Do These and Don't do These

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During the few years I've lived on earth, I've learnt a lot of valuable lessons, both from experience and from those who have lived longer than I am.
At least I know some of the Do's and Dont's of life.

I have summed it up in this little list below:


Do these

  • Have a good hope for the future: Hope brightens the heart and helps one to see the future with confidence. Knowing that there is hope for humans helps me to endure hardship and troubles of everyday life. Hope based on the bible is the best!

  • Be careful of what you say about yourself. Negative words can bring us down and make us think less of ourselves.
    A friend once said to me: "You have to be careful about how you think and describe yourself. There is something called a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy.
    Your subconscious has no filters. If you describe yourself as something bad, your subconscious will make it true."
    I believe that this is very true. So we should have a positive view of ourselves and try to feel good about the things we do, and that involves doing the things that we love

  • Be content with what you have
    I have learnt as humans we can never have everything that we wish for, what will make us happy is when we are able to value what we already have and be content. We embrace more if it comes but never doing what is beyond our abilities

  • Surround yourself with good friends
    Good friends will bring out the good in you, good friends will not let you stay down, good friends are always there when you need them. They would never push you to do wrong things.
    Bad friends are the pure opposite of the good ones, bad friends can push you to do things that are against your beliefs, They are like "I have an unhappy life, I want that for you too!". That's not the kind of friends you want to make!

  • It would be good to make your equipment to pay for itself
    Invest your money in things that give you good returns. If you have a cellphone you want it to pay you the amount you used in purchasing it, you have a sewing machine you want it to gove you back the amount you purchased it.
    A friend also told me this: If your equipment is not making you money, you might want to sell it and put into a better investment.
    Staking crypto is a very good option, investing in hive HBD savings is also a very good option as you can make 20% APR. Powering up hive is also another good option.
    Making posts consistently is very good!

And DON'T do these

  • Don't have a negative attitude
    People love being close to a positive person more than someone negative. Positivity is everything, it even prolongs life, so it's important to embrace positivity in every aspect

  • Don't be rude to others no matter what we think we have accomplished
    We should never treat others rudely, pride is before a crash, we never know what can happen in the future and what situation we will find ourself and who will be in the position to help us then. Everyone deserves to be treated nicely!

  • Never focus on the mistakes of others
    Focusing on the mistakes of others will only cause us pain and heartache, because we all make mistakes, we're all imperfect, we love others more when we focus on their good sides

  • Don't try to cheat or defraud others
    Trust is everything, it's hard to build and very easy to lose, we need to act in all honesty, never try to defraud others or cheat them, a trustworthy person gains a lot from others!

  • Don't be a procrastinator
    A successful man once said: Procrastination is the grave where opportunities buried. We miss so much good things when we procrastinate.
    It's good to do everything in time and reap the fruitage in time else we may never reap the fruitage!

There are a lot more values that I could include in this post, but let's just take these for now.


Which ones among these Dos and Donts do you most agree with? Let me know in the comments

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Thank you for reading to this point. See you next time 🤗



Sometimes ehn, my Imagination for the future is what keeps me going