Introducing Hive Newsletter — Get Bite-sized Updates In Your Inbox!

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Dear Hivers,

After sharing several tutorials, inviting couple of people here, and even getting Hive listed on other sites…

I feel it is time for the next step.

It is time to step out of Hive and introduce something else.

Today, I am launching a new Hive newsletter.

This is not happening inside Hive. In fact, it is happening outside.

More on this later.

First, here is the link to the newsletter:


Short version: Once you go there, you can enter your email to subscribe. After subscribing, you will start receiving one email every week.

Note: I am using Substack because it is a 17 million dollar funded startup that makes newsletter writing and discovering easier. More on this later.


There is a reason why I started this newsletter. I figured there are some problems that needs to be solved.

Problem #1: We are overloaded with information.

There's simply too much going on.

For example: When people come to Hive, they will find dozens of articles to skim through… and might miss out on some of the most important updates.

Problem #2: Don't know what's happening outside.

If you are on Hive, you are probably NOT outside of Hive. People may not have enough time or strength to check out what’s happening:

  • On Twitter
  • On crypto news websites
  • On exchanges and so on…

Problem #3: Lack of recommendation

We can’t onboard new people by talking about Hive on Hive. By having a newsletter, recommendation gets easier.

People can simply opt-in with their email address and explore. That is why, with this newsletter, we solve all 3 problems.


Solution #1: Share organised information.

I will be collecting crucial links and updates from the Hive platform and saving them. Then I will organise this information and share it as a SINGLE newsletter once a week.

Solution #2: Bite-sized information

The newsletter just won’t contain links to articles on Hive. It contains links and updates you might have missed… from the OUTSIDE world.

Check out the sneak peak below.

Solution #3: Everything in your inbox.

The way this newsletter is built, you don’t have to visit the website. Just entering your email address is enough. Then, every Sunday, you will receive the newsletter in your inbox.


This is the homepage of the newsletter:


Moment you enter your email address, you will receive a thank you email (only once):


On the newsletter website, I have also published a "welcome" message that you can read.


Then, in the next 12 hours, you will be receiving the first issue of the Hive newsletter in your inbox. A glimpse into the first issue:


(As you can see, I am editing this newsletter and it will be out after 12 hours)

To summarise:

  • The Hive newsletter contains bite-sized information that is easy and quick to consume. Should take 10 minutes of your time.

  • You will be receiving the newsletter every week on Sunday.

  • I will be sharing 13 bite-sized info (13 is good. Otherwise it will be too much)

This is an experiment to see how many people will be interested. I also see my own newsletter ranking higher on Google, so I want to see how this goes.

I will be sharing the data (pageviews / visitors) regularly.

Here's what you can do next:

Action #1: You can go to and enter your email address to subscribe.

Action #2: Feel free to like / RT this if you are on Twitter.

  • When you do this, you are also inviting other people to check out the newsletter.

    Let's make this happen! 🔥


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    That is an awesome idea!
    Been working on a page dedicated to Hive on my website and more knowledge is always welcome for me to improve the program!
    Subscribed and reblogging :)

    Hah! I saw. Perfect. Thank you for your support. :)

    Wow, you back with another cool idea.

    Nice one....


    Also, I have subscribed and will be waiting for the first newsletter.

    Screen Shot 20200608 at 12.12.58 AM.png

    You are quick.

    Let's make this a daily Sunday habit.

    Great initiative!

    Thanks for your ongoing support. Truly appreciate it.

    Excellent. I like where this is going and always thought when will we have a newsletter 😀

    I don't know how but I can always read your mind. :P

    Thanks for your ongoing support.

    There is so much going on it is helpful to get it :)
    I like the 1st one you sent out looking great!

    I was planning to ask you for your feedback. This is the first one... more to come as I organize it. If you think something is wrong, please do let me know.

    You got my vote, and share, I will post this newsletter link info on my BiTube site page and a few others I use. MeWe, Minds, and GAB. Those are the only other sites I am on. And I hardly ever go to them. BitTube and Hive are daily. The others, monthly at best.

    Wow! Thank you! And yes, a shoutout will be fantastic. Truly appreciate it.

    From one Dolphin to another, congratulations!
    Congrats also with your new venture.

    Don't forget to mention charity every now and then in your newsletter.
    Here is also something new that started today. Maybe you can mention it sometime.

    Thanks for your support.

    Definitely going to include them every now and then.

    Thank you!

    Thankyou for Spreading Great Content
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    Thank you, Russell. Truly appreciate it.

    Congratulations @sidwrites!
    You raised your level and are now a Dolphin!

    Do not miss the last post from @hivebuzz:

    Project Activity Update

    This is going to be a huge help! Thanks for getting it started. I am subscribed.

    That's the aim. To make it useful. Thanks for subscribing!

    Awesome, you got a new subscriber. Looking forward to reading the updates!

    Thank you! Can't wait to send out the first issue. Glad to connect!

    Steemit had a massive list of emails from all those early sign ups. I even unsubscribed and they kept sending emails...

    Never underestimate the power of an email list!

    So true. Emails will never die. They are personal. My idea was to condense info and share it.

    Appreciate your support.

    This is quite cool @sidwrites. Subscribed ;) Always get overwhelmed with too much info. This will certainly help!!!

    Thank you, Sugandhaseth! Had to do it for Noori!

    Signed up, looks awesome. Thanks for all your hard work!

    Thank you! Will be sending it out shortly...

    Definitely enjoying the process. :)

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    Hi friend @sidwrites
    subscribed looking forward to see more interesting things. Great ☻

    Thank you for your ongoing support, Ali.