LMAC #45: Bagpipes, Highland Dance, and Scottish Tradition


I couldn't make up my mind between these two collages. I guess the top one is better, but I really like the leg action (on the dancer) in the second. With the top one I used LunaPic to achieve the water effect.

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When I first saw @shaka's picture:

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for this 45th round of #LMAC, I thought immediately of castle ruins in Scotland. I'd recently traced some of my family's roots (we're mongrels--we come from everywhere) to the Scottish Highlands, so this area came naturally to mind.

Elements in my collage represent Scottish history and culture. The statues at the center of the collage, bagpiper, dancer, puffin, windows, and sky are all from Scotland. Even the borders that separate sections in this blog are constructed from pictures of a thistle plant. Thistle has been a symbol of Scotland since the 13th century.


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Statues: "The Wallace" and "The Bruce"

William Wallace
"Tell your commander that we are not here to make peace but to do battle, defend ourselves and liberate our kingdom." With these words William Wallace prepared to meet the English at the Battle of Stirling Bridge. It was at this battle, in 1297, that Wallace secured his place in Scotland's history. He led Scottish freedom fighters against a numerically superior English force. The English were routed at Stirling Bridge, and Wallace's campaign against English rule gained momentum.

shaka 45 Wallace as in_a_children's_history_book 1906 J R Skelton public.jpg

Picture scanned from a 1906 book, by JR Skelton. The caption under the picture reads: "Hold you, hold you, Brave Wallace! the English have hanged all your best men like dogs." The picture is in the public domain.

In 1305, a defiant Wallace was finally captured by the English, disemboweled, quartered and beheaded. Parts of his body were distributed across the countryside. He looms today in Scottish history as one of its most celebrated figures.

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Robert Bruce
The struggle for Scottish independence was at last won by Robert Bruce in 1314. He defeated the English in another asymmetric battle, at Bannock burn. Both Bruce and the King of England, Edward II, took part. Edward barely escaped with his life. Bruce ruled as King of Scotland for the next 23 years.

Jacob Jacobsz de Wet II Haarlem_16412__Amsterdam_1697 Robert_the_Bruce,_King_of_Scotland public.jpg

This 17th-century painting of Robert Bruce (by Jacob de Wet II), is in the public domain.
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Music and Dance

While the origin of the bagpipe has been traced to different parts of the world--including Egypt, Rome and Ireland--it was in the Scottish Highlands that the instrument was developed into its current form.

Carving of a Bagpiper, c.1600

Bagpiper carving,_c.1600 bedstad threave castle Kim Traynor 3.0.JPG

This carving was discovered on a bedstead at Threave Castle, Kirkcudbrightshire. Picture credit: Kim Traynor, CC 3.0 license. The castle itself dates back to the 1370's.

Threave Castle

Threave_Castle Otter 3.0.jpg
Picture credit: Otter. Used under a CC 3.0 license.

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Highland Dance

Scottish_Sword_Dance_2 upload Iphigenia Wang 4.0.jpg

Picture credit: Iphigenia Wang,CC 4.0 license

In this painting, members of the 93rd (Sutherland Highlanders) Regiment of Foot are performing the Highland Sword Dance (1853). The dance has roots that go back about 1000 years. According to History U.K., "old kings and clan chiefs...(used the dances) to select their best men at arms...the discipline required to perform the Highland dances allowed men to demonstrate their strength, stamina and agility".

The Sword Dance was one of several demanding Highland dances--essentially war dances--that were performed "to 'the wailing music of bagpipes'”.

Here's a YouTube link to one of the dances, the Fling:

In an effort to suppress Scottish nationalism, these dances, along with the kilt and other symbols of Scottish culture, were banned in 1746. When the ban was lifted some 40 years later, these symbols of Scottish pride were assured a place in the hearts of patriotic Scots.

Today Highland Dance is performed mostly by females, but is still a very athletic art form. Here's a link to a YouTube video showing a Sword Dance performance.

Special shoes, Highland Ghillies, are designed to accommodate both the grace and athleticism required of the dancers.

thistle border cyan.jpg

Puffin and Stained Glass Windows

puffin pixabay.jpg
According to Wild Scotland.org, the puffin is "Scotland’s smallest and most distinctive breeding auk species".

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Stained Glass Windows
Scone_Palace__Front_side Ingo Mehling 4.0.jpg
Picture credit: Ingo Mehling, CC 4.0 license.

The windows were taken from historic Scone Palace (probably the Abby, although this is not specifically stated). The Palace, in Perth, Scotland, dates back to at least the 12th century. It was once almost destroyed, then rebuilt and over the centuries enlarged several times. Kings were crowned there, including Robert the Bruce in 1306.
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My Collage

I've pretty much covered my process in making this collage, and have linked to my sources (all from Pixabay) in the body of the blog.

