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RE: WednesdayWalk – Street Life [eng/срп] Шетња средом – Живот улице

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Cool shots, @lighteye! I think I would try this in my own hometown. By the way, I nominated this for OCD curation.

For your other photography posts, it would be awesome if you post them in Photography Lovers community next time.

We're trying to help grow a diverse set of niche communities so readers can get a better community trending page as mentioned in our recent announcement post. For a list of the communities we're curating right now, please check recent ocd community incubation post.

You are welcome to cross-post your posts from that community onto OCD with the feature to get more visibility and engagement from the OCD subscribers.


Very glad you like it, @ybanezkim26, and thank you for your support. I will certainly sent something in the Photography Lovers community, but I had a warning earlier not to cross-post, so I’m refraining to do so. Can I crosspost from OCD to Photography Lovers?

 9 months ago  

You post first in Photography Lovers community then crosspost it in OCD. That's allowed based on the rules. Not the other way around. It means you need to post in the appropriate community first and then you can choose to crosspost in OCD. That's double exposure for you.

OK, I will make an exclusive content for the Photography Lovers community. It will be a bit of humorous tips how to make your photography better. I have a concept in my head and I’ll need some time to write it. :)

Would you like to have a gear reviews like these:

 9 months ago (edited) 

Yeah. I think that qualifies. I'll have @derangedvisions to chime in tho. He's the main man of Photography Lovers community.