LIL: A September Collection of Photos for the LMAC Image Library

I turned the page on my calendar. Lo and behold, it's September! School starts. Leaves will be changing color. And, the LMAC contest will resume in just a couple of days.

It's been an eventful summer in the LMAC community with our LIL initiative: we have been creating our own library of images. I've purchased a small camera and have snapped pictures of things exotic and ordinary. I've culled through the family album and looked for interesting photos. The pictures offered here are a result of this photo-gathering effort.

A word about the pictures: I own the copyright on the books/book covers featured. These images are released without restriction. Trademarks have been removed from other featured items, such as paint brushes, shoes, lighter and colored pencils.

I invite everyone to contribute to the LMAC image library. Rules and procedures are laid out in this blog by LMAC founder and leader, @shaka. Rules for participating in the LMAC contest (September 9 debut!) are explained in this announcement by @shaka.

I hope the pictures I offer here will be useful to LMAC collage creators in the future.

Thank you for reading my blog. I wish everyone a safe, and peaceful week.

lmac graphic3.jpg

Resort Resort, Ocean View, Sky, Coast
Lakeside, With Distant Mountain Lake, Mountain, Forest
Bookcase With Books Books, Bookshelf, Bookcase
Cat, Resting Cat
Paintbrushes Painting, Paintbrushes, Art
Weightlifting Equipment Small Dumbells, Weight Lifting, Gym Equipment, Exercise Equipment
A Dog With Focus Dog, Cute Dog, Funny Dog
Colored Pencils Art, Colored Pencils, Pencils, Art Tools
Utility Shed Shed, Utility Shed, Tool Shed
Cat, Standing Cat
Hand Mirror Mirror, Hand Mirror
Water Tower in the Park Water Tower, Building, Park
Perfume Bottle Bottle, Perfume
Flagpole at the Beach Flagpole, Beach
Lantern Lantern, Light, House Light
Gettysburg Road Road, Gettysburg, Historic Monuments
Geese Geese, Baby Geese
Columbus Circle, New York City New York City, Columbus Circle, Globe Sculpture
Circuit Breakers Circuit Breakers
Therapy Dog Dog, Therapy Dog, Cute Dog
Canada Goose Goose, Canada Goose, Fowl
Gold Ring Jewelry, Ring, Gold Jewelry
Scenic View of the Countryside Countryside, Scenic View, Overlook, Forest
Remote Control Device Remote Control, Clicker
Bathers in a Forest Retreat Forest, Stream, Boulders, Forest
Electric Keyboard Keyboard, Electric Keyboard
Swimming in a Pool Resort, Swimming, Swimming Pool, Palm Trees
Red Lighter Lighter, Red Lighter
Birds on the Beach Beach, Birds, Sand, Ocean
A Pair of Shoes Shoes, Women's Shoes, Pair of Shoes
Jones Beach State Park With a View of the Theater Jones Beach, Beach, Shore Foliage, Jones Beach Theater
Book in a Bookcase Book, Bookcase
Supermoon in the Suburbs Moon, Supermoon, Suburbs, Night
Ocean View From the Balcony Ocean, Sky, Cruise Ship, Clouds
Two Dogs Dogs, Two Dogs, Quiet Dogs

They will definitely come in useful, for collage makers. I can already think of something for that mirror. 🤓 My husband has a similar keyboard, it is his working instrument since he is a piano teacher. I'd like to see a picture of your new camera in an upcoming post. 😉

Thank you for visiting @mballesteros. That mirror has a magnified side, so it comes in handy for old eyes :) And the keyboard was a gift from my husband years ago. I'm not a musician, but I love to play music. Had fun with it also when my granddaughter was very young.

A piano teacher. How wonderful. You are well matched. Two people with artistic temperaments.

Thanks very much for your kind words my friend. Have fun with the contest tomorrow!

Hello friend, how are you? What beautiful images, especially those of cats and dogs, thank you for contributing to the image library.

Hello @cetb2008 my friend. Thank you for visiting and for your kind words. You and I share a love of animals. That's a great thing.

Looking forward to seeing your collage this week.

Take care my friend.

Good work man! 👍

Thank you very much. I wanted to find interesting things to photograph. The environment looks different from that perspective. You see things you never noticed before.
I appreciate your visit and your kind words.

Thank you for contributing a wide variety of beautiful pictures to the LMAC library.

Thank you, @pokerm, my friend. You are always kind to me and it is much appreciated.

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