Shadows of a Good Time in Florida

in Shadow Hunters9 months ago (edited)

A moment from our big weekend, which was a success for the sound and lights, and a good test run for the broadcast equipment. We had problems with the transmitters and receivers that resulted in errors for two out of three cameras on the switcher, but we had a fourth camera recording a wide shot of the stage, so we should be able to fill in the bad spots. When we initially tested our setup the stage was quiet and the yard was empty, showtime conditions introduced frequencies from the wireless sound and light equipment and hundreds of phones pointed at the stage into the equation - don't know if any of that mattered as much as the placement of things. I have not yet seen much of the resultant footage.

The shadows on the truck (that aren't trees) are (from left to right) Jake, Damon and Chuck of the Damon Fowler Band. I'm back and forth between front of house and stage most of the day, and during Damon's set I made three attempts to record a full song shadow performance. I got this one in its entirety, but people kept talking to me and walking into the shot, so I give you the ending. The song is 'The Guitar' from his 2021 record 'Alafia Moon', and the last time he played it that year.



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