Let's Make a Collage - A Contest for All Creatives on Hive - Round 90 - ✨145 HIVE in the Prize Pool!

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This Week's Highlights & Announcements:

🌟 Large prize pool with 145 HIVE waits to be distributed in this round alone! 📢 Spread the word about it!📢
🏞 The LIL initiative is now a permanent addition to the LMACsphere. Check the submission rules here and keep the contributions coming!
❗️Setting the @lmac account as 20% beneficiary in both LIL and LMAC contributions is now required to get support by our trail AND to receive prizes in the LMAC contest!
✅ All additional assets used in your collage either need to be your own, provided by the LIL or taken from one of the whitelisted public domain image services.

📢 >>> Join Our Community on Discord <<< 📢


Welcome to a New Season of Let's Make a Collage!

The long wait is over and we are excited to kick-off a new LMAC season! A new season which we expect to lift our creative community on a whole new level! 🚀

First and foremost, we now have our own LMAC image library - the LIL! 🥳🍾🥳 A public domain library built by LMACians for all Hivers to use, containing ~ 1500 photos and graphics already!

Started as a summer initiative, the LIL is now a permanent addition to the LMACsphere and we will continuously accept and reward your contributions to our community library. If you like to catch up with the LIL-rules please start 👉 here.

👉We highly encourage all LMACians to use LIL assets in their collages and will provide additional rewards for doing so:
❗️For each LIL-asset used, you need to set the corresponding LIL-contributors as 2% beneficiary each in your LMAC entry!
❗️In turn, collages using LIL-assets will be supported with a higher vote weight by our trail!

🪄 In the meantime our resident coding wizard @quantumG 🧙‍♂️ has been working tirelessly to index the LIL and make it searchable for all of you. The entire inventory of the LIL library is currently being released on our @lmac account as index posts, grouped in keyword categories:

👉 LIL-Index post 1 of 8, Category: Miscellaneous
👉 LIL-Index post 2 of 8, Categories: Sky, Cloud, Landscape, Sun, Mountain, Lake, Beach, River, Nature
👉 LIL-Index post 3 of 8, Categories: Insect, Animal, Pet, Cat, Dog, Cow, Bird, Nature
👉 LIL-Index post 4 of 8, Categories: Flower, Plant, Tree, Organic, Leaf, Fruit
👉 LIL-Index post 5 of 8, Categories: Stone, Rock, Gravel, Boulder
👉 LIL-Index post 6 of 8, Categories: House, Home, Garden, Wall, Window, City, Town, Street, Avenue

As soon as the next post appears it will be linked here.

We hope that many of you will browse the LIL to find and include LIL-assets in your next collage.

Now before we go into the new season, please note that we ask our community to use the @lmac account instead of the @hive-174695 account as a 20% beneficiary in their LMAC and LIL contributions from now on.

❗️Setting the @lmac account as 20% beneficiary will be required both in LMAC and LIL contributions in order to receive support by our community trail AND to win prizes in the LMAC competition!

And now, let's kick-off the new LMAC season with Round 90 of Let's Make a Collage!

What do you see in this picture that is not yet there? Let your creativity run wild and transform this scenery into whatever you wish to see. Your imagination is the only limit!

Click 👉 here for a HiRes version of this template.

Those new to this contest, please have a look at the contest rules below!


  • 🥇 First Place: 15 % of the LMAC's community prize pool*
  • 🥈 Second Place: 13 % of the LMAC's community prize pool
  • 🥉 Third Place: 11 % of the LMAC's community prize pool
  • 4️⃣ Fourth Place: 9 % of the LMAC's community prize pool
  • 5️⃣ Fifth Place: 7 % of the LMAC's community prize pool
  • Top 6-10: 6 % of the LMAC's community prize pool
  • Top 11-15: 3 % of the LMAC's community prize pool

*Eligible to receive from the LMAC's community prize pool are only those winners who have set the @lmac account as 20% beneficiary in their respective entry posts.

➡️ Entry deadline is September 13, end of day (midnight UTC)!


