The Creative Coin Fund Investor Report

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Welcome to the Creative Coin Fund Investor Report.

This week, one new investor joined our team and 17 increased the size of their delegation. Our total delegations now stand at 1,803,753 CCC from 128 delegators.

Two delegators, @alequandro and the Fund's own @jesuspsoto, crossed the 10,000 CCC delegation threshold to become eligible for our CCC-WIT-CCC payout trifecta.

Here's our current list of delegators and the payout they received this week. Names in bold indicate a new investor, while names in italics indicate an increase in delegation.

InvestorCCC DelegationDelegation PayoutStaked WIT Payout

Thank you all!

If you haven't delegated to us, and would like to, please review our delegation announcement post, as well as the CCC-WIT-CCC update to our payout structure.

The APR for CCC delegations to @cccf is variable (based on the average monthly price of CCC): the rate for February is 27 percent.

Market Updates

The purpose of the Creative Coin Fund is to provide the artists of Hive with a substantial CCC upvote, and to make that vote meaningful by supporting the steadily rising price of Creative Coin.

We're supporting the price of CCC with three mechanisms:

The daily market purchase is a market order for CCC of 10 to 15 Hive daily.

  • Through February 24: minimum 10 Hive

The base buy-in order is a limit order meant to establish the price support for the market. The buy-in order is updated weekly on Thursdays.

  • Current Price: .003350
  • Order Size: 206 Hive for 61,500 CCC

The daily limit order is a buy set daily at a price above the base buy-in order.

  • Monday's Price: .003600
  • Order Filled

Our biweekly fiat contribution on February 10 provided 172 Hive for the buy-in order through March 3; we tentatively plan to add 43 Hive to that order each week. We may pull from this amount to purchase from the market as necessary to maintain liquidity for our payouts, sponsorships and expenses.

We added 43 Hive to the buy-in order on February 10, but this was not enough to raise the price and increase the order size beyond our recent high of 62,000 CCC (because we bought 14,000 with the buy-in), so we left the order at .003350 for this week. Since Thursday we have not purchased any CCC with the buy-in, so we are in a good position to raise our price this Thursday.

We will post a D.Buzz with our new price on Thursday. Investors are invited to check for our buy-in price in the D.Buzz or this Investor Report to avoid selling to the buy-in. This allows us to build the support and raise our price each week.

For the daily market purchase, the biweekly fiat contribution provided 168 Hive, or 12 Hive each day through February 24. We are being flexible with the amount we purchase from the sell wall each day: it will always be between 10 and 15 Hive ... but sometimes more if there are sizable orders on offer near the bottom of the sell wall. As we stated last week, the Fund needs roughly 30,000 CCC each week for the delegation payouts, so we're bringing significant demand to the market.

We're funding the daily limit order, which is always set higher than the buy-in order, with our H-E investment earnings and pulling from our investments in BeeSwap liquidity pools as necessary.

Investment Updates

The BeeSwap liquidity pools are becoming a central feature of our investment strategy. Some of these pools are paying an APR of more than 200 percent, which is far more than investment tokens like BRO, INDEX, or LBI can provide. We continue to shift 10 percent of @cliffagreen's holdings in those tokens (which are not substantial at the moment) to the Fund daily, but our focus going forward is going to be on adding to the liquidity pools, and our drips from those three investment tokens will be one source of that liquidity.

BEE investments. Using the biweekly fiat contribution on the 10th, we were able to add 137 USD to the BEE:SWAP.HBD pool, which is paying an APR of 65 percent. We have 200 BEE on hand, and are trading into that token when there is a favorable price. Our goal is to reach 1,000 BEE and set up a liquidity pool for CCC. At the current price of BEE (and Hive), we could achieve that goal before March 1!

Hive Power. The Fund's Hive Power stands at just under 1,600 HP. Our target remains to reach 2,000 HP before shifting our post earnings to Hive Engine investment and our CCC market mechanisms. We are powering up all of our earnings at the moment, minus 10 percent of our HBD earnings which go to build our HBD savings. Our monthly 12 percent earnings on HBD savings is also being converted and powered up.

The ultimate end for our investments is to earn Hive to fund our Creative Coin market mechanisms. Our delegation payouts, sponsorships, and staff salaries have created significant demand for CCC, and our investments continue to grow to meet that demand ... and support the rising price of Creative Coin.

Contest Sponsorships

Since we've mentioned our contest sponsorships twice in this report, we'll end with a look at three of them that are currently open for submissions. The Fund provides each contest with 5,000 CCC in prizes.

FOTOCELF photography contest. Hurry to participate! CELF Magazine's 9th photography contest will close for entries today. The theme for this round is Lights.

La Abeja Obrera. Spanish Literature Curator @jesuspsoto's 10th short story contest is open for submissions until February 22. In addition to Creative Coin, the Fund provides 5,000 WIT in prizes.

Talent Sound Music. The Sound Music community's monthly musical talent contest is open for entries until February 28. The contest features both instrument and vocal categories. This month the theme is love and friendship.

Thank You

Thank you all for reading, and thank you for being part of the Creative Coin community!



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Just delegated another 600 CCC! Thanks for the update on all the creative work you are doing :)

Thanks for being part of it!


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