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It's day 2 of the 30 Days blogging challenge. Although I had a very long day and am very tired, this challenge makes me want to write a quick post.

Today's topic is "10 Facts About Me". I haven't revealed a lot of personal information around here, so I guess it's time to mention a few of them.

1. I'm 25 Years Old

I was born on May 23, 1995. I'm at that weird stage of life where I'm consciously and even subconsciously thinking about where my life is heading. Some people are getting married. Some are having kids. Some have started their own business while others are doing jobs. Everyone is crafting their own journey. I've told myself that life isn't a race, but every once in a while I panic, overthink and unnecessarily stress myself. I feel like I've wasted some precious moments of my life, which leads me to the second fact about me.

2. I have a degree in Business Administration, but I work as a Software Developer

I graduated from college 4 years ago. Wow, lots of time has already passed since then. I know you guys are thinking that I lack vision. I've told myself that too. However, life doesn't always go exactly as planned. I wanted to run a food business but I later realized I wasn't suited for it. So I started learning how to code and it's been about 7 months I started working in this industry and so far I'm doing quite good at it. Good thing that it doesn't always require a relevant college degree 😄.

3. I'm an Introvert

I've written a post about it, but this deserves to be on the list as well. I do not do very well socially, especially in front of a huge mass. I used to get anxieties very frequently, not so much these days. Although I've learned to cope up with various situations now, I still get nervous from time to time when meeting new people or when I have to speak in groups.

4. Blue is my favorite color

I don't know what makes me like blue but I own lots of items that are of this color like jackets, shirts, and even a motorcycle. Even at work when I'm designing websites I tend to use the color blue a lot.

5. I can play 3 musical instruments.

I can play guitar, keyboard, and drums but only own a guitar right now. But why? Read the next fact. 😄guitar.pngSource Here

6. I used to play on a metal band as a guitarist.

I was pretty much influenced by my brother to listen to metal songs. I learned to play guitar and formed a metal band with my friends. We all saved money to buy instruments and used to practice a lot during which I also learned to play the other two instruments keyboard and drums. Needless to say, I'm better at guitar than the other two. The band lasted until we graduated from college.

7. My favorite sport is Basketball

I love playing basketball. It's the only sport I'm good at. I've played in a few tournaments during high school and college. It's been nearly a year I haven't played basketball, but I want to get back to it.


8. I have a bad habit of purchasing things I don't need.

I really need to stop buying things I don't need. Every once in a while I see something on the internet that interests me temporarily. I'll start imagining all the cool stuff I'll be doing with those things and ends up buying it. I'll probably use it for a few weeks and forget about it. Talk about wasted money.

9. I'm addicted to watching TV series and anime

I've lost count of how many of those I've already watched. When I start watching a good series or anime, I end up binge-watching lots of episodes. My all-time favorite tv series is The 100 and my all-time favorite anime is Naruto.

10. I have a girlfriend 😄

Yup, that's true and she's an introvert as well. lol
We've been together for almost 4 years now. We met on Facebook and talked for a few months before deciding to go on a date. We share lots of common traits and views about life.

So that was 10 facts about it. Hope you know a little more about me now. If you can relate to some of these then let me know ;)

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Day 1: Your Blog's Name/Username. ✔️
Day 2: 10 Facts About Me. ✔️


Hmm... I have now known a bit more on my mortal enemy, he who I shall knock down the bungee pads! At least we share the same favourite colour, though mine seem to somewhat vary between blue, red, black, green, yellow... and nearly everyone of the colour spectrum, depending on my mood 😁.

Also, judging from your enthusiasm for The 100, and Naruto, I can discern that you're a fan of long, extensive series. Good stuff, and no offense, but Naruto is so drawn out that I was once interested as a young lad. All of my mates were always talking about Naruto, yet I was bored after just the first couple of episodes, lol 😅

There will be a day, when I will come prepared and I shall pull you along as you knock me down the bungee pad 😄.

