When Life Teaches You New Lessons

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Dear Hivers,

Perhaps for the first time I haven't published in a week. Starting this month, my plan was to write what’s important.

But life had a different plan.


From a week long fever to celebrating birthdays to being obsessed with DeFi — thanks to that one phone call — I have done it all in the last two weeks.

As always, the show must go on — and I am immensely grateful for continuing my journey here. I have learned so much in the last few weeks:

  • Life is volatile — Like bitcoin prices, you never know what’s going to happen next. This should only fuel us to live and enjoy today.

  • Give time to those who matter — I have been guilty of giving my “leftover” time to others. Not the best time. Always give best time to others. Even if it means closing your laptop and switching off your phone.

  • Say YES to the hard stuff — One of my friend works with a DeFi startup and told me to understand DeFi. I delayed it for months as I didn’t feel the need to. This week he called me to give an update. I have found so much joy in knowing and understanding DeFi and see why it is leading the current crypto race.

  • Say YES to new things — I have also transferred tokens and fiat to try out margin trading. I quit trading a couple of months ago (leverage) but see the potential here. More than trading, I enjoy understanding the market.

  • Say YES to writing — Writing drives me. I have around 20 articles that need my attention and I wish to continue publishing here.

It is interesting how time flies. A day can feel like years and weeks like minutes.

That is why let us continue this sweet journey together. I hope and wish each one of you are having a good time, enjoying this new journey, and planning something new.

Good times are here!



Glad you're feeling better now!

I have tried reading up on defi, I understood bits and pieces, but I feel there are still a lot of gaps in knowledge. Could you direct me to some articles explaining it well.?

I feel this article was perfect. Because it touches upon "yield farming."

This "farming" should lead to a better understanding of DeFi.

Many don't know but farming yields insane returns. For the first time, we are acting as an exchange and we can earn fees, interest, etc. This led to insane returns (sometimes over 600%).

Hence DeFi is catching up. :)

Start with that article and then Uniswap. Then your mind will lead you. :)

Alright, thanks so much! I have a couple hundred buck to put into DeFi, so trying to learn about the different projects out there.

One more thing, most of these DeFi tokens trade exclusively on binance, or are there other places to trade them?

One more thing, most of these DeFi tokens trade exclusively on binance

That's the "uniswap."

To keep it short - we no longer need Binance.

We have Uniswap (which acts as a decentralized exchange and allows you to become a Liquidity Provider).

In short, for the FIRST time ever:

  • You become the exchange
  • You can also list tokens
  • You don't need anyone's permission

Uniswap supports ERC20. Hive can't be there unless we can wrap Hive (and make it eHive or something).

The entire DeFi movement started with Uniswap. Now you can trade directly without losing funds. Fascinating, right?

That's extremely interesting! I gotta read of on this.

I think wrapHIVE already happened...no? It was being talked about all over the place.

Oh my. It was time. Everyone is wrapping. I clearly missed it.

 4 years ago  

Glad you're okay now, bud! I actually messaged you on OCD channel to check out if you're okay. I missed your write-ups. I'm happy you're back on writing.


Gosh. Thank you bud.

Means a lot. I have been 10/10 this week.

Hope you are ROCKING it. 💪🤗

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I'm great! I would say 9.9/10. Your write up is the missing 0.1. 😂

Rock on! Or shall I say, hive on!

Your write up is the missing 0.1. 😂

Oh my. You...

Love the compliment. I will be using it. 😂

After one post a week...

Haha! Good times are here. Who says 1 post? :P

2 post means will be back after 2 weeks now.😄

Good to hear that😁

Hi @sidwrites,

It's good to have you back, you're right, days sometimes seem like years. Hahaha.

With respect to DEFI I have also heard the noise around him, it would be a good idea to share your impressions with us, perhaps more than one will also embark on that adventure.

Giving quality time to those who matter is what, in the end, trully matters. And yes, life is indeed quite volatile

True. Let's make the most out of this life.

Awesome reflection! Yes, it's best to give the best time to ourselves and others, even at a distance!

I'm on the watch for your Newsletter, man! Let me know when you'll start publishing them again!

Thank you, Drrune. I am sorry for not updating you. Sadly, this will take a while. Hope and wish you are doing good.

I'm doing great, and I wish you the same! As soon as you get back, I'll be ready!

I found your post interesting and I can learn from it!