DCooperation progress in one month !


I'm @clixmoney the founder of @dcooperation community.

We keep working to make the community grow and improve.

This initiative updated : Collaborative curation with DCooperation !. In fact the idea is easy, just those who want to create using the tag #dcc should at least promote an other content ( a part from a post or a comment ) in their posts. That should be quoted and the author mentioned. That will help curators to find useful content to support.

As well #dcc could be used in case any collaboration is created with more than one author. For example a translation, writing a post together, creating a video together or a podcast, or even sharing pictures from collaborators. All that should be shared in one post and all the participants should be mentioned.

I'm still about creating a movie about hive, for more details check this post, or watch the video here : Let's create a hive movie !. The scenario is almost ready and I'll share it soon !

As well the token is created two days ago and you may read the white paper here : DCcoin is created ! The total is 1 million !.

The market is already working here : DCcoin market. We even have some investors. And the token distribution already started.


I would like also to welcome the new members who joined us : @cwow2 , @equipodelta and @vempromundo.

And @natebowie , @stickupboys , @jaxsonmurph and @ervin-lemark who subscribed to our community in hive !

I'm happy also to welcome back our old members since 2018 : @bobaphet, @dexpartacus, @ZekePickleman, @jozef230, @binkyprod, @serialfiller, @katerinaramm, @alokkumar121, @hafizullah and @soufiani.


I would like to share the power we reached in hive and tribes.

All the details are in the following table :

HIVE311 Hive Power
BPC387 BPC Power
CTP22 CTP Power
NEOXIAN17 Neoxian Power
POB15 POB Power
BHT11 BHT Power
LEO1.5 LEO Power

Those are the tribes where we will create our content and where we may collaborate with. But you can always suggest a tribe to join, because we are willing to collaborate with all the tribes in hive !


If you are interested, please join us here : DCooperation Discord Server


Power to the Hive people across the globe old friend!

Looking forward to stacking and leveraging DC tokens and delegating to help with the curation trail.


Thanks a lot. The delegation is already working 1 hive delegated for more than month brings 1 dcc. For now we don't have a tribe, but we may use the token to reward #dcc tag. When people will share the work of others and promote each other, that will be awesome. We just need more people to know about this.