A palace in my city

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A palace in my city

Imposing building structure.

One of the facades of the palace

My name is Jhonny and welcome to my blog, today I am going to show you a place here in the city of Medellin, such as the Rafael Uribe Uribe Palace of Culture, which is a cultural center with a spectacular infrastructure. realize, it is super striking that they have recommended me a lot.

So, as always, I am showing you and recommending special places of historical interest here in my city, the important thing is that you do not miss them if you come to the city of Medellín and today I want to give you these ideas so that you have more planes if you come to visit us.

Google screenshot.

Berrio Station

To get to what is the Rafael Uribe Uribe Palace of Culture using the best transportation in the world, the subway, we stay at the Parque Berrío subway station and when we exit diagonally to the left we find it across the street, it is at the next to what is Botero square and diagonal to the Nutibara hotel, which is the first hotel they built here in the city of Medellin, the entrance is totally free and it has a spectacular terrace.

The game of forms and structures of two colors.

This building is striking at first sight, the gridded facade is visible and stands out from the other buildings, obviously as its name indicates it looks like a palace, a medieval palace with a European style and it is that in its beginnings it was heavily criticized as Government headquarters, after its partial construction, it changed shape due to the continuous change of architect and thus this emblematic building in the center of the city emerged with Renaissance and Flemish Gothic mixtures

One of the temporary exhibitions in this case of abstract arts

This exhibition is abstract, it is too striking because they use many visual resources, it is in the center of the city, they are located next to the boat park so that they come to visit it, there are always permanent exhibitions of various artists from the city.


Corridors, spaces and rooms of the Palace.

You can go through all the corridors, halls and rooms of the palace of culture characterized by great architectural and artistic beauty, contemplate the exhibitions that are permanently held inside and demand their conservation as it also houses archives dating back more than 500 years of history. history of the city.

View from the terrace of the palace towards the Nutibara hotel and the city's subway.

This palace has a completely open and spacious terrace, from where you can see the Nutibara hotel, which as I told you about the first hotel built here in the city of Medellin, you can also see the subway from above, it is a spectacular view.

View from the terrace of the palace towards the Plaza de Botero.

Botero square is also appreciated where the chaos of what is the center of a city is perceived from the heights of the palace, the rush of people and the breeze that blows from that height is very refreshing and pleasant.

Sample of the Gothic and Renaissance characteristics of the palace.

The terrace is on the fourth floor, you have to climb several stairs to the end, people do not usually get here, I imagine because of accessibility, but it is allowed and there is permanent surveillance.

Note: The technical information regarding the building were taken from the talks of the palace guides and from the information posters placed throughout the building, if my memory does not fail me.

I hope the information is useful when making a decision when you visit this beautiful country, don't forget to support me and we'll see each other next time, bye.

All images including schematics, photos and models are mine


The check pattern on the building façade is giving me major allice in wonderland vibes! It's beautiful.
Keep on sharing your experiences friend @jhonnygo

If it's crazy, but that's architecture, get out of the common patterns.
Greetings friend!

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