Quite stressing about 'A happy life'?

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We often question ourselves, are we happy? It's okay to evaluate our stats. But as society sets the rules of happiness and there are many stereotype standards of happiness, so it's not a good practice to stress out about happiness.



It became very normal in our society to rush for meeting the social standard. No matter how good we feel about ourselves and inside; our self-esteem will always get questioned by social expectations. And there is a high chance to feel unhappy about our life. So the question is how we can get out of the stress of ensuring happiness?

  • Go with your own flow. If you are happy, feel happy, and show your happiness. There's no need to pretend that you are not happy as you have not achieved your goal yet or failed to meet expectations.

  • Ignore other's stereotype standards. We all have different choices. There's no need to feel stressed as we don't fit in other's standards. It's okay to not have what others have and still feel happy.

  • Be strong about your good feeling. Don't make yourself down as you feel good. Smile is not a crime. Feeling good is not a bad thing depending on what others think about your life.



On the other hand, if you are feeling bad, not feeling happy; that's also hokey. We don't have to run all the time to make ourselves happy. Change your perspective of happiness and you will feel happy for your life. Remember, the more you compare, try to fit in the less happy you will be.

The thing is not how people think and accept you as a happy person with a happy life. It's more important how you feel about your life. If you feel happy having nothing then you are the happiest. Don't worry too much about your happiness. You will probably end up unhappy!


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