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Hello, my name is david scoggins, but I have always preferred floki. I’m a 36-year-old gamer/writer/daydreamer and I’ve spent my entire life doing two things, taking care of my father and planning to create the ultimate game. I bring up the latter because I love hive. I love the concept, I love the community, and I love how anything feels possible and more importantly is possible! This is important to the point of this post for the simple fact that now that ive finally found a place where I know I can make all the wonderful things ive always wanted to create come to reality, my health has started to crash on me, rather hard. So, at the urging of a friend, I am making this post to ask for any aid you can give me with medical expenses. My father needs me and I still have so much more to create in this world, im not ready to leave it, but I fear I will be a lot sooner than I should if I don’t get some help.

me when i was working and healthy

GoFundMe Link

The Background

For as long as I can remember I have always been super active. I used to get more done in a day than the average person did in a week and still not be giving 100% of what I could. I spent my time working 2 to 3 jobs a week, and baking pies, cakes, etc. as a side hustle. I always had a large garden, maintained fruit trees, and kept my 2 acres of land well-tended to. At night id spend my time editing videos, editing music, writing poetry and stories, and not only playing games, but studying them for every little annoyance, every little thing I could do to make it better in any way. As well as a number of many other things too numerous to list here.

A few years ago however my health started to take a serious dive. My brother had killed himself, and I decided to take some time off from working 3 jobs to grieve. Not long after that I started having severe pains in my neck though, which kept me in bed most of the time. Being too poor to be able to afford any real medical help I basically dealt with this for a year or so before finally breaking down and finding a way to see a doctor for it. At this point I had already started to notice a tumor starting to stick out of my ribs on my side but due to the pain in my neck I was already starting to not think as clearly and all that I was concerned about was my neck so never said anything to doctor about it. Skip to a few months later and ive been on some medicine that has been helping my neck pain and had to get back to work because my savings had been dented, worked for a few months before the pandemic hit. And since I mainly worked in restaurants and my dad has asthma and high risk for covid, I had to stop working again and stay at home. The insurance that was paying for my doctor was only doing so because I wasn’t working though so that few months of work screwed me out of my medical options and I was back to no medicine for my neck soon after but was about a year into pandemic before that pain started acting back up again.
I was back to being active again for awhile, stayed busy on my land, found a couple side hustles on the internet that kept some income flowing to help out during the pandemic. I had gone from weighing 180 before my neck problems to 260 by the time I got to see a doctor for it because I spent so much time in bed and started to drop again from being active. But it wasn’t long before I started getting really weak and heat sensitive, which pretty much cut out all my outside activity except in the winter then indefinitely by this year. About the time all that started, the area where this tumor on my side is started hurting a lot, and now my whole chest hurts all the time. Including where my heart is which is scary. I can feel my heart pounding in my head all the time and now when my neck hurts or I turn it randomly I get high pitched ringing in my ears or just go deaf in one ear for a few minutes. And to top it all off this time being n bed for so long, instead of gaining 80 pounds im back down to 190, still laying in bed all day. And the constantly being tired and not as clear minded as I used to be has really put a damper on what I can even accomplish in an online setting from my bed.

In short, everything is falling apart at the same time and I need some help or this might be my death bed. Main concern being this tumor and potential of cancer, second being potential heart problems. Something is definitely wrong though, and its created a cycle that I can’t break free of without medical help, and being American that means money. I hate having to do this, and should’ve done it a month ago but it hurts my pride to have to ask anyone for anything, even at the expensive of my life. But I have SO much I still want to do, and I promise hive will benefit from my actions. If I have my way, you will see a game or two at least from me as well as other projects like this community HelpingHive I am posting this in. it will be my first project as soon as I am healthy. A way to help people in situations like mine with life-saving medical costs so no one needs to die just because they can’t afford what they need to live.

I recently had some tests done, so hopefully I’ll know what I need soon.

recent post i made showing what my maximum medical costs SHOULD be.

Thank you for any help you can give and I promise you wont regret it. Not to mention you’ll have my eternal gratitude! and Thank you for taking the time to read this!~

GoFundMe Link

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Hang in there my friend


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I hope you get the medical help you need. No one should ever have to be denied medical help because of money. !PIZZA

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I hope you can find the help you need. Our medical system definitely needs an overhaul. !PIZZA

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I'm really sorry to read this and hope that folks are able to help out however they can. It might be possible to get lowered costs depending on the specifics. Explore all your options! !PIZZA !ALIVE !LUV

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I really hope you can make a full recovery :( @blind-spot do you have any thoughts on his condition?

@floki-skarsgaard Blind-Spot is a doctor

appreciate you bro! and id be curious to know what blindspot thinks. 🤔 my current doctor treats my like shit because he knows im poor, but itd cost too much to go anywhere else atm. 😬 and to everyone i truly appreciate the support! 🤗 id like to reply to every message but my rc keeps dropping 😅

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There's a wide range of diagnosis that I'm thinking of but the tests would help narrow it down. I'd like to know what tests you've done and the results, too. There isn't much I can gather from this post as you don't discuss much about the illnesses. If you do feel like, then you could dm me on twitter or discord and I can give you my 2cents.

hI! just saw your message, not sure how to get ahold of you on discord without your number but mine is floki-skarsgaard#4500. if you hit me up I'd be happy to give you any information you might need. as for tests, so far my doctor has ordered a chest x-ray, a urine test, and bloodwork. no idea what he was testing on the bloodwork though. as for results i have no idea yet and been over a week and a half. i tried calling them earlier today but they said they'd look to see if they got the results yet and call me back, no word yet. im afraid the doctor my insurance gave me doesnt care about me at all. he asked me more about my financial situation than my health, i dont think he likes poor people to be honest, but thats just the vibe he gave me. and the fact im having to wait so long to hear anything doesnt help that feeling. so id be very happy to hear from you on discord. 😅

I'm sure he will when he sees this :) @blind-spot isn't on as much as he would like, due to trying to settle in a new country, after fleeing the Ukraine 😢

Dropped you a message on discord

Hey I hope you are doing ok! Thanks for sharing, I don't have much Hive Power but I hope a small token helps!


Get well soon buddies.. Healing prayers 😇😇