  • The above photography needs to be the starting point for any further modification. It is provide by me (@shaka) for free use without any copyright protection.
  • 📌 Entries need to set the @lmac account as 20% beneficiary to receive support from our trail and to be eligible to receive contest prizes. 100% of the proceeds which arrive at the @lmac account will be added to each round's prize pool.
  • 📌 Entries need to be posted to the LMAC community.
  • 📌 Submissions need to be linked as a comment to this post.
  • Any graphical element that is added to the photography either needs to be your own original work (e.g. own artwork or photography) OR needs to derive from one of the 👉 whitelistedpublic domain image services!.
  • ❗️We highly encourage all LMACians to use LIL assets in their collages and will provide additional rewards for doing so:
    For each LIL-asset used, the corresponding LIL-contributors are expected to be added as 2% beneficiary each in the respective LMAC entry!
    In turn, collages using LIL-assets will be supported with a higher vote weight by our trail!
  • ❗️❗️ Do not forget to indicate the source of all materials used in your accompanying post. Otherwise your entry can NOT be put up for the final vote.
  • All sort of editing, modification and/or manipulation is allowed as long as no copyright is affected.
  • By submitting your contribution you agree that your artwork remains public domain and that it can be copied, modified and distributed, even for commercial purposes, without requiring further permission.

Good to know:

  • ❗️If you contribute 5 times to the community bonus during a three month period, you become eligible to receive the LMAC Contributor Badge for prize pool supporters. If you believe to have met this requirement, please comment to this post and provide the links for the respective 5 entries of yours.
  • A curation trail has been registered on hive.vote to further support all valid submissions to the LMAC. By following this trail you will support all LMAC contributors but also receive a decent boost on your curation rewards by frontrunning a vote by me (@shaka). Find all details about the LMAC curation trail 👉 here.

💬If you wish to learn more about the LMAC or connect to your fellow LMACians please feel invited to our dedicated Discord at:

📢 >>> https://discord.gg/6wSVQsZpuN <<< 📢

The LMAC community is very much looking forward to your contribution!

Photo recorded by myself with an iPhone 6S.

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Wow @shaka. What a perfect picture to start our fall season with our new LIL library. The image is so beautiful, the challenge (for me) will be to modify it and yet somehow respect its original impression.

Good luck everyone! Have fun and create something amazing.

Wonderful news!!! This round is the most awaited of all!!!! I can't wait to see all of everyone's creativity! Have fun guys! 💥💫

Such a beautiful hut you have chosen for the launch of our beloved LMAC contest. Is this piece of real estate still available? :-D

Have fun and good luck to all of you!

desde que conocí esta maravillosa comunidad, nunca he participado en un concurso, asi que llego el momento esperado a trabajar y crear un fabuloso collage, saludos

Greetings dear community, good again the collage contest, excellent now we have our own library of images to create our collage. Success for everyone


~~~ embed:1436086602086879236 twitter metadata:QV9HX01vb3JlfHxodHRwczovL3R3aXR0ZXIuY29tL0FfR19Nb29yZS9zdGF0dXMvMTQzNjA4NjYwMjA4Njg3OTIzNnw= ~~~
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@shaka! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @eii.

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Welcome back, here is my first prank of the new season. 😎
... and some others you find here.

grass final cut.jpg

Best regards, success and good luck to all, here my participation:

YdE7Eqb - Imgur.jpg
Un gran saludo, éxitos y suerte a todos, aquí mi participación:


Hi community this is my entry for Let's Make a Collage:




Welcome back to another season of the lmac contest.

World of imagination.
My entry



I am happy to be back in this community full of art and active people.
Now we will see the results of our LIL, it's exciting!

Estoy feliz de regresar a esta comunidad llena de arte y gente activa.
Ahora veremos los resultados de nuestra LIL. ¡Es emocionante!

Aquí mi Collage. https://peakd.com/hive-174695/@evagavilan2/hagamos-un-collage-un-concurso-para-todos-los-creativos-de-hive-ronda-90

Diseño sin título (19).jpg

My entry for LMAC90: New Season

Hi, My entry here


"Buffaloes ride", it's my participation to the contest:



Hello blessings. Happy for this new season 🤗✨🌞.
Success to all. 🍀

My participation

Hi Shaka, I'm glad the contest is back again,here's my entry

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