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Life is a precious gift. We enjoy this gift daily and hope that we can prolong our enjoyment for as long as possible. The date and time when we meet our demise is unknown and out of our control.

If on the contrary, I am told that after 24 hours “the lights are out forever “ – I would probably laugh at first. Then ask the bearer of such bad news,
“Who died and made you God?”
Normally I don’t like surprises, but death sneaking up like a thief in the night would be better than this morbid message. The quote “live everyday as if it is your last day” would definitely have a new meaning. I don't want to be trivial but being lighthearted would be my first approach before reality would set in.

There would be no time for fantasties or fanciful ideas like travelling etc. Luckily, I have had my fair share. The last 24 hours would be lived deliberately. Not like most of life which seems automated - rising and doing the same things, going to the same places and talking with the same people or some new ones about the same things. Now all moments matter.

I already have things in order; a will, financial information shared with my family such as banking details, crypto wallets, password etc. With the practical things already arranged, what would I do realistically?

Death on the doorstep is confronting – I would be saddened and rendered immobile. I would sob unconsolably for hours. I would bawl my eyes out. I would break down and then realize that I am literally wasting time - wasting my 24-hour life. I would pull myself together then go with my family to one of my favourite parks or to the forest. I would ask them to continue to be themselves. Therefore, if someone wanted to cry, to shout or to be quiet, they could feel free to express their emotions.

Thereafter, we would buy a large colourful bouquet with all my favorite flowers. Upon returning home, we would sit together to reminisce about the lovely memories created with them. Thereafter I would play music, sing and dance. I would ask the family to share whatever they would like to say to me. When night falls, I would want to see the stars one last time. We would go outside and watch the heavens, like we've done many times.

I wouldn’t like to spend too much time on the phone. Nevertheless, I would call those dearest to me; namely my parents, my siblings, immediate family of my husband and my 4 closest girlfriends. They would understand that there is no time for rambling or going off on tangents.😄

I’d hope that I would leave my family with some happy memories and that I made a positive impact - especially on my children.

Thereafter, my family and I would hug, kiss and cuddle until the 24th hour elapses.

This is my response to Hive Ghana's prompt - 24 hrs

The photo is my own


Knowing how much we have left can be nervous wrecking but like you have stated, it will be no benefits not to make the best use of that last moment saying our proper goodbye with our loved ones.

Yes it would be nerve wracking especially if it is 24 hours. For me spending it with my family would be the priority.

Spending the last day with family is the best thing one can do.

It will be a blessing to know how much time one has left but then again it will be emotionally wreaking. The best thing to do just as you've highlighted is to create last memories with our families. The ones that will live with them forever. In additional to that, I will make sure I write letters for significant milestones in their lives.

I love reading your posts, you're amazing.

Yes - knowing this information is more harmful than helpful especially when it is so short. It s nice that you would like to leave personal letters as well. If you have the time to write it - I imagine.

Thanks for the compliment.

There is actually no time and I'm working on time management. I am don't really have the time to call those who are dear to me but I'm working on that...
Nice post!!

Thank you @rafzat. I understand - not everyone would will spend the 24 hours in the same manner.

You really thought this over, I expected the crying aspect,after all no one would take such news and not have a slight breakdown at first, before thinking of how to spend the rest of the hours leaving comforting and happy memories.

I enjoyed reading your version of last 24 hours.

Indeed this is "breaking" information. I am happy you enjoyed reading my version.

Ohhhh.... I'm definitely the person to bawl for hours and then come to the sudden realization that I'm already wasting the hours. This was pure and beautiful to read dearest @momogrow and nope, I wouldn't want to think of it at all.

Aww u would bawl too. I am happy you like my take on things. At first I did not want to think about it but then I decided that there is nothing to fear really. Some things I cannot control.

Yeah, some thing we can't control indeed. Hope your weekend is going great, dear.🤗

Nice entry i so love your post you utility the 24 hours very well

I already have things in order; a will, financial information shared with my family such as banking details, crypto wallets, password etc.

This is so thoughtful of you. A lot of people died leaving no such information to their family. Is either the bank uses their money or the crypto lie down in the wallet wasting.

Your 24 hours will be well spent if such death should happen, it's full of emotions and well thoughtful


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A well spent 24hours. Spending enough time with family and disclosing valuable information about your earners, savings and investment is a very thoughtful act. I didn't think that myself, all I was thinking was to eat my most wanted meal and go on a trip to my favourite country 😅

Aww that is ok. I was being practical because it is 24 hours - there’s not a lot of time to do or arrange much.

It is true that life comes once and not many times, so one should live it in the best way possible. There is no way of knowing that life can end at any time, so a person should live every day as if it were his last day and should have fun and enjoy it so that he does not have trouble later. Did not enjoy.

Hmmm this is so touching and emotional.

Knocking that death is at the door isn't a pleasant news for anyone and I don't think we can never be prepared enough for it.

But then you've got a wonderful way to spend your last 24 hours which is with family and love one's.

Although has you've stated, it seems knowing when death would arrive is also a good thing because we get to share necessary information with our dare one's, we've seen many dies and their wealth go on discovered because they weren't opportune to share it before death came knocking.

If were in your shoes, I wouldn't have spent my last 24 hours any different, cause it'll also be spent around my family and reminiscing on old memories is such a great day to bid farewell has we appreciate the time We've spent together.

back in 2004, one of my favourite artists released this awesome track, i took it onboard, and have since lived my life like I was dying. your words just reinforce the message.

better to go to the grave regretting the things you have done than rueing the chances you missed.

Great song to have taken on board. I will definitely pass it along.

better to go to the grave regretting the things you have done than rueing the chances you missed.
I know someone who passed away at 61 years old. He wanted to do many things as a young man but his wife did not. Some things he still hoped to do - so he retired at 60. Pity how things turned out.

I am grateful that I have had a great life thus far and hope that it continues to be so. Like any parent, I would like to see my children happy as adults.
This prompt got me thinking. At first I was scared to write about it but then I realised that there is nothing to fear or worry about. I continue to enjoy.

your story about the 61 yr man.... very close to my skin, my dad died at 61, just one week after taking early retirement to "enjoy" his life, bought his first ever brand new showroom car, took it for its first drive on the sunday afternoon, came home, dropped dead massive heart attack. Life is shit, enjoy every moment and live it your way. Death will never win if you laugh in its face.

Morbidity over, have a great weekend