Hive Newsletter #5 — More New Victories Added This Week! 🔥

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Hi guys, Sid here. I hope and wish you are doing great. We have left June behind and entered July. In fact, I just realized we have completed half of the 2020.

Six months gone. And only six more left. So let’s make each day count. And with this thought, let us explore this week’s newsletter with 13 bite-sized updates.

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#1: Good news: Charles Hoskinson, the Founder of Cardona, has expressed interest in the Hive blockchain and the community. Watch this two minute video to hear Charles speaking about adoption and the power of the community. 💪

#2: Mentioning Hive, Dapp Radar published a Q2 report. Two important takeaways: 

  • Hive daily activity grew by 211% in Q2 compared to Q1.

  • Daily active wallet on Hive: 9470. On Steem: 4007.

#3: Decrypt — another popular crypto media — expands on the Dapp Radar’s article and mentions the rise of the dapp volume — from $4.5 billion to $12 billion.

Fact: The volume will continue to rise. And 3 out of the top 10 dapps are built on the Hive blockchain — Splinterlands, PeakD, and [See the ranking]

#4: Listing hiccup: STEX has listed Hive but with the wrong description. This was later fixed and now BTC/Hive pair is live (no volume yet).

#5: Another merchandise store launched. This time it is DBuzz with customized Hive t-shirts and mugs. Supports Hive and HBD payment. 

#6: Two weeks ago, a Steem witness received death threats from a Hive user, said this article. There were also several unsubstantiated claims — and they have been addressed in this Blocktrades post. 

Bottomline: They were inaccurate claims. And so the show must go on.

#7: Crypto analyst Sydney (15000+ followers) calls Hive the “good old wine in a new bottle.” This was later converted into an article —  and it says Hive was exclusively designed for web 3.0. Short and sweet coverage. 

There’s one more blog coverage as well. Overall, every coverage empowers Hive. ♨️

#8: Rewarding users for fitness activities, the dapp Actifit has completed two successful years. They have launched a contest to celebrate this journey. 

#9: Authors. Curators. Witnesses. Everyone earns on Hive. But have you ever wondered how much? This stat-based article reveals the approximate numbers. The top author earned ~$1200 in June. 🔥

#10: Speaking of earnings, I found this recently. There is a way to claim your earnings automatically through Hive Autoclaim. It will cost you 1 Hive. [Guide]

#11: has been updated to support easy conversion of Hive -> BTC. It is instant — with low fees. [Details]

#12: To make onboarding easier, a new bot is now built. It scans the blockchain for users with low RC and then delegates free Hive Power on request. Check out the article. This takes away the burden of onboarding new users.

#13: Tweets of the week: Doesn’t matter if it is day or night, Nathan is creating buzz with his #Hive5 campaign — [Tweet 1] [Tweet 2]. And everyone is truly enjoying it. 🎊

Tip of this week:

Is something bothering you? Go to Pixel Thought. Add your bothering thought and watch it fade away within 60 seconds — into the universe. You will love it.

That’s it for this week! Hope you are enjoying your Sunday!

See you in the next! 🙏



This newsletter is turning out to be a go-to source for hive news. Good work :)

Now that's a compliment. Thank you! Always appreciate your support.

Thanks for the updates. It is always good to see Hive having a good week.

People do not realize how much of an impact weeks like this will amount to. Put 30 or 40 of them together, and people will see Hive in a much different light.

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People do not realize how much of an impact weeks like this will amount to.

So true. Tracking since 5 weeks ago. The noise is unbelievable.

Good times are here!

I am glad that there is a lot of noise being made. It is hard to keep up with all that appears so it is great that you do these recaps.

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Mannnnn! I am very thrilled to see hive is really making loud noise in the few months of its existence. Should I say congratulations to hive or congratulations to us all. Either way, way to go hive!😅

Hey thanks for linking to our Hive Blockchain post. I am removing the negativity toward Hivewatcher's; they worked with us and Unbanned.

Will be working with @guiltyparties to achieve the most success on here, thank you, he has been a great coach and mentor.

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Half of the year is gone. When did that happen? Time really does fly.

Lovely news in your article, thanks😊

Wow a handful of updates and good news, thank you for sharing, I wish I could have free hp delegation (: