Stir-Fried Green Beans With Garlic and Soy Sauce

Looking for delicious seasoning for a side dish, soy sauce mixed with garlic can be the right choice in terms of practicality.


What's for the dinner today? For a vegetable lover like me, my mind is starting to scour the list of vegetables that I like but haven't eaten in at least this week.

For a cook who serves food at home for the family, it is very difficult to cook a meal with a good exchange of types of menus.

Sometimes I can cook the same type of menu twice a week. But who cares, to save themselves and their family members from starvation? But indeed, as much as possible I prepare a menu that is not repeated twice a week.


My brain gave me a choice of Green Beans. Ah! This sounds like a good choice because I haven't even made a side dish out of Green Bean ingredients. I'm going to make a plant-based dish from Green Beans. So it's a bit tricky to choose the complementary ingredients.

Since this dish is a plant-based version, I decided not to combine it with other vegetables. Initially, I wanted to combine tempeh, but I had no luck today. I'm out of stock of tempeh and I don't have the chance to leave the house to buy these additional ingredients.


Do you like Green Beans? I like this type of vegetable because of its crunchy texture. It's just because it contains seeds, so this vegetable is not my favorite, although I like it. The most popular serving method is the stir-fry method.

At first glance, it is similar to the type of vegetable "Long Beans". It's just that Long Beans have a size that is not as big as green beans. For example, green beans are fat beans, while long beans are skinny and long beans.

Both types of vegetables are equally delicious served in a simple stir-fry way. However, for garlic and soy sauce, it is more appropriate to combine it with green beans, not long beans.


I use soy sauce to create a savory and sweet taste. Here, I prefer to use the type of soy sauce which tends to be sweeter than salty. That's where I live. There are choices of sweet soy sauce and salty soy sauce. but I often use sweet soy sauce for the side dish so that the overall taste of the dish is not salty.

For the use of soy sauce, we have to be careful when it is mixed with the oil. Don't forget to prepare a little water for an additional mixture so that later the sauce doesn't burn.

So, let me show you how to make “Stir-Fried Green Beans With Soy Sauce and Garlic.” I hope you like the simplicity of this recipe. Stay tuned!



  • 300 grams of Green Beans
  • 5 large cloves of garlic
  • 5 tablespoons of soy sauce
  • Onion, just a little
  • Salt to taste
  • Pepper to taste

In this recipe, I don't use red onions to make the garlic flavor stronger and more dominant when mixed with soy sauce. But I use onions, white onions that have a large bulb size. I only use a little onion, not a whole bulb. If you have no onion with a large bulb, you can just be using garlic. The results will be yummy too.

Cooking Instructions



Cut the green beans into small pieces. Remove the ends of the green beans first, then proceed with chopping the green beans. Not too short, nor too long with the cutting size.


Make sizes for vegetables that are easier to eat later with a spoon or with chopsticks without having to cut again with cutlery.

After cutting, don't forget to wash the green beans.

When cutting green beans, also check for hard parts. Usually, the old green beans will be hard. Avoid tough green beans because they will be fibrous and no longer good to eat. So, better to be careful when you bought them in the store. Watch the texture, avoid the old one.




Finely chop the garlic and onion. You can also use a chopper if you have one at home. Because mincing garlic manually will make our fingers smell of garlic and it will be uncomfortable after cooking. But, for me it still doesn't matter :).



Heat a little more oil. Then fry the green beans for a while. Don't let it ripen.



Heat some oil. Then saute garlic until fragrant.



Add fried green beans. Mix well.



Add soy sauce. Don't forget to add a little water so that all the spices don't burn.


Cook until the texture of the green beans is to your liking. Add salt and taste correction before turning off the heat.



Serve stir-fried green beans while warm. Add roasted peanut if you want to enrich the final texture which is crispy and crunchy.

That's about the recipe from Green Bean ingredients that uses a super simple flavor. In the area where I live, garlic and soy sauce are the mainstay for simple seasoning but have a big impact that is delicious for dishes.



What do you think about my recipe this time? I hope you guys get some new inspiration from my food blog this time, and until next on my food blog, HIVE LOVERS!

Finding the things that you deserve to find today. Have a great day, good people, HIVE Lovers!

Thank you for reading my blog and reblog if you want my blog this time worthy of reading by others.



Best Regards,
Anggrek Lestari


Who is Anggrek Lestari?

Anggrek Lestari is an Indonesian fiction writer who has published two major books. Now She is a full-time content creator. She has a goal to share life, poem, and food content that makes others happy and can get inspiration.

Make sure you follow her blog as well for some interesting discussions about life other than food.
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Hi @anggreklestari, garlic brings a great flavor, mixed with soy sauce I imagine it's delicious.

Happy day!

Hi there 🌸
Agreed. Garlic brings autenthic, stronger taste.

Thanks for reading 🌸

I really like green beans so much. That's exactly how I would made it too. Sometimes I use cornflour to thicken the sauce !

Adding cornflour is great things too if you want to add gravy for this dish :)

I really like your photos. I also made a garlic beans dish. I think similar with your recipe.

Green beans with garlic is most popular one. We can also found easily similar recipe on Internet

I think we have same similar recipe for sure :)

This food looking so delicious. You have cooked this fry beautifully. Nice recipe

I'm glad you like my recipe .thank you :)

Looks good! I will definitely be able to make that as a side to a meal. nice!


Great then. I knew you have good taste about Asian flavor :)

South Africans actually keep a lot of Curry in our cupboards. I go a step further and tend to keep Soy sauce and things like that on hand.

Not everyone does but it has a good market here.

Whoa, so you already have GEMS :)

Soy sauce is perfect for eggs, tofu, and Tempeh.

This is a simple menu, but it's really delicious, especially when eaten with warm white rice.

Saya jadi lapar kak @anggreklestari 😋😁

Ehehe eat them with warm rice is the key of heavenly taste :)

I believe it kak @anggreklestari 😄

so beautiful I love beans

Thank you. I love the crunchy texture from green beans

Looks delicious..Using of garlic and soy sauce both would give the dish a very pleasant taste
😋 Yummy

We can adding tofu too. Perfect :)

Don't really know what that is but sounds great 👍.

Sounds glorious, nice combination. ❤️💕🤗

Thank you. :) You should try it 🙂

I will definitely try it ❤️🤗💕

onion and garlic are very important, I put them on every dish.

For sure. Garlic and soy sauce are important things for flavor. But we have to pay attention. Not every ingredients are suitble for soy sauce

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Hola @anggreklestari me encantó ese salteado que hiciste muy práctico y saludable 🤗🌹❤️

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Hi @anggreklestari! Fried garlic is so delicious, it enhances any vegetable. It would be interesting to try it with potatoes. Thanks for posting on Plant Power (Vegan)

It looks so easy and yummy!!! 🤤

Simple recipe and the result looks just amazing, perfect for a busy day. Thanks for sharing the recipe :) ❤️

Hi sis, we also love green beans here!