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I have always taken great care of my teeth throughout my life, and did not even get a single cavity until I was about 21-22. Dentists used to say my teeth were near "perfect" and referred to them as "movie star teeth". All of that changed after receiving my first filling.

Back in my Virginia days I was still on the very tail end of being a student at the time (in college) and as a result was still able to be on my parents' insurance. When I used this for my first filling, I am not sure if it was because the dentist was having a bad day or what - but this guy (who I had never seen before) was extremely rude to me and VERY aggressive when performing the filling. There were moments where I pretty much screamed and told him to back off, which he refused and told me to suck it up. A few days after my appointment, my insurance ran out with no chance of renewal since I was no longer a student. The day after that (not even a week after my filling) - my filling fell out (surprise!).

At this point I literally had no way to fix the problem. The dentist I saw refused to see me again without insurance (even though this was clearly his fault) to correct his mistake. This ended up holding true for every single dentist I contacted. This is how Virginia is, unwilling to help you with anything unless you have a ton of money.

The years that followed were the most physically painful years of my life. The open gap in my tooth from the missing filling became infected, destroyed that tooth, and then the infection spread to other teeth destroying them. There were nights (consistently) that I was in so much pain that I contemplated suicide, and likely would have followed through if I had a gun. Not trying to be dark, that was just the reality. I once tried to pull one of my teeth out with a pair of needle nose pliers. I would wake up most nights (if I could even get to sleep) in so much pain that I would be crying my eyes out and screaming. I described the pain as feeling like a railroad spike being constantly driven into my jaw. At one point one of my molars looked like the grand canyon! I would take IB Profin like it was candy even though I hate pharmaceuticals, and if that did not work I would drownd myself in liquor until I passed out (never really liked alcohol much either). I was also taking POWERFUL antibiotics that I found (not prescribed to me), but I stopped because it was causing serious circulation problems in my feet. I have had multiple women and dentists tell me that the pain I was experiencing was significantly worse than child-birth... and for much longer. I was without dental insurance for six years. It is hard to describe the turmoil.

This story is one of the many reasons I left Virginia in search of a better, and less oppressive life in Oregon. A soon as I came out west I immediately applied for OHP healthcare benefits through the state of Oregon (after getting my residence and ID established), since I more than qualified. This however turned out to be much harder than expected. The state departments I was contacting regarding my application for insurance were literally sending me in circles between three phone numbers (departments), always circling back to the original one I called... they were ignoring me despite my high level of pain.

I had no options left - so I turned to the media. After reading several similar stories online of people who were met with the same roadblocks that received help after doing a news story about it, I decided to contact the news station as well. THE NEXT DAY a reporter and camera crew were at my apartment documenting my story. After my segment aired (several times) on the evening news that day, I called OHP back the next morning. They must have seen the report because as soon as I told them who I was they said they had a special agent assigned to me and immediately transferred my call to him. I had my insurance by the end of the day (KATU news story video clip at top of this article).

After a year and a half of dental work following my state insurance approval, I have had 5 teeth removed including three molars, a root canal that I had to petition twice for (the petitions for my molar and other canals were denied - hence the removals), and about 17 fillings. Whatever filling material that has been used on my teeth is faulty - I have had several re-fillings due to post procedure failings (go figure right?).

The one root canal I did get done has had nothing but issues. I kept telling the dentist that there was a problem. There is severe discoloration and some sensitivity issues, however the dentist kept reassuring me that this was normal and I had nothing to worry about. I must have mentioned this to him at least five times in the course of two years. A few weeks ago that tooth cracked. I went into the dentist again to show them just how wrong they were and you know what they said? "You need to pay $1200 to put a crown on there". First time I have ever heard a crown reference for that tooth, although it had been discussed for my one bottom remaining molar. Seems like they want me to pay for their mistake... BEEN THERE DONE THAT!

So to put this in persepctive - I havent felt comnfortable smiling in YEARS, almost a decade. I used to love my smile, now I hate it becuase all you can see is those two missing teeth. I just thank the universe it wasn't a front tooth, as that would effectivly end my music pursuite with vocals. I also havn't been able to chew my food correctly in years either, and always have to be conscious of the hardness of things I consume, as well as where I am chewing. This is also causing excessive wear on the one good bottom molar I have left, since all the chewing is ALWAYS happening on that side.

