Reminder: Now Is The Best Time To Post On Hive

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Dear Hivers,

This is a spectacular sight:

That's the price of the hive token. But how is this downward slide spectacular?

Perhaps I can explain it best through a story. I believe it is inspiring in many ways. Let me repeat it:

In the year 1992, Britain faced uncertainities.

Here’s what happened:

To make the pound attractive to the citizens, the government increased the interest rates. It was a tough decision. And this is when George Soros (an investor) decided to “bet” against everyone.

The end result?

He made a billion dollar out of it!

That’s right — a billion. As you can see from Wikipedia:


Mr. Soros actually broke the bank.

So why is this important?

Think of the price of Hive. Some are saying it follows Bitcoin while others give credit to the “bad” situations.

Because look at the current issues (covid19), unexpected crisis in America, panic on an international level, and a whole lot of uncertainties…

All these are creating “fear” in our minds. And they are probably impacting the entire economy.

And so here’s what we can do:

We can sit all day long and debate about the price. Maybe even create conspiracy theories. Or believe Hive is no longer the hotshot blockchain.

Or we can drop these thoughts and leave them in the past. And then launch ourselves into the present to see things differently because...


I keep repeating this as I was here when Hive was at 8 to 14 cents. And the point was simple:

Every drop should raise your hopes.

Why? Because it offers equal opportunity to everyone — passives investors, active investors, and especially workers (content creators).

So if you are an investor, you can simply buy Hive low and sell high.

Nothing new there.

For publishers, though, there’s a lot you can do as the price drops. For example, you can:

  • Write more
  • Engage with the community more
  • Earn more (as the price is low)

In fact, a continuous drop in price should only motivate every Hiver.


When Hive shot up by 283% within two weeks, everyone knew about it. Even one of my friend who is away from Hive was able to recognise this growth.

Growth creates attention. But it is during the silence — during such times — one should actually start paying attention. If you do, you end up collecting more tokens. More profits, if you are money minded.

And just like what Warren Buffet says: Be greedy when others are fearful.

I have personally started with 0 Hive Power and powered up just once with my own money. My next step, of course, is to continue producing content regularly (never missed writing a single day in the last 30 days).

So to every content creator out there, let this be an opportunity to produce more good content. To stay active. And to accumulate more tokens.

Writing this post as a reminder to everyone. The bottomline is simple:

  • All in all, maintain your discipline.
  • Think long-term versus short-term
  • Spot opportunities during crisis (be like Soros)
  • Take action when everyone’s lazy
  • Never FOMO — rather trust discipline
  • Don’t let price dictate your emotions
  • In fact, never be driven by emotions
  • Post more with a smile!
  • And finally... always have FUN!


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Hive price may dump back to 15 cents or even lower to 12 cents. However, those who believe in it will continue to use it and accumulate.

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Nice, I will buy some if it drops to 15 or 12 cents. Good times ahead.

Empty the order book!

Absolutely. Whatever the case is, to put in the work and accumulate the tokens seems like a winning strategy! Especially during such times.

More up to a point, but a lot of curators don’t like it when people post too much. Folks who usually post 1–2 times a week can certainly post more often but if they start going much beyond 1–2 times a day, some curators won’t like it.

Thank you! Very very valid point. I missed adding this!

Very informative article. One thing I really like is the way you use those images for headings. Looks really neat. Can I incorporate something like that into my writing? 😄

Thank you!

And yes, feel free to do so. Would love to see! Following you.

I have already bought more hive, powered up.

Now I am going to continue my consistency and increase engagement. Good times are ahead.

We are going to break the bank of crypto some day my friend.

Haha! Love the positive energy! Thank you!

It is easy to stay active when things are hopping. The true ones are those who keep up their active when people are talking about how bleak things are.

Over time, accounts grow. The question is will more people take advantage of these times or wait for the next run to jump back in?

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The true ones are those who keep up their active when people are talking about how bleak things are.


The question is will more people take advantage of these times or wait for the next run to jump back in?

As always, people only enter after others have made it. Serves well for the smart ones who get in early before the hype.

never missed writing a single day in the last 30 days).


Haha! Gotta do what you gotta do! (:

Grateful for your support!

i was once this disciplined........but i do art too, that is being done instead of writing.

Great article as always!

I consider myself a Passive and Active Investor, so while the apples are cheap I'm going to the market now to get some more and make a pie. 🥧

If @littleboy is right, I was thinking to buy 50% now at 0.200 and the rest when it hits 0.150 --- Although It might never drop that much I would go 100% now ;)

Thanks for the reminder @sidwrites. You're awesome!

Hi Gaston, lovely strategy. Classic DCA.

Guess we will be in this together for sometime now! 😃

Thanks for sharing the article, I was always intrigued about DCA but never looked it up. I'm all in this and can wait to keep adding before you know, the price goes to can't afford to get 10 at the time ;)

I guess this is a reminder for me to start posting especially if the reward pool now pays hive or better still. Convert all my hbd earned to hive. Been sitting passively at exchanges time to come back to my 1st love blogging before leaning how to trade.

Ah, interesting. I'm still naive on how the Hive economy works, but I didn't know that a drop would effect our author/curation rewards, will it? Does this mean that a drop in price would make a 100% upvote worth more when it comes back up?