is more visibility on twitter.

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So true. I see you there too. Lots of fun times when we are together!:)

Great stats! Keep on pushing on Twitter and Hive! You are doing a great job!

Greetings from Betman! 🤣😂

Hahaha! Love what you did.

Saw Guy Fawkes mask too. You are EPIC! 🤣😂

Waiting for the next one!

I have no more masks, so I will have to use the same with a different message :)

Have a great weekend!

Expecting Hand mask. 😂

If I wanted to twitter i would follow your instructions and do all that stuff. I don't, but I appreciate how well you explain things!

Tweeting - it's dirty job but someone wants to do it :)


Tweeting - it's dirty job but someone wants to do it :)

Haha! Curious: do you tweet? Or don't like it?

Great job!

Thank you for your ongoing support and invisible energy! :)

My pleasure!

Great going! And thanks fot writing this up.

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Least I could do. Thanks for your support.

I find it also gets you extra upvotes on your content as I use twitter solely for hive activity and a lot of people browse the tags and check out your posts that way. It's good for exposure internally and externally.

Interesting you mention that. Guess one of the hidden rules. I feel we are also valued as a member when we go beyond Hive (and outside).

What is your handle? Would love to follow you! :)

Same as on here. I have @niallon11 for personal use and @hive_blockchain for promotion of the blockchain.

I love to keep my accounts the same on other platforms. 😁