Adult Life: We Must Grow Up

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I have noticed over the course of years that so many adults, don't realize that they're grown ups now, they're not little kids anymore. And that they can't cry to daddy and mommy to give them anything they desire. In adult life, it's a new world entirely, and you work hard to get anything you want. You know, as kids, life was a lot more fun, the pressure was on our parents. Not until you grow up that you realize the responsibilities your guardians had to carry, by caring to your needs.

There's time for everything under the sun. There's a time to be born, there's a time to die, there's a time talk and there's a time to hold your peace. And there's a time to be a kid, and there's time to be an adult. Things don't stay the same way forever. You're grown up now, the people you used to depend on for your needs, are actually probably looking up to you now to come provide their needs. The tables have turned. And you can't run away from reality.

In adult life, you must realize that you must take life more seriously, if you want to get ahead very well. If you want to be doing great for yourself. You can't afford to be lazy anymore, you can't wake up at anytime of the day, you can't be chasing little things anymore but real goals. And putting real hard work, time, and dedication to achieving that goal. Many people just want to still have the same amount of fun they were having as kids. I'm sorry to break it to you, but you can't. That time has past.

It's time to make a decision. You have to make up your mind that you want to be an adult now. You realize the responsibilities of life, and the never ending bills, you realize that it's only through pain and hard work that you can really grow. You have to make that choice, you can't keep on living freely without taking responsibility for your life and acknowledging that your current situation is a result of your past actions and that if you want a better future ahead you must change your ways and your ideas.

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The life of a real adult is a life of discipline. You can't do anything tangible without having a very strong discipline. You can't let your emotions run you, like you were a kid. You must choose to be disciplined, it's a choice. It's not going to be easy at the beginning, but soon enough you'll see that it will become a habit. Adult life is the time when you really start to choose your habits, throwing away those bad habits that are holding you down, and taking new and better habits.

The fact is that, as an adult, you can't keep depending on other people. You should be thinking of being absolutely independent. It's not easy, but you must aim for that. You must be the support to your friends and family. You must be willing to take on more responsibilities, and have yourself do things that you don't want to do, but should be done by you. You can't be watching movies excessively while your bills pill up. You must become a man or a woman. You're no longer a little boy or a little girl. This is a harsh reality, and we all, that have crossed the age of eighteen have to grow up indeed.

This is not to say that an adult should be endlessly sad, and working all day and night, without having a break. You should have an enjoyable life to. And you should have fun. But as an adult, you plan out time for this, such that it doesn't disturb your business. You can work really hard for a long time, and then go on a vacation to a lovely place to enjoy life too and relax yourself. That is also important too. As an adult, you must know when to play and when to be hardcore serious.

Thanks for reading!

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Oh the tables have really turned, being an adult has opened my eyes to realize so many things and even realize how generous I am myself and how much of a miser I can be as well because working hard for every dime and throwing it around just suddenly seems like a taboo. Nice piece

Adult life has opened all of our eyes. It would never feel nice to spend lavishly money you work real hard for. Sometimes, as an adult, you must act like a miser, you must save. And other times, after saving at lot, you can show some little generosity. It has always been that way. You can't afford to be generous when you're still struggling to make ends meet for yourself. When you've secured yourself, then and only then you think of been generous. Thanks for coming around!

Greetings @humor0404, certainly there are people who continue to live life as if they were still children, they are still attached to what their parents can give them, but also parents should instill in their children from a very young age where things come from to try to avoid this situation.

A good post

Very true, it's one of the most important roles of a good parent, to make your kids know that money doesn't grow on trees. Making them understand how to earn money for themselves. Thanks for coming around!

first of all, I salute you for making this great piece off the top of your head..plagarism free.
2ndly, Adulthood is not easy! Can somebody roll back the clock for me please? lol. The thought of independence is ever present and truly its a phase of intense discipline. Well, its what it is. And I have had a lot really enjoyable moments in the adult phase. So your conclusion of knowing when to play and when to be serious does it for me. Great post

Adult life isn't really easy as you mentioned. I'm glad to know that you've really had enjoyable moments in your adult phase. After all is said and done, we must ensure we enjoy our lives. It's important to work real hard. And when it's time to play, play real hard as well. Have fun, without losing focus on your goals and without overspending your savings. Thanks for coming around!

The fact is that, as an adult, you can't keep depending on other people. You should be thinking of being absolutely independent.

Can't agree here. An adult can't afford to stay independent for too long. There are 3 stages of maturity: dependence (when you are a child), independence (when you just became an adult) and Interdependence (when you are ready to be a team player and build your own family). So to really grow up and became a fully functioning adult, you need to learn to gave up part of your independence and learn to depend on other people again.

I seem to agree with you. Interdependence is still a form of independence, because you have your act together, and you're simply teaming up with other people, to achieve more. As there's power when the right people come together to do something. It should always be a case, where you have something to offer, something to bring to the table, to the team. And not just depending on the team without adding value to it. Thanks for coming around!

The fact is that, as an adult, you can't keep depending on other people. You should be thinking of being absolutely independent.

That's what is in my mind these days, I just don't like it when I see many people my age and they haven't matured yet, they just think they are still kids and act like that, it is really essential to change that whole mentality at some point because that's what life requires.

Great post, and a good read.

Actually when people refuse to mature and grow up, life has a way of giving them a wipe. Teaching them harsh lessons. Sooner or later, reality would set in. It's always better to grow up much early, as you can make better use of your youth to make a good life for yourself. Thanks for coming around!

Hello @humor0404

Well expressed in that philosophy of the cycles of life " there is time for everything under the sun. There is a moment to be born, there is a moment to die, there is a moment to speak and there is a moment to shut up", the adult stage to live in search of balance, to be able to travel all the way without being stranded on the road.

Best regards, may you be well

Hello @humor0404.

Great article that you share with us on this occasion, in reality many are the people who in one way or another are trapped in the stage of adolescence perhaps by over protection of their parents or by the simple fact of not accepting that they have entered another stage of his life, ie, adulthood.

You share interesting aspects that allow us a proper understanding of the issue raised, thank you for sharing such interesting content. Greetings.

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Certainly we must assume responsibilities and lead a productive adult life in order to be comfortable and have our material things and not depend on our parents since they fulfilled their obligation to raise us and give us the being we have.