It's National Sibling Day and Exaclty 1 Year Ago ... Mary and I were on Stage Together

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Hello Hive Fam!

It's only fitting that #NationalSiblingDay is when my sister reminds me that 1 year ago today I convinced her to come on stage and do a LIVE @steemsistershow with me.

She was soooo nervous... but spoiler alert... she killed it.

Thought I'd share a couple fun moments from that day!


The pre-show bathroom selfie

IMG_0581 2.JPG

Live on stage... doing our best to entertain!

XO, Lea



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Well you sure have both grown since then I’m sure more comfortable infront of the camera and infront of audience! Keep making them moves! Bitwerk it

I feel proud and powerful just by looking at what you have become.

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