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Hello everyone this is @starstrings01, we are in the month of April and here comes another monthly cross community contest. This time, we are bringing back a very interesting topic we had treated in the time past which is Stereotypes.

Stereotype to my understanding is when a particular belief is being generalized to a particular category which may not always true.

We all have been in a position where we feel being grouped for a particular habit due to where we come from. For instance, I come from Nigeria and the Yoruba people which is my tribe has a stereotype for loving parties. They say, we party almost every weekends which is not always true.

I am sure you have gotten my point now, so I would like to know those stereotypes that you face through or commonly said due to your background and where you come from. Most importantly, It would be great if you share how you feel over these stereotypes, and how much it may have affected you from things you wanted.


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Note: Engaging with other authors through comments would be well appreciated and would boost your chances on winning a prize but it is necessary to follow all the requirements to the contest.

DEADLINE: 30th of April 2021...



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I find this initiative fun. I'll create my post 😁 💚

Smile. I am glad you did. I would love to read it your entry. Thanks for your comments

Yea, I am in for this. I love contest and I wouldn't mind participating in this. Let me go and make my personal research for my post. Hehehe

Smile.. Yeah contest help to bring visibility and rewards to your post. That's more reasons one should love contests. I look forward to your post 😊

This is interesting and funny. i'll make my post of the stereotype of an argentinian from my point of view 😂😘

Smile... Yeah it is very interesting that's why I brought it up. I would love to see how it is in Argentina 😊🇦🇷

Very good @nini95 I really liked your publication. Your approach is very true, it does more harm than good. We have to stop stereotyping people, it costs, but it is not impossible. Greetings friend.

Que bien @nini95, me gustó mucho tu publicación. Tu enfoque es muy cierto, hace más daño que beneficio. Tenemos que dejar de estereotipar a las personas, cuesta, pero no es imposible. Saludos amiga.

Wao @glotokens how many things talk about women, we are always the ones to lose. And I know that it is possible to change stereotypes, you have to unite to break the schemes. Greetings.

Ya unity is the key to all this barbaric stereotypes, but its well all the same.
Thanks for stopping by.
Much love💓💓

If in our country we have to survive stereotypes, imagine one that is not yours. Migrating is much more difficult than you think. Thank you for sharing your experiences and those of your family @safiro

Si en nuestro país tenemos que sobrevivir a los estereotipos, imagínate en uno que no es el tuyo. Migrar es mucho más difícil de lo que se piensa. Gracias por compartir tus vivencias y las de tu familia @safiro

It's amazing how such an old-fashioned custom causes so much fear in people. And it is that it remains very much in the brain of women to think that they cannot go out because they will be sacrificed. Your story wao excellent and I hope that belief in your people ends @iyimoga

This is a nice initiative and I hope to be participating soon in this.

Excelente iniciativa estaré preparando mi entrada. Gracias!

Wao, me gustó mucho tu explicación @mau189gg. Al parecer tenemos muchos estereotipos y es así. Con el tiempo nos hemos llenado de estos falsos conceptos solo por etiquetar a una persona. Gracias por compartir una parte de los estereotipos ya que tenemos más.

Lemme pounce on this...

This is a great initiative though.
And i just so love contests.😁

Yorubas love parties, can't argue that

smile... very funny. doesn't mean we all party every weekend 😅

Hello everyone, this is my entry to this contest, you have a lovely day.

Awesome contest, I will surely submit an entry very soon. I am a newbie here and I believe participating in contests will make my blogs more visible.

Thanks for organizing this contest.

Hola mis queridos amigos, acabo de llegar a este concurso y aquí dejo mi participación.

Hello my dear friends, I have just arrived to this contest and here I leave my participation.


Excellent initiative to learn more about the different towns. Here is my participation. Thank you very much.

This is a cool one. I thought I missed the deadline but no. Will definitely try to participate or at least engage with other entries. So cool!

Hello! This is my participation... I can't like the post because is too late for that, what else works?

Thanks for this opportunity
Here is my entry
Twitter link

Uhmm I can't like the post, seems I didn't see it early enough. What can I do?

Hola a todos...por aquí dejo Mi Participación... este es un tema fuerte que afecta a todo el mundo, pero especialmente a los adolescentes.

I love this

Am happy to be a part

Me ha encantado esta iniciativa, es un tema digno de debate. Compartiré mi reflexión!

Estoy feliz de participar en esta iniciativa. Aqui mi post. Muchas gracias por la intención con la que realizaron esta propuesta.