Things That Annoy Me At Workplace | Pet Peeves Office Edition

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It's Day 6 of the 30 Days Blogging Challenge. I'm already a few days behind others in this challenge, but I'm still not going to quit as there are a lot more interesting topics to be written.

Today's topic is "Top 5 Pet Peeves":

Working at an office can be really productive and fun at the same time when you have great coworkers. Conversely, it can drain away all your energy if you are surrounded by people who are just so annoying.
So, in this post, I'm going to share some of the things that annoy me at the office.

talk over.jpg

As an introvert, speaking is definitely not my strongest suit. I'm certainly not good at small talks and carrying the conversation. It's not my thing. However, I can talk really well about things that I'm passionate about, and about the works I do.

I hate those people who interrupt me when I'm in the middle of a sentence especially when I'm making certain points. It can really throw me off sometimes. It's okay sometimes, but every time is very annoying.


I get annoyed when people make me wait a lot for simple requests. As a developer, teamwork is very essential for quality and efficient workflow. A lazy team member can greatly affect the efficiency of a team. I hate it when a team member makes me or the team wait a lot to do his/her part of the work. I can understand depending upon the nature of the work, but if you're slacking without any reason, then it's annoying. Things like making me wait a lot just to forward some files or emails also annoys me.


Lunch breaks are one of the best times to bond with coworkers and talk about lots of things. Usually, there are discussions as well as casual conversations, but that's still, not a valid reason to be eating with your mouth open or eating loudly. I do not appreciate those things at all and I do not want to see chewed food on your mouth or your spits into my food.


These types of coworkers are extremely difficult to work with. They are not open to listening to ideas and are very self-centered. They think that they have the best knowledge and their method is the right method. They are incapable of giving credits and frequently hogs the limelight. On meetings, they will shut down other's ideas and get defensive when you tell them they are wrong.
I find this kind of people highly annoying and try to avoid them as best as I can.


I agree that we as humans like to gossip. Little gossips can be harmless and at times entertaining. However, we all know that one person who gossips with every opportunity they get. They spread around rumors and information to every department of the office, They not only slack off from their work but are also creating an unhealthy relationship among coworkers. Gossiping that leads to drama can create tensions and distrusts among coworkers.

These are my Top 5 Pet Peeves at the workplace. I know I had names on my head when I was writing about each of those annoying things. Comment down below if you can relate to some of these. 😄

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Yep, I can agree and attest to all of this. Bloody coworkers can be annoying sometimes, and I'd like to add another one to this list. Might seem weird, but it's one that I've had to contend with during my days working in telemarketing. Those days are past me, but we never had a proper desk, just ones that are assigned to us. Often times we'd move from one desk to the next, or if someone comes into the office earlier, and just decides that this desk is better than that one over there.

Being someone who keeps his desk clean, it's f**king annoying to move to a desk that's dirty as hell. Always had to take some minute off working just to wipe it down. Even more annoying is that some of my colleagues like eating in the office during lunch. Worse... They choose to eat at my desk. MINE! Even after warning them not to make it dirty, there's always a crumb or two, or stains left over that they never bothered to clean.

Humans suck.

I can feel your frustrations through your words. Why wouldn't people just stick to their usual places? I would really hate that if it happened to me. I also like to keep my things organized so I know how horrible it must be to find your place littered with food leftovers. Glad you're not working there anymore.

Lol, it's so amazing to not be there any more! It was a great time sometimes, but it usually sucks. I guess its a mood thing, or maybe they'd just like to be closer with their friend, and it happens to be more convenient to sit at my desk. Since working in telemarketing doesn't give us much free-time for even the simplest of chats, we'd get crazy sometimes.

80% of the time we don't move, but it's that 20% that bothers me. I'd always come back to my desk smelling like curry or fried-rice, with the keyboard and monitor all turned around. Sometimes, I could find an old sauce packet underneath my desk-phone. It genuinely is infuriating.

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 4 years ago  

I love this! Office edition. I already hate dealing with people. Add some annoying ones and it will really ruin my day.

Haha agreed.