Mini Temaki Sushi - Easy Japanese Sushi Hand rolls

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I intended to post this recipe to join the wrap challenge in Hive Top Chef but it was too late and the contest expired already a few days ago, anyway I still wanna post and share this recipe with you.

I've been very extremely busy lately because I need to move home. This was because of the study of my daughter. She should move to the Northern part of Thailand to study there. So I want to move to the smaller house than I live in now. Along with these situations make me so messy and busy. So today I would like to show you guys something easy and can cook in one blink, Temaki Sushi - an easy Japanese sushi hand roll for a busy person like me.

Temaki sushi is the easiest way to make hand roll sushi at home, no need for a bamboo mat or any rolling skills required. All I need is sushi rice, nori seaweed wrappers, and the fillings that are leftover in my fridge. Nothing better than a cute hand roll seaweed that is full of flavor, right?


There are only 3 things combine with this Temaki Sushi.


  • To make Temaki Sushi, I need to start making the sushi seasoned rice. The rice should be short-grain rice so it is stickier and can easily wrap the seaweed cone around it. It is simply steamed rice seasoned with rice vinegar, sugar, and salt.

  • I did adapt the recipe by using very good quality Korean Gim seaweed to wrap in a cylindrical or cone shape. For my recipe, I use Korean roasted seaweed that is seasoned and cut for the perfect small sides and is also much more friendly on the budget.

This Gim Korean seaweed is made thinner and smaller with a size of about 3 x 4 inches which will fit well with my mini temaki recipe. When seen against a light, easily see all the light through it and super crispy.
So I need to let them sit at room temperature for about 10 minutes before using and let them absorb the moisture from the air. And turn crispy seaweed into sticky seaweed and basically the same dried seaweed as the Japanese style Nori used for Sushi.

  • In this recipe. I created my version of vegan filling temaki by using the sliced avocado for a creamy texture, and slices of peace for a natural sweet and sour taste, while edible Ixora flowers play a big part in the cute presentation. However, the Ixora flowers are traditionally eaten as vegetables in Thailand.

For the green leaves, I use Baby Chinses Kale which is a very useful plant. These slightly bitter pungent leaves are indicated for asthma as well as the common cold and also bring a great texture to my mini temaki sushi.
For the crunchy texture, I used baby carrots which are tasty and highly nutritious.




  • 1 Cup Cooked Short-Grain Rice
  • 12 Gim Korean Roasted Seaweed
  • 1/2 Half Avocado
  • 1/2 Half Peace
  • 4 Baby Carrots
  • 12 Baby Chinese Kale Leaves
  • 12 Ixora Flowers
  • 1 Tablespoon Rice Vinegar
  • 2 Teaspoon Organic Brown Sugar
  • 1/2 Teaspoon Himalayan Pink Salt

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Transfer cooked short-grain rice to a bowl.

DSCF5041 (2).JPG

Add the rice vinegar, salt, and brown sugar to the mixing bowl.

DSCF5044 (2).JPG

Combine all the ingredients together until sugar and salt dissolve.

DSCF5053 (2).JPG

Pour the sushi mixture liquid over the cooked rice.

DSCF5059 (2).JPG

Mix gently with the wooden spoon and be careful to avoid breaking the grains and set aside.

DSCF5065 (2).JPG



Strips the carrots


Wash, trim off the top and peel the carrot with a sharp peeler. Then cut the carrot with a sharp knife into thin strips just like matchsticks.

DSCF5079 (2).JPG

Prepare peach


Use a paring knife to cut a small cross at the base of the peace with skin on.

DSCF5086 (2).JPG

Twist the peace to separate them in halves.

DSCF5092 (2).JPG

Use the finger to carefully twist around the seed. Gently lift out the seed and discard it.

DSCF5100 (2).JPG

Peaches will lose their sourness when they are ripe and turn into sweet fruit by showing the small white spots on the top half. This is a good sign to indicate that is a sweet and good-quality peach.

DSCF5109 (2).JPG

Use a small paring knife to strip the peach into the thinly sliced and set them aside.

DSCF5118 (2).JPG

Prepare the Avocado


Lay the avocado on its side on the cutting board and carefully start to cut the avocado through the middle lengthways. Twist the avocado into halves.

DSCF5125 (2).JPG

Once the avocado is cut in half, then remove the seed with the knife and peel off the skin and strip the avocado into the thin slices and set it aside.

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How to roll the Mini Temaki Sushi


Before starting, make sure that both hands are dry in case to keep the seaweed dry and not stick to the hands. Then place the seaweed on the dish and scoop a spoonful of the sushi rice at the left side of the seaweed.

DSCF5130 (2).JPG

Spread the sushi rice into a thin layer for about half of the seaweed.

DSCF5136 (2).JPG

Place fillings start from the Chinese baby kale and put it in a diagonal line from the top left corner to the bottom center corner.

DSCF5145 (2).JPG

Then lay down the avocado, peach, and carrots from step to step.


Fold the bottom left corner of the seaweed over and begin rolling into a cone shape.

DSCF5152 (2).JPG

Keep rolling until a cone shape is formed. Put a piece of rice in the bottom right corner to use as glue and close tightly. Then fold the end of the cone and use a piece of rice as glue to seal the open fold. Lastly, gently plug the Ixora flowers in the temaki sushi.

DSCF5153 (2).JPG



Serve immediately and I do not recommend storing the leftover. I always wanted the maximum freshness so I do them fresh at the time and they will not taste good after storing in the freeze.


Temaki sushi is typically dipped in Tamari sauce, which is a kind of Japanese soy sauce.


This Mini Temaki Sushi is pretty quick, easy to make, and didn't require any special skills. I hope you guys enjoy my recipe and give them a try many thanks to stop by.


Hope you guys have a great week! 😀🌸🙏



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I am very thankful for your kindly support. 🙏

For sure I would love to eat your sushi because no raw salmon :D

Beautiful presentation :)

Me toooo! So glad you liked it and I can't eat raw salmon as well hehe. 😄

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Thank you I really appreciate your support! 🙏

It looks very delicious. nice to make sushi with fruits.

So glad you enjoyed 😀

I love the combination of the avocado and the peach. It must be a lovely light snack. It sure looks tasty and fun to eat.

This is great Carolyn, so glad you enjoyed it. I love that you I mix and match with the veg and fruit in it too. 😀

Wow! Beautiful!

Thanks so much for stop by! t’s super light and refreshing plus beautiful. I totally agree with you. 😀