Collages for this round of #LMAC are pouring in to @shaka's blog from participants all over the world. Go over to the blog and take a look. Enjoy the art, learn about the artists' process. Some of the creators are very talented.

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As is always the case with #LMAC, writing the blog and designing the collage has been a rich experience. Thank you @shaka, for providing the context and the prompt.

Thank you for reading my blog

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Hive on!


Dear AG,
You never cease to amaze me!

The decision between the two collages is really hard. In the first one i'm fascinated by the water effect. How beautifully the castle ruins with the wonderful stained Glass Windows is reflected in the water. In the second collage I listen to the typical Irish bagpipe music to which the highland-sword dancer swings his legs. In addition the musical notes dancing in rhythm and the puffin spreading his wings. Extremely original! As always, backed up with interesting facts and details, in this case with Scottish history and culture. What can I say, it's simply great!

With great respect and affection,

Dear Anna,
I'm so happy you like my second collage as well! I can hear the bagpipes also. Perhaps we are highly suggestible...isn't that wonderful :)

Thank you for the kind assessment of my blog and collages. This is a wonderful community, welcoming to all. That makes the exercise much more enjoyable for me.

I appreciate your visit, and your support. Be well, and peaceful.

Your New York friend,


This is a wonderful community, welcoming to all.

It really is. It's fun to see in which different ways the participants let their creativity run wild.

Have a wonderful day full of joy and peace.

Your friend from across the sea,

🌷 🌞 🎨 🌞 🌷

Really awesome how your creation came together @agmoore! :-)
Love the history and the dancers and reflecting water! Very interesting
to learn about the Thistle symbol! And puffins! There are some here
but we would need a boat to see go see them!

You are so nice! Thank you for telling me about LunaPic! I've been playing with different effects and having fun.
Writing this was an adventure. Besides watching Braveheart :), I didn't know much when I started.
Thanks so much for the kind words and the very helpful information.

Beautiful! @agmoore Very original. I love this collage. The stained glass windows, the reflection in the water and the Scottish bagpipes.
Everything in perfect harmony. Congratulations!

Thank you so much! I tend to approach the collages structurally...often I lose sight of the aesthetic appeal. So glad you think I got that right this time:)

You have an excellent collage. You made my imagination fly to a Scottish monastery.
It's magnificent to me!
I hope your collage is in the top 5. It deserves it!

Thank you friend. You know a lot about technique, so that estimation is means a lot


My congratulations for the high-level collages presented achieving a respected third place. I was right to know that I was going to be in the first places since I really liked his collage, it is very fine where nature was used in movement. greetings see you in the next round

Thank you friend, for your graciousness. Your collage was remarkable. I told my son to look at it (and @tormenta's). Until next time....

Superb mirror collage art, liked it! Good luck friend :D

Thank you so much! I got a tip from someone about LunaPic, where I started playing around with ideas.
I just loved your piece. The more I looked at it, the more I saw :)

So kind of you @agmoore . I need to look this, might help me in the upcoming LMAC. Thank you! 😁

Photopea online editor is also awesome if you haven't tried yet.


Well very humbly I say that the competition this week is very closed, they are great collage that I have seen, to yours I give 10 d 10. great work.

Hello my friend. Thank you! I know my art is less refined than many who participate (especially your art) but always I put in great effort (joyfully!). I have not seen your piece yet. However, I did see @elcorrecamino's--though I have not yet commented. How brilliant his is.
I will go to your blog now, and am quite heartened by your kind words.
Warm regards,
(I put this comment in the wrong place before)

My husband @elcorrecamino when we finish the contest entry, we always play to see who wins, and whoever loses has to make the meal of the day, it's a lot of fun.

Haha, very good :D

Dear @tormenta,
What a lovely image...I'll root for the two of you. I hope you both like to cook :))

I love to cook, but @correcamino not much, but it makes some very tasty pizzas.


You'll have to tell us what you cooked for dinner :))
Congratulations on a well-deserved win. Happy for you.

Nice collage, and the details provided attached to your ideas. It was really a good job

Thank you very much!

Very interesting blog. After reading this I'm off to watch Braveheart again!


Thank you!

Thank you @agmoore for this detailed collage and your very interesting excursion into Scotish history. You created a monument for these national heros.

The stained glass adds greatly to the beautiful appearance of your collage.

Thank you very much, LMAC. So glad you like the windows. Plus, their historic significance adds to the completeness of the collage concept, I think.

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Thank you for the distinction. As I think you know, I love the concept of community, of building a place that is welcoming to everyone. The greater the distribution of rewards, the better. I think LMAC may be one of the most open opportunities for Hiveans on the blockchain. Great for them. Good for Hive.

Thanks again!