Rebuilding Nissan NP300 Pickup Gearbox

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Authored by @Technicalside

Daily log file of what I do on a daily basis I enjoy and have a huge passion for what I do its very satisfying to see that what you built is working as intended. Even though its hard labor I still head home with a satisfying smile

Another day another dollar they say. Maybe not when jobbing for someone😂!

Today I assembled a Nissan gearbox, one of the easy ones, and probably the easiest, second to the Nissan/Renault NP200 gearbox combination.
(Its certainly less of a Japanese product then it is French!)

The fun part about assembling this specific gearbox is the low effort and quick assembly time, it doesn't have a lot of press work that needs to be done, a little heat and some stuff might fall into place.

Sorting all of the components is highly recommended even though a lot of people don't ever bother doing that, they just grab from the bucket, I personally think a person is more productive and effective when everything is sorted. You know exactly what is missing before starting the assembly and when the next part is needed it can be quickly installed.
Before starting the assembly re-inspect all of your components again to verify that you have not missed any parts that might be worn out.


Its very crucial for all of these small parts to be put back in the correct places in the correct manor, even though these parts are important the gearbox will function as intended if some parts are left out, but it will prematurely wear and probably end back up in your shop within 3 to 6 months.
Now unless you absolutely adore working that's a big don't want.


Most of the replacement parts for this specific job. even though 4th gear was completely burned, it was saveable by just a complete bearing overall some syncro-rings, oil seals and a new input shaft along with a new 4th gear for the cluster.


The new 4th gear for the cluster along with the new bearing and input shaft, prepping what's needed for the assembly so that it can be fit and go.


Had some pressing work to do in order to remove and replace the 4th gear on the cluster shaft (Countershaft) Old 4th gear removed, added the new 4th gear then add the cluster bearing.

"Don't forget the cir-clip I mumbled to myself"


I like to puzzle it out in its shape, making sure every hub and sleeve are the right way around because the grooves differ from side to side, some don't even have grooves.
This is also more or less how it would shape out with 5th gear and reverse falling on the left side of the mid plating.


The 3rd gear is the 1st to go onto the main shaft, ironic is it not?
Sometimes the hub just presses over the shaft very easily and can be done with the hand, other times you need a dolley shaft and use a little bit of force with a small hammer and it should pop right over.


Once your 3rd gear and hub is in place, flip the main shaft upside down then add your 2nd gear and hub and sleeve along with the spring dog clips, then add 1st gear. Always lubricate the syncro-rings or any parts where two metal surfaces touch each other.


We like to remove the sidewall seals of the bearings, seeing that they run in oil and that the grease will be washed out in any-case its not bad to do that at all, although it has no downside in leaving the seals or sidewalls in place.


Heating up the inner ring of the bearing in order to slide the main shaft into its correct place, it can be pressed into place, I personally find this method faster and more effective.


After you insert it into place keep holding it in place for a few seconds and wait for the metal to cool down a bit and tighten around the shaft.


I can now add the input shaft that has the 4th gear pressed onto it, which means the 4th gear is one with the input shaft where as the other gears are able to spin freely on the main shaft.


Adding the cluster shaft or counter shaft alone can sometimes get tricky but it is possible, if someone is nearby I generally ask for help, if not ..well...
The process behind it is quite confusing and tricky and hard to take photos of doing. I'll explain it a bit more of it another time.


Once the cluster shaft is firmly in place I can now start adding the reverse gear and the 5th gear and start bolting everything into place. This is where it starts looking like something proper. A few more steps and the job is done!


Once everything is bolted to correct specs, I can now add the selector shafts from the bottom up and remind myself not to forget the shaft restrictors😂 otherwise it might slip into reverse from 5th gear.


I always add the front bell housing casing first because some sleeves can be accidentally selected and some small parts like dogs clips can fall out and cause you to start from scratch, and that will be no fun.


Added the tail piece or extension housing and its all done and ready to be installed into the motor vehicle.
Remember when installing a gearbox and there's a lot of struggling going on, its safe to assume that something is not right, etc dell pins, out of line, or clutch miss aligned. a gearbox would 99% of the time fall into place if installed correctly.


To everyone who made it this far into my lengthy post Thank you for the read and the support.

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I get a headache just by looking at how many pieces you have there 😵 I would sure leave out half 😁

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Nice work! With projects like that, you have to be extremely organized.

Yeah that true, but you have no clue how fast that table becomes chaos, you have to remind yourself not to place the tools down on the table where the parts are situated.

Anyways thanks a lot I appreciate your input

I congratulate you for your great talent and for having such a clean and organized workshop. Some of those pieces look familiar to me because my late father did work like that on his cars. Thank you @technicalside.

We try our best to keep it clean😁 its not always easy but it is what is needed! Thanks for noticing. I enjoy the work alot and I am glad I could somewhat remind you of him

Looking good!!

Thanks uncle! Appreciate the feedback 😎

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