What I need are IMPLANTS. The problem is in America (or at least all the places I found) charge around $8000 per implant give or take - I cannot even get one at that price, let alone five. The last two times I had traveled to Mexico, I tried to find a dentist that could actually do implants for a price I can afford, but to no avail. I have tried signing up for research projects, at universities, even dental trucks... no one would accept me or even attempt an implant.

This is it guys, I have tried EVERYTHING! All resources and options I have available to me are tapped out. This has been a LONG struggle for me spanning over 10 years! All I want is to be able to feel like I can chew correctly and SMILE AGAIN without feeling like its ugly, and maybe to feel like my teeth aren't just constantly falling apart. I didn't do anything wrong, aside from getting one cavity and trying to address it. That led to all of this.

So this is my humble and desperate request - IF YOU ARE READING THIS AND KNOW A DENTIST THAT HAS HALF A HEART THAT MAY BE WILLING TO WORK WITH ME - I WILL TRAVEL JUST ABOUT ANYWHERE TO GET THE HELP I NEED. PLEASE - I DESPERATLY NEED IMPLANTS AND A COUPLE CROWNS. This isn't exactly something I wanted to make public, but I have been holding onto this video and story for has long as I can, this article is my last shot. PLEASE HELP!

I am willing to travel outside my country for this if necessary


Excerpts from the Actual News Article 2014







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that's some mad and painful story.
i can't help ya with any referral but maybe some spiritual encouragement: tooth problems seem to be a sign of the times for many. most of the people in my life i consider to be awake have some sort of tooth issue, some more some less but all of them do. especially people who never had any issues when they were younger.

it has been creeping up on us over the last years.

i myself have developed some problems over the past year and so your story - though a lot more hardcore than my own - reminds me of my struggles.

Still trying to find out exactly why teeth go weird. Have heard several paradigms on it but I'm still not sure.

Maybe you can find a dentist on hive from America and just travel there. Seems like the perfect solution - Hivers sticking together.

Good luck dude, it feels like you are on your way up now after that long and painful thorny valley.

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Thanks for the consideration fam. I am hoping a dentist on Hive, or at least someone on Hive that knows a dentist with more than half a heart can help facilitate something with me. I am open to ALL ideas and strategies. HMU! Blessings.

Congratulations and/or bummer. I can relate to note being able to afford dental care. It wasn't until I moved to Cambodia in 2010 that I was able to afford dental care and regular cleanings. It's always cool to be in the news, but ideally it's rescuing a box of kittens from a burning building.

I was on NPR a year ago for being stranded in Suriname for a year. We're still stranded, but now with some dental issues. US immigration hopeless, a return to Cambodia impossible, and Suriname is the middle of an economic collapse. In all honesty you could fly to Thailand/Cambodia and back to get this dental work done, and it would cost less than getting it done locally, even with the ticket.

Hang in there and stay away from cubed ice brother.

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@justinparke - aw man I am so sorry your trapped brother! How did you end up in Suriname? Can you please link me to the place you had your dental work done in Cambodia if possible? Do they speak English? Thank you so much fam. (I cannot believe someone downvoted this post like that).

YO What's with the huge downvote @azircon?! Really uncalled for on this post man, I'm reaching out for help for something that has been a LONG struggle. Please explain yourself.

It’s not personal and nothing to do with the content. It’s due to project hope...


Please don’t do it again...

But that said; I have a feeling that it is ignorance from your part and nothing deliberate. So I will look at your active posts and will provide you with an upvote if I like your content.

And I did... here you go :)

I thought that post on door is a good legitimate post



Thank you for the hefty vote to make up for this downed one. I read the link you provided but am still confused as to what the issue is. It was saying something along the lines of self-voting but it wasn't very clear to me in that post (my vote isn't worth much and I only vote once a day or less on my posts - certainly nothing close to excessive and I don't even know how to sell votes tbh). I posted in Project Hope community in search of just that - hope. Can you please elaborate on what rule was broken so I do not do it again. Blessings.

If you don't understand (which I believe you don't) then there is nothing to worry about. Just do not post in the Project Hope community. They are leading what is known as a 'farming ring'...its rather ugly. So we are trying to shut them down.

But again, you have nothing to do with that. So just stay away from them, that's all. Again it has nothing to do with you.