Naruto is a great anime, till this day I tear up watching Naruto's painful childhood and how he tried so hard to get acknowledged by everyone. I guess we have different interests. You probably like StarWars, yet I have never seen a single movie of it. 😄

Haha, there's a moment in the Assassin's Creed Revelations trailer that you could use as practice, though be sure to be a bit more gentle than that...

Ah, no doubt it's a great anime to watch, though I think it'd be unwise of me to make up room for that much binge-watching in my schedule 😅. I guess such painful childhoods and a search for acknowledgement can also be found on Evangelion that I've watched through recently. That's a really good anime to recommend, though be prepared for a lot of mind-f**king there.

Honestly, I'm actually not that much of a Star Wars fan as some others, though it's fun here and there. I'm considering going back to watching Clone Wars, which is a neat little down-time from the main storyline 😁

I might be just a bit more gentle than that 😄. Yeah, I agree, don't start on Naruto now. You'll be stuck for quite a long time. I'll add Evangelion to my list since you recommended it.
I assumed you're a Star Wars fan because of the initial conversation we had when I was very new here. 😄

Haha, I can't remember exactly what brought it up, but I think it was something to do with my reference to Star Wars that you didn't get XD. But no worries though, because admittedly I only got into Star Wars way later than everyone else did, and only since I heard it was cool. Like Naruto, that's something you're going to have to allot a huge amount of time to, though!

Evangelion's pretty great, but again, pretty mind-f**ky. Yet, I think that's more got to do with me not being much used to the theme, but I will say that Evangelion isn't what I expected it to be at first. No spoilers, but once I got around to understanding what's going on, it's pretty great.

Hit me up if you're trying to figure out which ones to watch, since the whole saga is a bit confusing, timeline-wise. There's the original series, followed by a couple of movies, followed again by some Netflix remakes that are about to end with one final movie coming later this year. So yeah, confusing...

 4 years ago (edited) 

Now this makes the 4th Day of the challenge easy for you. 😂

You're about two years younger than me and I don't know what my goal in life really is. I have no sense of settling down, of having a family of my own, of having a partner in life, of thinking what will happen to me five years from now, or of what really makes me feel contented. I also keep on telling myself that life isn't a race, but seeing the people around me moving in their lives in such a fast pace while I felt stuck or barely moving, it made me worry about myself. All I know is that the world is so big to settle in one place. There's so much to see, taste, and experience that I can't imagine myself being tied somewhere or to someone.

Yeah, 4th day going to be easy but I could go in detail though on that post. 😄
I agree with all the things you've said as I feel more or less the same. I feel like I have to live my life my own way, but at the same time can't help to be intimidated by how others are doing so well.
You're 27 and you seem super chilled, and here I am worried that I'm going to 30s soon. 😄
Have a good day :)

 4 years ago  

Yeah! I didn't really mind. It's my own life anyway. Society always dictates that you should be achieving this and that at a certain age, but I always think beyond the pressure. It's just that there are times when I feel like giving in to the pressure.

Why is it that it's always a milestone to have a house, a stable job, and a family? Can't we considering places visited to be a milestone too? Anyway, just wondering. 😂

Nice post! I can relate to facts 1 and 3, and part of 9 because I like anime and TV series but I'm not so good at binge-watching 😁

Really? Once you find something you really like, I'm sure you'll be binge-watching that all day and night. 😄

Yes. 😂 I don't know if something is wrong with me because I do think I have found something I really like, but maybe it is like you said. 😄

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Whats your favourite metal band?

Over the years my favorite changed quite a number of times, like Lamb of God, Slipknot, Tool, Metallica, and many more. Over the years I grew out of metal genre but the band I still listen to often is Iron Maiden. So that has to be my favorite.

Maiden are awesome. I've seen them live a few times and love them. Metallica too. I am nearly 50 and I have not grown out of metal ;)